Well, some people are comparing it with apples ipad. Why well im gon na explain in this video so do watch it till the very end, Music, Music Applause? Now a lot of credit goes to xiaomi for pricing. This tablet very aggressively. The price starts at rupees, 27. 000. You can, of course, get it less during the introductory period, but a lot of people are also calling it the ipad killer, and here are five things that none of them will tell you about this tablet. Yes, you read it right. Well, this is not an ipad killer. Anyone in their right mind, trying to buy an ipad, will not ditch it for the xiaomi part 5. Well, there are two reasons why you buy a tablet. First is productivity. Second, is entertainment and productivity part is where the apples ipads are way ahead of any other android tablet. Let aside the xiaomi pad 5., there are a lot of developers that apple work with for making apps exclusively for the ipad and for the app store and those apps are very useful for creators and even for other users and thats an experience that youre definitely gon Na miss on the xiaomi pad five, apart from that. Also, if you have uh lets, say an iphone, a macbook and then, if you buy the ipad, then the connected ecosystem experience is something that you can. You know make use of its a very seamless and good experience and thats what im missing on the xiaomi 5.

Also, even though apples ipads in the most you know aggressively priced ones, the most affordable, ipads apple ensures that they have a premium touch to it, which again is missing on the android ecosystem. Now this is the part where the xiaomi pack 5 truly excels. Its a great entertainment device lets say if you have a phone and you want another device, another screen for watching content, then this is where this one comes in. First of all, its a 10.9 inch display so perfect, ideal size for an android tablet and it comes with 120 hertz, refresh rate dolby vision, support, hdr 10 plus support super smooth display, swiping scrolling, its really fun, and the video quality is also bang on any content Which supports dolby vision on ud platforms is supported on this device and it looks fantastic. Even the colors and video quality is very close to the ipad. Also, i must talk about the speakers here because what makes the content viewing experience really great are the quad speakers on the xiaomi pad 5.. First of all, they are loud clear. Give you a very immersive experience. Also there is directional audio on this one. So if you change the orientation of the tablet, the audio also changes now in order to keep the price down. Of course, xiaomi had to make a few cuts and they start with the sim card support. So this one does not support sim card, so its a wi fi only tablet and thats another disadvantage over the ipads, because there you get cellular connectivity here, thats whats missing, so you can only use the screen to maybe work on it watch media, but not to Make or take calls in fact, even if you are traveling and if you dont, i mean you cant use internet unless you have access to public, wi, fi, so thats, another limitation with this also there is no sd card support, so you cannot actually increase the storage And there is also no 3.

5 mm headphone jack, so these are three primary things that you expect on a tablet, but im missing on the xiaomi pad 5.. Now this is the part that really surprised me for anyone who has used an android tablet would know that uh, the software experience is a huge pain point, but xiaomi has addressed this beautifully. First of all, it has redesigned new ui for pad from the very scratch. So you get a very clean, very smooth experience, all the apps, all the xiaomi apps third party apps. They are very well optimized for this large screen. For example, look at this calendar app. It works both ways in both the orientations. Also, you can use this tablet with a keyboard. There is a stylus support on it as well, and xiaomi is selling both the smart pen and the smart keyboard separately. It has yet to reveal the price, but its good to see the accessory ecosystem being there. The tablet also comes with other key features of any tablet, which is like your split view, floating window. All those features are also supported on the xiaomi pack, 5 and uh. You can also use it with an external, a bluetooth mouse which again adds to the productivity part of the tablet. Now this one comes with a very good battery life. I think a lot of people are talking about the battery already its a very good battery pack. Uh for the video playback music, it lasts for almost two days, even if youre not using the tablet on the standby mode.

This gives you a very decent battery backup, but the problem is the charging speed. The charging speed is really slow. It takes about three hours and sometimes even more than three hours to actually fully charge this tablet from zero to hundred percent.