The global edition its been forever since xiaomi has released a new tablet, so im trying it out with their new stylus and see if its any good lets find out lets go Music in the box. Weve got the me pad 5 itself, theres some instructions, a charging, brick and a usbc, cable and well thats about it. The me pad is 25 by 16 centimeters in size and only 6.85 millimeters in height its got an 11 inch display with a 2560 by 1600 pixels resolution with 120hz refresh rate. The brightness is okay, its not the brightest display, but xiaomi is not advertising. The amount of nits so im not exactly sure its got an 8 megapixel front facing camera for video calls on the insides got a snapdragon 860 processor. It comes with 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage and 6 gigs of ddr4 ram. Its got a 8720 milliamp hour battery that supports a 22.5 watts charging its got a quad stereo speaker setup that supports dolby atmos for a very nice and rich audio experience on the back. Its got a 13 megapixel camera that supports 4k video as well, and then theres, the xiaomi smartpen, a stylus designed to work with the me pad 5 once connected over bluetooth. This one comes with just a stylus and an extra tip and well that thats about it. The stylus is only 12 grams, its 15 centimeters in size and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, its got an internal battery that charges in about 18 minutes on top of the pad itself to which its nicely attached, with a magnet once its charged.

It will last for about eight hours, which is quite good. Its got two function buttons on the pen itself, which can have various functions kind of depending on what app youre using it in the installation of that was very simple. It will show a pop up to pair or you can pair it as a nearby bluetooth device once its installed. It will show you a little introduction that says you can use the first button to open the notes, app with a new note, to write on or using the second button to take a screenshot in terms of looks and in terms of how it feels. I am very impressed with the xiaomi pad 5.. The material feels very nice and premium. The cutting and feel of the edges is really really well done, and it feels like a well well manufactured device. Although the bezels around the display are a little bit too big, but i wasnt too bothered with it as i like to draw on these and i dont mind to be able to rest my hand on that. But for watching videos i would have loved for it to be a little bit smaller though so, then how is the xiaomi pad 5 in use? Well, when trying it out the first time, i was really happily surprised with the display sure its not an amoled display, but its vibrant and its sharp its actually a very good display it. Luckily, doesnt have a lot of bloatware on it, so it really just came with a handful of pre installed apps like netflix, and then all the google apps and just a handful of system apps and it all works fast.

Ive set mine to that 120 hertz refresh rate from the settings, and it really feels buttery, smooth photos and videos with it over the last week. So lets have a look at how it holds up. Lets go, ive watched, some youtube videos and the audio is very, very immersive. I played some games on it and the performance was actually quite a lot better than i had expected. I played some pub g and thats a lot more fun on a tablet sized device than on a phone, so that was a lot of fun and the audio of that was really really good. Thats really, what made it more immersive its just really nice to have those four speakers on it. It really makes a difference and heres how music sounds like on the meatbad Music, so i did a little a b stereo. Recording of that, as that should give you a more accurate recording of what that sounds like in real life, although in real life, the experience is a little bit better, though then i had to obviously try that out with the me smartpen, as i really wanted to Try how well it works for drawing so i first tried it out in the notes app, so i could take some notes and that seemed to work just fine. It responds to the pressure differences quite well and the strokes came out quite good. Then ive tried drawing some stuff in the hue on sketch, app or yeon, but that wasnt really great the palm rejection didnt seem to do very well and the strokes were very wobbly.

So i was kind of disappointed with it, but as it turned out that had more to do with the app as when i tried out the infinite painter app, i got much better results with it, its not like its my best work or anything, but i did Manage to draw some fresh and nice xiaomi five pieces using the pencil so its not all that bad in general, it did work just fine and even with notes, i did feel it writes. Really nice, then weve got a camera on this thing as well. So lets try it out. It surely isnt the main selling point, but the 13 megapixel rear camera did give me some okay pictures, its not all too disappointing Music. Video with it is pretty much the same, its not mind blowing but its, not all that bad and theyre quite usable at night, theyre really or grainy, but i mean this is a tablet, its not really meant to take pictures with the front facing camera. Isnt. All that spectacular either so heres a photo taken with that one with some good lighting, those come out quite well and then a video recording as thats what it would look like when youre doing a video call front facing camera on the xiaomi mi bad five. This is what it sounds like and uh. This is what it looks like here: some flowers, not great, but its really, not all that bad. The battery has been quite good, ive, gotten six to eight hours of continuous use.

Depending on what apps i was using with the display on full brightness and i managed to fully charge it from one to a hundred percent in one hour and 17 minutes and thats, where i kind of want to give you my opinions. So what do i think? Well, overall, ive been really enjoying the xiaomi pad 5. Thus far its been performing well, as the 120 hertz display looks great, the display is really sharp its vibrant and it feels fast and responsive. The brightness of the display is not the best. I mean its okay for most situations, but its definitely not a thousand nits like we see on the 11t pro that weve just looked at. I didnt have much problems with that: snapdragon 860.. It kept up with everything ive done on it, and i personally will use it mostly for some drawing and on the go internet browsing and maybe some facebooking, and that worked just perfectly fine. I like how the pen charges on top of the tablet it sticks on there nicely and it charges super fast in general, the stylus performed well sure it doesnt have the best pressure sensitivity of all tablets on the market, but it really did get the job done And it worked just fine, there is a little bit of a delay its not as fast as you would have, for example, with an apple pencil, but youll get used to that lag were talking about milliseconds here in just a minute or so youll build up.

The reflex, or like the muscle memory to compensate for that lack. You learn how to draw with it very fast, so i didnt have any problem with it. Even with like writing, by name or something you can see, it really did get the job done, and it worked just fine. The audio on this thing is really amazing, though i was impressed with the sound quality and its been really nice to play around with, over the last few weeks that ive been using it miui for the xiaomi pad also worked fine for me, it does everything i Expect from miui and its got the control center, and i personally really didnt have anything to complain about that. The camera was fine, i mean its not the best camera and it wont be anything like on their flagship phones but its there and it wasnt all that bad could have been a lot worse. I did miss a few things like display out capabilities. I would have loved to see that 33 watts charging like on the chinese version of this tablet, but maybe thats got something to do with european regulations. Im, not sure about that, though. I would have also kind of loved to see a headphone jack, as there are still a lot of people that really love those. I also kind of would have loved to see a fingerprint scanner, which is something that xiaomi does have on the xiaomi pad 5 pro. Here in china, i would have kind of loved to see that i also would have loved to see a pro version come out for global and i was a little bit surprised that they didnt do that, but maybe they will do that later.

Well, maybe who knows the xiaomi pad 5 is coming out in europe right now for 350 euros, which is around 411 us dollars, which i find to be a very good price tag for the performance and the quality of this tablet so thats about it. For the xiaomi pad 5 now coming out for the global market, what do you guys think is this uh the tablet that you want to go and pick up or not? Let me know in the comment section below this video, what you guys think and dont forget to leave a little like below this video to show me that youve liked it so that you know you can kind of boost my self esteem and, if youre not subscribed To the channel yet well know that you probably should because im doing a lot of videos about xiaomi and the xiaomi ecosystem right here on the xiaomi fight channel. As always, thank you guys for watching and i hope to see you all soon.