Dont worry thats right when they come back, drawing drawing detail just like what you can do on the ipad and samsung thats, not Music, 128 gigs of internal storage, the color cosmic gray, marble white color, then, okay check that out dolby vision, dolby atmos capacity, high quality. Oh, my goodness impressive, oh, my goodness, 11 inches, palatal, wow and underneath and designed by xiaomi, show me the meaning of Music inside this small box is ah 22.5 whats. Next guys, xiaomi phones, animate 33, watts now fast charging. I thinks ready. Note 10 pro at sea, poco, x3 meron ganon, so uh. If you have those in committing mass mobility, usb type c, cable and thats pretty much it here. We go: oh, my goodness: wqhd plus 120 hertz display dot division, support, immersive, quad, stereo speakers, dolby atmos, qualcomm, snapdragon, 860, processor, seven nanometers at eight thousand, seven hundred twenty milliamperes of battery. That is almost double a smartphone; okay, its time eleven inches in corners. But yes, this is the design very thin, very sleek, very modern design, flat back flat, edges, fingerprint proof, but still very nice, very smooth to come back. You want a logo xiaomi and its the lower left purpose of ce thats, the lower right, which means its like global version. Speaking of global, you shall be pad five. When was the last time you took a photo with a tablet: gallium pro version 15 megapixels italian global version, xiaomi pad five and mero about the speaker, one two satas three fours, all four are down firing.

Speakers at dolby atmos enable the end with high res audio support pack. So if you encounter a high res source Music – but yes here, we are with the 11 inch 2k display with 120 hertz refresh rate at white 2560 by 1600 per lcd are offering capacity talking. Specs, this makes the xiaomi pad 5. A very rare tablet: 120 hertz refresh rates omg. Yes, this will certainly not disappoint, especially with that very thin just check out my channel. I have some tablet reviews like this. It will make your life much easier now, since medium bezels compared to a smartphone, they were able to put the selfie camera thats, the bezels very nice. So there you go well uncompromised camera youre also going to get some really nice. Camera features. No, although when it comes to camera, features in full stack, smartphone, lineup, night mode, long short, video and thats pretty much it. Your video yeah um in a 4k 30 frames per second 60 frames per second support. Hmm, when was the last time you took a picture with your tablet and now lets: try the xiaomi smart pin bag designed by xiaomi behind my drawing quick start guide, warranty, wow well battery charger point Music Music. Now, when it comes to netflix, not in youtube viewing, i think leadership might shine the most simply because completely uncompatibility with the latest video software, and that is hdr10 support and dolby vision, numbers, especially hdr content technology.

Still, an lcd display a problem at an angle, streets and thats. Why? I recommend buying a stand for this and now for the gaming part Music of h4 mode shadow, complete guys. I get miracle ultra graphics, right out of the box and the graphics looks amazing here guys. Have you ever seen mobile legends, this sagad or this big on a mobile device? 11 inches? Oh yes, lucky! Okay, gameplay guys experience mobile legends like never before, with the xiaomi me pad 5. animation wow. That was guys since malayana screen real Music Applause depending on your usage, but this is quite good if its able to show a video plus two more screens on the background, it all means ok, seeing very high graphics, max prime rates, completely things optimized wow. I have never seen call of duty. I think the bigger display really helps in this game, android gaming device. This is unbelievably good. You have to try it, but indeed, im going to detox impact, actually ive been playing for 2 hours. What youll get on the ps5 or the pc, but nevertheless the game looks beautiful on his tablet. At a long base, plate still best played laid out on a table: rama, rich mohawk, second manager, 40 50 frames per second graphics, smooth, gameplay, graphics, medium, graphics, playable. That is the recommended setting for me. But yes, if you want to experience that in full 11 inches graphics at a very affordable price palace europe, i only 350 euros, which is around 20 000 pesos 20 000 soon.

That is for the six gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of internal storage; merchant 6256 thats at 23, 000 million. I suggest you just get the six two five six casing out: willa chang micro sd card slot. So since im primary usage, nice and tablet eye content, consumption, gaming and things like that, mas magenta, two five six now for now totally officially on pro version – 5g toy for and thats pretty much it for this quick overview of the xiaomi pad 5..