The brand new foldable from xiaomi that is going to make waves coming at an incredible price point. Is this device poised to destroy the other foldables on the market, z, volt2, mate, x2 and all the other foldables? Well here’s, my full recap of this device. Let’S have a look so here we began with this reveal of the mix fold and you could just tell there was a murmur in the crowd. People were starting to feel very excited and then this thing opened up the fish swam around and we knew that we were ready for a big surprise here. With this mix fold and there’s. The full reveal guys – and i got ta say initial impressions – looks really promising with this gorgeous front display and back display, with an 8.01 inch bezel less display and they’ve gone the route of mate x2, no cameras on the internal display and look at the size of This thing just looks incredible now. There is one caveat, though: no high refresh right here, 60 hertz only but dolby dolby vision supported on this incredible, looking display 387 ppi and a 2k display, so call it. What you will is this a downgrade or an upgrade? I still think there’s going to be a very promising looking panel and they were comparing it to the ipad mini here and they can. Basically i mean the ipad may be such an old device, but let’s face it. They have a larger display than the ipad mini in a much smaller body and also being able to offer really good kind of a larger viewing area.

Using this display and harman kardon quad speakers on this mix fold as well talking about performance and we have the snapdragon triple eight with eight gigs with sorry, 12 gigs and 256 gigs of storage – and this was a little bit of ganshin impact. They showed on this device. Late john apparently had been playing for two hours on this mix fault this game, and he i mean, i don’t think he’s a big gamer, but, to be honest, it looks incredible on the eight inch display of this mix fold and of course, they also were touting The kind of business side of the mix fold here just showing you that you can use it to see more of your business content and also desktop mode, is enabled on this device, which is great to see, and they also spent some time talking about. The hinge of the mix world a very kind of precise and just a lot of engineering going in to this hinge. They spent over 200 000 times folding this thing and it still survived and with a 5020 milliamp battery it’s, going to be one of the larger battery capacities of any foldable device, 67 watts and with a 108 megapixel main camera here’s. A few samples that they shared of the main camera as well – and this is an ultra wide shot that they took as well with their new ultrawide camera 123 degrees of view from this camera so and also 30 times.

Telemacro i mean xiaomi is really getting into these telemacro cameras that serve both as macros and as kind of telephoto cameras, and you can see there. I mean it’s an interesting concept, but this camera basically basically serves two purposes as a macro and a telephoto and using the new liquid lens technology for this phone as well with their brand new c1 isp for this phone. So a lot of great stuff here, but what’s, the price 9999 rmb around 1500 us dollars for the base variant and this mix fold is looking very promising, the only issue being, of course, that 60 hertz inner display. But let me tell you just from initial impressions: i can’t wait to check this product out so what’d. You guys think you know what to be honest. This mix fold looks incredible from the industrial design to the 8.01 inch display, snapdragon processor and just a lot of great features on this device. There’S one catch, though, that internal display is 60 hertz and i would have loved to see a little bit of a higher refresh rate on this phone. The outer display is 90 hertz and it will compete well with most of the other devices on the market, but hit me up in the comments guys. What are your thoughts on this mix fold, and do you think that this could be an uh your next foldable? A vulnerable that will undercut the market the way i think it will hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tank Subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates.