. So what im gon na share with you in this video is what i like, and what i wish the xiaomi consider upgrading onto this device. Hey guys, if you dont know me and potterworth make different videos on app review. Unboxings, photography and filming tips so be sure to subscribe, my channel to get more useful videos in the future. Okay, now without further ado lets get started. Lets talk about the positive signs about this device. First, its size and weight. This 11 inch tablet is not too big and not too small. I personally think its big enough for me to work on my task before opening this device. I use my macbook pro a lot to watch youtube videos working on my websites, as well as my other projects like photo editing and writing script for my future videos. But now me pet 5 has replaced the macbook pro completely to do side things talking about its weight. This midpad fight is only 5 11 gram, its really light and easy for me to carry around so now. I always bring it along with me to my workplace. Without having to carry my macbook pro, which is about 1.4 kilograms, its much heavier, so i just keep my macbook pro at home when i need to work heavily on video editing. The next point, which is worth mentioning is the four speakers. The dolby atmos integrated in this device is really amazing. When watching a movie, i feel like there is an expensive home theater surrounding.

It really makes a huge difference with this capability. I really enjoy watching movie with this type of sound experience. Next is the screen display and its refresh rate. This device is equipped with 274 ppi density, which is really bright, its bright enough to be used under direct sunlight. It is even brighter than the ipad 11 pro 2021 model, which comes with two 65 ppi density. Besides that, the screen refresh rate is crazy fast, as this mi pad 5 comes with 120hz refresh rate, and the snapdragon 860 combined playing game on this device is incredibly fast. There isnt any lagging at all, despite increasing the graphic to the highest. In addition to gaming, what i really like about this device with this type of chip and screen refresh rate is the editing photo experience, as i added photos regularly, i find its really helpful to use this tablet to replace what i do on a bigger screen. Like my macbook pro and the imac moving on neck is its battery im really impressed by how powerful this battery is. I basically can use it up to two days and a half or even three days, if i dont really use it much as mentioned earlier. I do most of my stuff on this mi path. 5. Now, overall, i really like how long this battery can last. What even better is how fast it is to get fully charged. It takes about 2 hours to get to 100 charge.

Thats amazing now lets move on to talk about the software of this device. If you are from an ios user, you might find the overall usage on this b pad 5 similar on the bottom part. Here you can see a line where you can swipe up in order to exit the running application or to get to the multitask window, to clear all running apps or to launch any resent apps. You want to access this feature. All you have to do is to swipe from the button to the middle part or hold it down for one to two seconds. The other similar feature to the ios is when accessing control center and the notification center to access the control center. You need to swipe down from the top right and swipe down from the top left in order to see the notifications. But what makes this me pad 5 different from ios or ipad is the ability to access both of these features right from anywhere on the screen. Unlike on ipad or iphone, as you can see, i can swipe down from anywhere on the right or left side of the screen in the control center. You get all features you need. The main ones, as you can see, are the bluetooth wi fi and the brightness. Alongside other features with smaller icons, to see more, you just need to swipe down one more time i really like having shortcuts in the control center here. What i mainly use from here, of course, the bluetooth wi fi, the brightness screenshot, and especially the built in screen record next.

What i really like about this me pad 5 is the ability to split the screen into two. As you can see, i can work on my script at the same time, browsing anything i want or watching my favorite videos on youtube to access. This feature is to swipe up the current app the app youre running and then select this icon and choose the second app. You want to work on to swap between the two apps just hold down the blue bar on the top and swap between the apps, and you can also decide how much you want to see in each screen. By dragging the line in the middle to the left, or to the right, its pretty convenient and really fast, although im working on two different apps in addition to the split screen theres, another cool feature that i love using is called floating app. There are two ways to access this feature. The first one is to swipe the running app to the edge of the top right of the screen. Then just release your finger and now just tap on the small open app on the screen and you are ready to use both at the same time. I find this useful while reading some articles online, the next one that i really like about this device is the powerful built in screen recorder app to access the screen record, just swipe down to access the control center and swipe one more time to see the screen Record hold down to adjust the setting to make sure that everything is what you want.

What even better is whatever the setting you use. This me pet fight just runs as normal without any lagging problems. Another cool features from this mi pad file is the hotspot feature. Just for your information, this map, 5, the global version – is only supported with a wi fi. If you want the one that can be used with the sim card, you need to get the me pad 5 pro, but the pro version is only available for china. I mean china version, so what i really like about the hotspot feature on these mi pad 5 is the ability to share the connected wi fi to other devices, meaning that you can use this mi pad 5 as a second router, with a customize name and password. So that its easy for you to share with other people to use this feature, you need to connect to a wi fi network, then go to the setting and go to hotspot. You can turn it on and then you can change the name of this wi fi and the password you can use a different one from the one that you are connecting to last but not least, is the new experience that i have never used and since before On a tablet, it is im not quite sure if it is a new software integrated or it has been there for a long time. If you guys know, please let me know as well. This cool feature is to allow you to create a completely new user like on computer system.

You have the ability to create as many users as you want, because you dont want to share any files to anyone in your drive. For example, you might go with your admin account then leave the guest account for someone else. Similarly, this me pad 5 has the ability to do exactly the same thing. You can create a new user account for someone who you shares with me pad 5, with with a different password, as you can see now i have just switched to a new user where there is nothing installed, except the built in apps provided now. Let me go back to my main user. As you can see now on this user, i have already installed a lot of apps. You can find this feature in the setting just open the settings. Go to the special features then choose second space tap the button down here to turn it on. You will be prompted to enter a password just for your information. The password has to be different from the one you are using with your main user. Besides all the great features i mentioned above, i would also like to share what i wish xiaomi considers upgrading more on this mi pad 5.. The first one im having an issue with is the ability to adjust the volume through the control center im, not quite sure why this feature is not included its quite annoying when i have to adjust volume through the volume button on the side of this tablet, especially When watching videos or movies, because i have to stretch my hand to press the button, it would be really more convenient if the volume adjustment can be accessed from the control center, like you do on the ios one more thing that is worth mentioning is the screen Of this me pad 5.

, since the screen is the lcd panel, it doesnt display quite well when watching movie with a dax scenes. Let me show you an example. What it is like, as you can see, the scenes here, is really dark its quite hard to see, so i have to increase the brightness its okay to adjust the brightness like this, but you know when the bright since appears the screen becomes too bright, which is Really difficult to see so so i have to decrease the brightness again. This is quite annoying because i have to do it back and forth back and forth just to decrease and increase when there are different scenes in the movie. But with this price range i think yeah its kind of fair to get into this experience. Okay, guys so thats it. I hope you enjoyed the video.