Only one way to find out lets inspect Applause. Music, hey welcome nice to meet you im, michael. This is techro, and what we do here is inspect cool, fresh tech like xiaomi part 5, something that they released just a few days ago and ive been using this tablet for the last couple of weeks and already have a lot of impressions and a lot of Feedback to share with you the good, the bad sides. I believe that this tablet right now has very unique positioning being an extremely helpful productivity tool, but also one of the most suitable choices for heavy android gaming and, if you think, thats yet another device to stay in home and remain unused well, i think you should Watch until the end before making this decision, this here costs 350 exactly as much as redmi note. 10 pro. So the latest xiaomi tablet comes at the price of a good 2021 mid range smartphone. This is a fraction of the price of ipad air or ipad pro, but there also are a few significant differences between both brands right now. The competition in the tablet market is rather vague after there have been so many models four or five years ago. Its now, mostly huawei, which are missing the google apps package, samsung, which lastly have released, the a7fe series and dont really shine with extraordinary performance and all the non popular chinese, smaller brands, which may pick great deal of hardware but come with either entirely missing or vag.

Software updates trying to say that xiaomi nailed the perfect timing for releasing this product, which also has a pro variation with better camera and 5g connectivity right now available in china. Only let us unbox. This has been a mystery box inside a cool suitcase, not sure if the idea is to have slightly different mystery box this time or to point our attention towards the business friendly nature of the tablet, because if youre, not a mac user, its probably going to be Your best shot for a compact productivity device right now so heres a tablet. I have the white version and the first site looks really beautiful, seems to resemble the look in the feel of most xiaomi 11 series and also be the ipad series from the past years. No surprise about it, because a the apples design is really nice and b there arent too many ways to design the sides these days still too early for me to give a verdict about the build quality, but based on the subjective feeling of touching it must be Nice apparently wide angle screen form factor. I know that some of you would prefer four by three aspect ratio, but there are good arguments for keeping 16 by nine as well. Things will get much more interesting when we power it on and get to see how it works. But let us talk about the specs first. This big screen is 11 inches of size up to 120hz refresh rate, its powered by a snapdragon 860 system on a chip by qualcomm 6 gigs of ram 128 or 256 gigs of storage.

Exactly 8 720 milliamp hour battery 33 watt fast charging 13 megapixel camera on the back 8 megapixels on the front. Some special software tweaks on the os availability of different accessories depending on the region. A weight of just 511 grams specs are obviously rock solid, and this is definitely powerful well to be honest, not as powerful as ipads pro line, but over there, its powered by different technology, clearly among android solutions. This is among the most capable right now in 2021, and also one of the other really huge strengths. Thats a display. We have a very large, very bright, very crisp, display lcd technology, so no its, not amoled, which has allowed xiaomi to save some bucks from the technology and invest them in higher refresh rate and really good color tuning and very bright display, which is well visible. On bright days – and you know that such big displays have a lot of benefits, no matter what you do, gaming is, of course, fabulous, although, if youre mainly playing on your phone, the largest surface here, is going to need some extra time to get used to editing Photos web surfing, watching netflix and similar streaming content, of course, flawless, ensure netflix and the rest of the services are supported in high resolution. The screen on time performance is really decent. I squeezed more than 12 hours and a half draining close to 65 battery, which means that theoretically, with lower refresh rate and brightness close to 20 hours of browsing are achievable outdoors at peak brightness.

Of course, the time to discharge is going to be much shorter Music. Besides the visual advantages, sound is also an area which deserves praising Music foreign Applause, four speakers tuned by harman kardon. I really miss the availability of a 3.5 millimeter jack, but i have to admit that havent used the wired headset in the past couple of years and you can of course use the type c to 3.5 millimeter, cable for conversion and using wired headphones. Another highlight are the cameras. We have two of them, one on the back thats, a 13 megapixel shooter, and here we have one on the front uh its, luckily not a a drop camera, so the old display is intact and the camera is above it, as you can see over here. The main camera sensor clearly not flagship smartphone great, but uh actually surprising that xiaomi have put there. A rather good sensor is by omnivision with size 1 by 3.06 inches. So, given the pixel size of 1.12 micrometers, it can be comparable to some good smartphones and photos are really good. So is the video the front camera is very close in terms of performance 8 megapixels. So if you wonder whether youre going to look good during online meetings, i think the xiaomi path 5 will deliver results above your expectations, testing now the front facing camera and its with 8 megapixel capacity, an interesting fact. It does support electronic image stabilization. So, even if youre moving, you know, your image is going to be rather smooth and theres a kind of quality indoors with a lot of echo, so i guess thats very close to the real life performance.

In case you do meetings from home combined with qualcomms fourth generation ai engine. The results are quite fascinating. Speaking of ai and performance, xiaomi have just released one of the most capable android based tablets ever because theyve included a great high end processor, which couple of years ago has been powering the best smartphones, very power, efficient and a reason to comfortably play all the games. That you like at the highest possible resolution and rates, also a great fit for any kind of creative work like editing, photos, videos or music. Now i would like to wrap up the hardware review and start talking about the software with this kind of bridge between both its called the xiaomi smart pen. It looks quite basic for the steep price of 99, but as it turns out its a great productivity, enhancer and totally worth the price tag, writing down memos and notes, and the software comes with some really handy enhancements to do that. Two functional buttons to support different functions and they are partially configurable, also theres an awesome app to help you learn to draw called pen up. There are some easy to follow tutorials and you can practice a lot without having to waste paper, pencils or paints. I very often happen to use the office tools to sign different documents, as it turns out, miuis tablet edition can be very functional software. The default looking behavior is very ipad. Like note that miuis tablet edition for android is a little different to the look on most smartphones and xiaomi seem to have tweaked it to the next level, offering a number of wonderful tricks.

Is there any bloatware? One can say so there are some apps pre installed. You can, of course, remove them. I wouldnt recommend doing this, though, since battery endurance is anyways great and some of the apps are quite unique and enhance your productivity a lot other than that, you will receive frequent updates. You have tons of customizations and a lot of functions that other vendors, either dont dare to include, or just dont have the resources to do it. Furthermore, if you have a xiaomi phone functions like me, share, become really meaningful and significant as well from what ive seen so far on this tablet. Miui based on windows 11 is secure, snappy and fluid. Not without some remarks, though. Apparently, some features from the smartphone edition are missing. For example, xiaomi lock you to use the brand new control center style and another one which is more on the hardware end, but there is no fingerprint scanner. There are some things i couldnt really try out yet, like checking some cases, the tablet supports smart flip cases and in china there even is a pogopin based keyboard edition, which right now xiaomi dont plan to release globally, and i really would beg them to reconsider because Otherwise, our hope would be to use some third party or universal solutions, depending on how you perceive it for office kind of work, emails basic photo, editing, multimedia social media work. This is by far the best laptop alternative. Much lighter counting on a touch screen, fantastic display and awesome software suite, which, together with a smart pen, extends into almost full replacement of a notebook or a drawing book, so yeah xiaomi kind of made android tablets.

Interesting again, i can totally recommend you the xiaomi path. 5, as one of the best out there, even with the minor shortcomings and even with me not being able to test a tablet with the original keyboard, it is great and ready to replace your personal computer about most of the office work you got. Ta do and deliver exceptional multimedia performance if theres, something that you would like to know further than that shoot in the comments below im still not sure whether im going to do a follow up video after a few months of using it. But if i ended up doing so, youre going to find the link to it in the description below, together with links to the product itself and all the useful accessories i managed to find for these months. Thank you so much for being with me today and a short kind reminder to help me.