The global version of what Xiaomi presented a few weeks ago, with its Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro, which were aimed only at the Asian market and which comes to compete directly with the iPad Air from Apple, but at a much lower price.. At the moment, we have no trace of the PRO version outside of China, and you are also Xiaomi. Pad 5 has some differences with respect to the Chinese version, which we are going to see throughout this video, where I am going to tell you everything you need to know before to buy it. After the intro we start. Hello, everyone and welcome to DanieloTech.. Well, I have been lucky enough to have been testing this tablet for a few days, but before we get down to business and see everything it offers us, it is important to know its price to also know on the basis of what we are evaluating, and that Is in Xiaomi, Spain, this Pad 5 Global has an official price of ‘9 Euros., But as a launch offer and for a limited time it can be purchased with a slightly tighter price below. In the link that I leave in the description of the video.. In terms of design, it is very reminiscent of Apples, iPad Pro or iPad Air.. It is a very well built tablet and is available in two cosmic gray colors, as is my case or pearl white.. It has an LCD panel that looks great and it shows a high quality panel in which multimedia consumption is enjoyed a lot as we will see.

Later., Its rear part is matte and, as you can see, its chassis is made of polished aluminum and gives it a quite premium look.. On the right side, we have the volume buttons and the magnetic docking area to charge the Smart Pen battery.. On the left side, we have the contact pins for the Xiaomi keyboard case. At the top is the front camera the power button, two speakers and a microphone. At the bottom, two other speakers, another microphone and the USB C port. And, as you can see, we do not have a Mini Jack. And finally, at the back is its main camera. In terms of design. I really like how thin and light it is, despite its size, a little less than 7mm thick and a little over 500gr in weight, which is very good for the screen size we have, which is 11 With IPS technology, 2.5K resolution and 120Hz refresh., Like the iPad Pro it has a fairly well used front, but, unlike the iPad, whose aspect ratio is 4 3 on this Pad 5, it is 16 10.. It is also compatible with Dolby Vision, so it is a much more suitable screen for multimedia consumption. Its maximum brightness is very good up to 500 nits with automatic regulation, and we can view the screen even outdoors in daylight, without problem.. Its screen also stands out for having the new DCI P3 color standard, with a range of more than one billion colors.

. It also has HDR10 support and also has TrueTone technology which, through two light, sensors adjusts the screen automatically both in brightness as in temperature, ura color, and we also have hardware blue light reduction for more efficient eye. Protection.. All this makes it a high quality screen whether for work, reading playing or consuming multimedia content, which is very enjoyable., And it is that, in addition to all the benefits that its screen offers, we also have a very, very good sound, as we saw it. Has four speakers that offer us immersive stereo sound and are compatible with Dolby, Atmos and Hi Res sound, which is a sound of high Fidelity. In this Xiaomi Pad 5 Global? We have Widevine L1 certificate and it also comes with Netflix pre installed. So we can see its content in high definition and on the other platforms we will not have problems either.. On the other hand, the Chinese version does not have Netflix and if we install it through APK, we can only see its content in SD. Netflix shows in High Definition In terms of security and unlocking methods. It is where it lacks the most, and that is that, unlike tablets, Apple does not have a fingerprint sensor or biometric facial unlocking.. We have to settle for unlocking by means of a numeric code, password unlocking pattern or facial unlocking through its selfie camera and which does not provide much security, since it can be easily mocked with a simple photo.

As for hardware, without any hit. In fact, it is one of the most remarkable points of this tablet. And it is that it has a Qualcoom Snapdragon, 860 processor, same processor as the POCO X3 Pro manufactured in 7nm., An 8 core processor up to 2.96Ghz, which performs very well., And it is accompanied By the Adreno 640 GPU, with 6GB of ram memory of the LPDDR4X type and, in my case, 128GB of storage, although we have an option with 256GB and it is of the UFS 3.1 type, a fairly fast memory.. This set of hardware gives us a score in the Antutu 9 benchmark of almost 581000 points, ranking above some phones such as POCO, X3, Pro Huawei, P40 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 among others.. In other words, we have plenty of hardware for almost any user.. I have been able to play games with a considerable graphic level such as PUBG Mobile Call of Duty or even Genshin Impact, which is one of the most demanding games in the Play Store today at the hardware level, and I already tell you that it has moved It no problem.. In addition, if we connect a gamead via cable or bluetooth, we can also play game platforms in the cloud such as Google Stadia since logically. In this sense, not much hardware is required when the games are executed. In this case on Googles, own servers and the performance has been perfect in all the games that I have tried.

. So, logically, if we can play this type of game, it will also be worth more than enough for the rest of the tasks that we can get to do on a daily basis on a tablet. Regarding connectivity, I have not had any problems either. We have Wifi 5 dualband with MIMO 2X2 technology with very good range and speed., And we also have Bluetooth 5.0, with which I have not had any cut or failure using several headphones and a gamepad.. Of course, what we do not have is GPS.. Its battery is 8720mA, and it performs quite well by offering good autonomy which to me personally, with a combined use of browsing. The internet reading and watching multimedia content has given me between 9 and 10 hours of screen, on. Somewhat less. Logically, we do play games.. It also has fast charging, but it is not as fast as the Chinese version.. This Xiaomi Pad 5 Global is capable of charging at 22.5w with the charger and cable that is included in the box, and we charge it from 0 to 100 in about 2 hours. According to my tests., On the other hand, the Chinese version charges 33w 10.5w more but against it does not include a charger or cable in its box.. Its operating system is Android 11, with the MIUI 12.5 layer adapted to tablets, and it works quite well.. We have, for example, the split screen option to use 2 Apps simultaneously, and we can also have floating windows.

. The performance of the tablet is very good and we can move through all the menus and the MIUI interface with full ease. In this aspect. Without any fault.. It is also a tablet that we can also use to work., For example, through its USB C port. We can connect external storage peripherals for file transfer and if we use a multi port hub like this, we can also connect a keyboard, a mouse or even connect. The tablet to the internet via cable, if we use an Ethernet adapter to have greater stability in the connection., We can also use the Xiaomi Pad 5 in desktop mode. Although I have to tell you that at the moment, this option is not available natively. Since for this we will have to install a Xiaomi, App called PC Launcher, and we will have to do it externally to the Play Store through an APK.. In this way, MIUI will adapt to a desktop version, adapting its entire interface to be used with a keyboard and mouse in a very similar way to how Samsung does on its devices with Samsung Dex.. Using this option, we will have a visualization very similar to that offered by a laptop, and this system will make it easier for us to work with several applications simultaneously gaining productivity.. As I tell you at the moment, this function is not native, and for this we need to install this App, but it would not be unreasonable to think that Xiaomi ends up integrating this function, natively in the system through an update.

. We also do not have video output through the USB C port, at least today, and with the current version of MIUI, so we will not be able to connect the tablet to an external monitor. The truth is that I do not know if it is a software limitation that Xiaomi could activate in the future with an update, or it is directly a hardware limitation.. Another of the big differences that we find between the Chinese version and the global version. Apart from the plain language, is that in the Chinese version we do not have Play Store, and in this global version we do something logical and completely necessary, as it is a global version Like Apple Xiaomi, has presented some accessories with this tablet, such as its own. Smart Pen or its own cover with an integrated keyboard.. Both accessories are magnetically attached to the tablet and, as you will be seeing thanks to this magnetic field detector. On the back of the tablet, we have several magnets for it.. Moving on to talk about its cameras, on the one hand, we have the 8 MP front, camera capable of giving us a video quality of 1080p at 30fps, and the truth is that it offers quite decent quality and solves well and fluently when we make video. conferences.. Well, this is the quality offered by the front camera of the Xiaomi Pad 5. It is a fairly bright camera and with which we will not have any problem in this regard and at a quality level when making video conferences.

. But it is a camera that does not have much Wide Angle to give you an idea at the moment, I am at a distance from the tablet of more or less what my arm can cover, and this would be the frame. As for its rear camera, it Is 13 MP with dual flash and is capable of recording video in 4K at 30fps.? It offers us good results in favorable lighting conditions, and we also have a night mode in photography that improves the level of detail in photos in low light.. I will be leaving you some samples of photos taken with this camera.. As for video, the quality obtained is not bad when we have good light, and we also have digital stabilization that helps in motion recordings, although, logically, as it happens in any tablet, the results cannot be compared with cameras of a mid range, smartphone or high., And it Is that these cameras are oriented to very specific uses, such as making video conferences, scanning documents or taking a photograph or recording a video in a timely manner.? In short, we have cameras that do their job and offer correct results without further fanfare.. My final conclusion is that it is a more than recommended tablet, since it offers a great value for money, and I already tell you that its operation is incredibly good in all sections, highlighting, of course, the consumption of multimedia content., A tough rival without a doubt for Apples, iPad Air.

. What I liked the most about this Xiaomi Pad 5 has been its design, its incredible screen and its great sound, and what we can miss is a fast charge which is even faster and a biometric unlock, such as the fingerprint sensor, which provides more security.. So far. My review of the Xiaomi Pad 5. I hope you liked it and you know. If so, I will greatly appreciate if you leave me a good like and that, of course, if you have not done it yet subscribe to the channel for more videos like this..