Why, in order for you to make a dent in the wall, you need to be really special. Xiaomis me pad 5 recently launched in india, and now i, since i already had this device for more than three months now. I think i have an opinion in straight word: xiaomi meeped 5 is the most obvious loser and im gon na tell you in this video. The reason i think about this, but before that, before talking about the negatives, lets, talk about the positives and trust me when i say its not gon na take much more than just five minutes. If i give you this xiaomi pad five right now and ask you what you think about it, the first opinion that you will be like hey, wait, a minute. I know this tablet, but from where thats, because xiaomi pad 5 is heavily inspired by ipad from apple and since they have managed to copy the designs and the aesthetics of it, they have done it really well in a way that the build quality, all metallic and Glass feels really premium along with that, since i know xiaomi for very long time now. I also know that they have a tendency to cut corners on the buttons of the devices, but surprisingly enough, since they copied the aesthetics from ipad. I bet they also managed to make these buttons really tactile and the quality is super good, like so good that i was like wait. What is this really a xiaomi device, and what exactly is this happening and thats? Why, initially, when i bought this device like three and a half three months ago, i wasnt really sure if this will land in india, because the build quality is something which i am not used to seeing from xiaomi.

Having said that, im not going to be giving you the specifications of xiaomi pad 5, i mean whats the point right, but the processor that this pad comes with, which is snapdragon 860, is super powerful. I mean its made for gamers initially, but then, if youre, not gaming, you can do all those tasks that youre used to multitasking and like playing anything opening applications, everything will be snappy and, in addition to that, 120 hertz of display is also going to be helping. You making your life easier, especially when you scroll a lot a reading content or like just going through things, its super fluid, and you will love it, and one of my most favorite features in this tablet. That has really surprised me actually is the reading mode which lays in the display settings. You turn that on, and there is another toggle that you have to turn on, to make the emulation of the screens look like a page and trust me when i say the job is done really beautifully. You literally feel as if youre typing, on a paper keyboard and the display that youre reading is paper, even though it is literally an lcd panel, not even amoled, and that makes me think if the display was amulet oof. That would have been really better. But im going to talk about that later in the video and thats all the positives that i had to mention about xiaomi pad 5 and trust me when i say i am using this tablet for 3 months every single day, all the people who probably might have Received it id like just using it for a week or two at max and theyre giving the review, but the speakers are not worth mention if that was something that you were thinking about, because speakers.

Ah, yes, this tablet comes with four speakers and you might be thinking its very good for surround sound. Yes, it is its super loud loud, not rich, and i think a speaker will only make a cut into my worth mentioning points when it is rich enough and thats why it does not make the cut, but in which ways that was all the positives and now Lets talk about the negatives ill, be starting off with the display of this tablet, because thats the most annoying part of this tablet. For me, the display is high resolution and it supports like hdr10 and dolby vision, all those funky stuff, and also it is 120 hertz. Its attractive, but its not amulet, first of all so to power on this big of a display, the battery is working really hard. Second thing: the display is not even bright enough, like the top brightness is very dim when you go outside or if youre, watching a content with direct sunlight through. I watch a lot of movies while sitting on the couch and my couch is in a place where sunlight hits. This tablet – and this tablet is just not able to be like, like its not capable of showing me the entire content, in a way that i can still watch it indoors. So imagine taking this tablet outside. You will have difficulty watching stuff on it and thats. Why? I think an amulet display with a higher brightness would have been much much much more appreciated here.

Second, most annoying thing for me on this xiaomi pad 5 is the way that xiaomi actually represented this tablet to the customers. Well, if you remember that video or im going to play it right now for you, you can see that the drag and drop functionality is super good and you can open two applications on resizable window and all that fancy stuff, and it looks too good like too Good to be true, because when you actually try to do that, first of all, not all applications are resizable and you cannot really use them even on multiple screens. So, first of all thats the biggest thing which needs to be there and its not there, because a tablet is a productivity machine. In my opinion, and at least those applications should add, support well thats, something that xiaomi cannot control. Lets ignore that. But again you can see the images being copied and pasted like just drag and drop, and there you go. You have a image from chrome to ms word just like that. Now that works very well on apple devices on xiaomi devices, you have to tap and hold the image on chrome, then press and copy then come back to the ms website tap and hold, and paste and thats how youre going to be transferring every single image im. Like are you crazy? Why would you show something thats, not even the real thing like youre, showing as if the integration is so seamless, you just drag and drop and it works.

It does not work like that, and that is why i thought of mentioning this. Second. Most important point for you: if that is something thats going to lure, you in you should know the reality. The third and the most annoying thing about this is that, even though the tablet comes with a very strong processor, the software is running. Am i ui? Well, i think if you already have used a xiaomi phone, you know what im about to say its buggy and its so buggy and irritating at some point like it just glitches out like it will freeze at some point. Applications will not respond and ive had that couple of times. While i was using this tablet – and sometimes the only resolution i had was a first restart and not to mention from the day that i actually bought it, which is about at least three and a half months ago, there was zero software updates till date and thats Not even all like xiaomi has been promoting this tablet. As a media machine, you can watch the content really well right and one of the biggest platforms that you will think that you will be watching. Content on this tablet would be netflix right and in the box itself it says dolby vision, atmos, im, going to show you the box right now and you can see its literally mentioned. So the focus is for people who are literally browsing or watching a lot of things for me on netflix, i constantly lose the l1 wide one support for some reason and for people who dont really know what l1 white one is.

This is the thing that enables your device to play: high quality videos on netflix and since that goes to l3. For some reasons, i constantly cannot watch high content like, even though i have a subscription of netflix for ultra high resolution content. I have to watch standard versions of it like the the 720 or maybe lower than that on such a big display, and that is really really really irritating. And the only way to fix it is to reinstall the netflix application from the play, store or reboot. And do those kind of things continuously, along with all the productivity things that xiaomi shows this tablet can do? It can also connect to a dock keyboard which has like pins here because it connects to it as well as a stylus which can magnetically connect to it and also charge while increasing the productivity. Those are some things that i wanted to get, but i could not really find much available. They were available here, but i couldnt, but for some reason, im happy that i didnt, because a stylist that costs about 100 euros does not really make much sense to me. First and second for people who really bought it, i feel pretty for them, because their experience was not really nice and the proof of that is the link which is there in the pinned video that talks about one of the issues by one of the users. Who was just probably fed up enough to make a video about it? And then, if you look in the comment section of that video, you will find so many people complaining about that.

Not to mention that there are also reddit posts which also talk about the same issues, and i think thats really strange, because if those things like, if the stylus and the keyboard are meant to enhance your features, why would you make those features not good enough? Because now they are ruining peoples experience and some people are so fed up that they actually send the tablet back to the manufacturer, because it was just not good enough. It was more irritating for them than pleasing, and, to sum up the video, i will say that this xiaomi pad 5 is a really good device like dont. Get me wrong. The tablet is good, good, amazing specs for the price it comes for, but again its not something out of the world, its, not something that excites me and its definitely not something that i will go crazy for, but in which ways that was all for this video. If you enjoyed watching this, make sure you click on subscribe or leave a comment, if you have any questions, if you want to tell something also comment section below or you can reach out to me on my social media handles which are also in the description section.