Today, um we have the unboxing of the new xiaomi mi pad 5. All the way from china. Im really excited about this device, so really exciting and ive also ordered the um keyboard case. So well be looking initial impressions as well, so really excited yeah so ordering this uh through lazada. It was uh um just about two weeks a week plus and the reseller um shipped this with other stuff as well. So a bit of a bonus uh. They just threw in a power bank uh. This is good because they gave a 33 watt fast charger, uh, xiaomi plus charger, obviously a power adapter, so that can use it in malaysia, where i live. Also a bluetooth headset as well yeah, so put it aside. So well, just look at the xiaomi make that first and there you go yeah so ill, be also showing comparisons with the ipad pro uh training, training and, and how does this stack versus apples, ipad right and lets? Look at whats in the box ill put this aside first, so this is a usbc to headphone adapter, so youre using traditional, headphones, uh, very simple manual, yeah, okay, so already theres, nothing too much in the packaging. It will look into the meatpad soon well, unbox. The case as well actually taken inspiration from the ipad pro down to the keyboard case, so for those who are planning to get a keypad, there are two versions here, the me pet pro and the me pad so which would be suitable for you all right.

So i got the green color option so its a bit more stand out. Actually, so you can see that its got a very iphone pro type of uh texture back. So this starts from probably around so 350 usd thats uh whats supposed to be its a retail price. I did have to pay about uh close to 1700 plus ringgit for this, which is around 400 above right um, since we dont have it in malaysia. Yet so it may not even come to certain countries still even at that price way cheaper than even an ipad air, so i think a few key uh outstanding features. It is so the this model comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera, which is more or less the same for the pro. There is a pro 5g model that comes with a whopping 50 megapixel um rear camera. So, depending on the model you get, you will get a different camera, so anything from either a 13 megapixel version for the wi fi models and for the 5g youre going to get a 50 megapixel, and there is also a 5 megapixel depth camera for the um. Pro model, but i think this is just a dummy: uh theres, no depth camera for the base model, the camera module yeah, pretty neat front facing camera, which is 8 megapixel flash against the bezel, so very very ipad, like would be a mi ui version. That should be customized a bit more for uh for me pad experience, so it should have a split screen.

Multitasking yeah as a feature so well be looking to that so pretty exciting stuff. So you can see its very, very ipad like down to the bezels right. So these connectors would work with accessories like this keyboard, without you needing to pay with bluetooth or whatever. It is. So me, ui, 12.5. Okay! So if you already have a me account, you can either sign in, or you know, youre going to create a new one. Yeah its going to have options like find device screen lock lets skip this for now, uh certain things you have to um probably want to think about like. If you want personalized ads, you know uh probably want to turn it off right, so swipe up and there you have it. So you could easily mistake this one ipad. It looks very ipad like and you can see its pushing some updates already its got this program bar just like an ipad, okay, so initial impressions very nice screen. Now this is a hdr 10 screen. You can see. There are no google apps here so im gon na show you how we can install google apps on this china device and you wouldnt have a problem at all all right. So before we do anything, i also want to test out the keyboard and lets unbox the keyboard now. So this is the ipad case, which we have a suede back here, and this is its got some kind of texture that tries to mimic it.

You can see where it draws inspiration from and, of course, its got no trackpad like the apple smart keyboard, but this this tries to be like the apple keyboard keys, the standard one uh, not the suspended one right. They might have something like that: im, not sure how the magnets work for this so yeah it easily snaps in place. So there are magnets here and you can see it locks in so that gives that ipad kind of magnetized experience and boom slots. You hear sound. The other thing is that this is not a black lead. So of course you come with certain applications that i assume you dont need, so you might want to uninstall them. So first thing you do is go to get apps lets look for gmail. So yeah, so this is how you gon na start loading uh, google app store just download gmail first, so here you can see. Ive got my account running so thats gmail here already, but what you really want is the google app store? So if i type google, i already see a google play there right its easy as that there was no problem at all Music and so obviously, then i can start downloading apps from here and there thats it. So if youre concerned that getting a china version of this, you cant get access. Google thats, not a problem for this device. This is how the case looks when it cools so its a very nice uh leather like texture, the ui feels really smooth and nice, and i like what xiaomi has done with the menus and all that are very, very ipad like and i can just move it Change it to dark mode.

I naturally just did this because thats, how would you you do it on an ipad and exactly thats? What happens here so the whole experience? They have tried to mimic a ipad user interface, okay, so im just gon na take some time to play with it and well come back again to to see how this works uh, how good it is in the next video. So i hope you like this quick unboxing of the new me pad uh yep, so the two again there yeah there are different versions of this theres. The me me and me pad five pro now. A key difference is the processor. This has a 860 snapdragon and the other one has 870, so its slightly better performance but uh. I even though, im not test this, yet i have a feeling its not gon na make that huge difference to me if i was a android user and i wanted an ipad like experience. This is really giving me that vibe yep, so its feeling very uh, exciting right now only difference is the base model. Has a in terms of speakers are quad surround speakers, while the pro version will actually have eight times surround sound speakers, but both of these have dolby atmos. This is an lcd, not an ambulance screen, but it does run at 120 hertz and the screen looks good. Initially, impressions so wait for the next video when we do a more detailed analysis and review of the ipad on the v pad 5 see even im, calling it ipad so until next one.

This is v josh and cant.