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Thats, decent enough to replace a portable booted speaker, although we have to deal with the lack of a headphone, jack micro, sd slot and additional ram options as a whole. The pad 5 is still a solid option, especially when you weigh in other options from huawei and other brands, but for specific purposes, particularly when setting up a second user account and using this tablet in desktop or pc mode. There are a few caveats to take note of in relation to the second user account. Xiaomi has this feature called second space, its like having another user account on a mac or windows pc, so it creates a second space that lets. You use a separate google account to sync, including all the apps and even a separate login password. The feature sounds useful in all, but thats only half of the story running on the latest software version. The second space has trouble logging into another. Google account you can create a second space, but you can log into another. Google account. I tried looking for solutions online. One is where you need to factor your reset and immediately set up a second space, but it only worked once so now. My second space is back to being a no account user space that can install apps or use apps that require logging in. You can still use media players in the browser, but thats just about it. I also tried looking for other solutions from other users of this tablet, but apparently its a software related issue.

So, unless xiaomi sends out a new update addressing the second space account issue, consider the feature unusable. A wrap from xiaomi philippines told its users that the reason why the issue is happening is that the models sent to them were with china, but the tablets themselves were running on global rom since day, one so thats the thing with second space. As for the pc desktop mode, tepad 5 doesnt support it natively, but technically it has sufficient software code to run it through a brute force method. You dont need to play with the developer settings. Fortunately, instead you need to download an apk file to run pc mode in this tablet. I had trouble running the latest version of the apk file, so i stuck with the older version, which basically worked just fine with no bugs or whatsoever pc mode works like most android pc modes out there. However, the version of the pad 5 is a lot simpler than say, for example, dex from samsung. The bottom panel has a task bar along with the standard date notification and quick settings. The navigation menu is on the corner side, which is weird to see the search, icon doesnt seem to be working on this version, but you can pin apps on the taskbar as well as rearrange the ones in the desktop thats about it when it comes to customization. With first party apps, they support full screen, but with non first party apps like facebook, netflix and even youtube, we are no no, but there is a workaround.

You just need to access apps like netflix, through the browser to get it to full screen. Kinda like how you would in a pc as for being productive, this kind of setup is still not a decent alternative to a laptop. The best thing i could do here is create simple word documents and research, while taking notes, depending on the apps you use, chances are theyre not supported properly. Here i connected my mys and keyboard via bluetooth, and they work just fine im actually impressed that pc mode on this tablet has proper support for dpi and third and fourth buttons. I didnt notice a bit of latency but its, not something that would kill the experience. All in all, the desktop mode on the pad 5 is very basic but usable in certain scenarios. But if youre going to ask me whether or not its worth it to buy and pair a keyboard in mice here, my answer would be no. Unless xiaomi pushes an update that takes its pc mode closer to samsung dex, the path 5 is nothing but an excellent tablet for media consumption. If you want to see the standard review of the pad 5, where i went over each feature, you can watch my 30 day review on the channel as most of the things i said, there still applies to this day.