This is an Android tablet, powered by Android, 7 nougat, so it’s all up to date on its operating system and it’s, made by Xiaomi the makers of the knee box and a bunch of other products, and they make a lot of cool stuff that never usually finds Its way over here to the United States, so we’re going to be taking a look at this and seeing what it looks like it’s, a really nice premium ipad alternative. Now you want to mention in the interest of full disclosure. This came in free of charge from However, all the opinions around here are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. So let’s take a closer look at the hardware. Now this is a premium iPad, Mini alternative and it’s priced as such. So the starting point on this one is about two hundred and fifty dollars when it’s on sale, so the times I’m recording this it looks like it’s on sale for about that price. I have seen it, though, on gearbest for as high as 330 dollars when it’s not on sale, so it’s very close in price to what an iPad Mini might cost, which I think right now cost about 400 for a 128 gigabyte model. Now, like the iPad, it’s got the same screen dimensions here: 7.9 inch display 2048 by 1536. It feels as thin and light as the iPad Mini does.

If you get that Retina display a very similar feel to it as well. Now the one thing that surprised me about the display in a bad way is its backlight bleed. I don’t usually see backlight bleed this bad on an expensive display, but you can see here towards the left hand, side. There is a lot of glowing going on there and you will definitely notice this backlight bleed as you’re using this device. Typically, on more expensive devices, you have a minimal amount of backlight bleed very little on the iPads actually and Xiaomi has actually been very good about their devices as well. This one, for whatever reason, has quite a bit I’m, not sure, maybe just it’s, just the one. I got but typically it’s, something I see on less expensive. Ips display is not something that is as high end as this one is to just bear that in mind. That might be an issue. Typically, when you’re out browsing the web and doing other things, you probably won’t notice it all that often but anytime, you turn the screen over here, for example, and we’ve got a gray solid background here. You’Ll see some of that glow going on. That might be distracting if you are sensitive, because that kind of stuff, so just bear that in mind, as you are doing your shopping, one of the things Apple did when they made these new Center designs for their iPads. With these really thin bezels is that they’ve made them smart enough to ignore unintended screen presses.

So, for example, right now, I’ve got my thumb here: kind of resting on that side, bezel and you’ll see here. As I start scrolling it doesn’t. Let me scroll, it actually starts doing a pinch to zoom, because it’s registering my thumb press here, even when I would like it to be ignored, because my real intention here is to scroll and you can see it is not scrolling at all one of the things. The iPad does, it knows not to read that thumb, because the intended motion here is a scrolling motion. This one doesn’t do that you have to be very careful as to where you place your hands, so you can scroll something as you’re going. So you do what you really have to pinch it here on the side, if you want to hold it from the side in order to scroll the second, your thumb gets over too far. You can see it stops scrolling here so it’s, not too smart as to how it handles those bezels. It is a little bit smarter here at the bottom with that capacitive panel. So, for example, if I rest my hand here, it will actually pull up a message. Saying tap again to exit but it’s otherwise ignoring that, but you can see when I started crossing the border there too, that bezel it starts looming in again so that’s. One area of frustration for me I’d be very careful about how I hold it because always registering a push somewhere, even though that was not my intention, and that is one thing: the iPad does a lot better.

One thing shall we does very very well: is produce really high quality products with excellent build quality. So while we see a lot of things that look nice on camera, but don’t feel as nice, when you pick them up, this, one actually feels pretty nice and very Apple like in its overall look, feel and finish. 328 grams is what it weighs, or about 11 and a half ounces, so very lightweight 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage. On this one. The 4 gigs of ram very useful for multitasking I’ll show you some of that in a little bit 64. Gigs of storage is all you’re going to get because there is no SD card on here, which is a disappointment, because one of the things that I think differentiate, Android tablets from iPads, is that they do allow you to slide in SD cards and one of the Cool things out there right now is that Netflix and Amazon allow you to download their videos stuff offline for watching later, and they allow you to store it on an SD card, so you’re not taking up space on your device. You can slide it in a 64 gig or a hundred and twenty eight gig card and have a lot of room to store a lot of video for a trip. This one you’re going to be limited by its internal 64 gigabytes of storage. It is powered by a mediatek mt6752. I were more, perhaps the video watching on it depending on what you’re watching and how and I think, you’ll get more out of it if you’re, just using it as an occasional reading, tablet I’m gon na be reading for an hour or so and putting it down And then, coming back to it later, battery life really felt to me about the same.

One thing they did not do, though, is give you a stock version of Android, while it is running Android, seven nougat. Some of the features that I like about, the new version of Android don’t seem to be there, including the ability to do split screen that I can’t get working and they also have reskin to everything as well to make it look and feel a little bit more. Like an iPad, so if I go here to the settings, for example, you can see it looks a lot like iOS as I’m scrolling around here, so they really have re skinned and change the Android interface around quite a bit. They even have this little circle thing that you might see in the corner there. You can disable this, but you can move it around and then gain access to some of the system features here without having to go down to the lower bezel. So, for example, if I wanted to pull up my multitasking button there, I can do that, so they rescanned everything I don’t like the way they reskin this. I think it would do much better being a stock Android tablet, but every manufacturer wants to put their own spin on things so that’s what they’re doing here, but it’s, otherwise Spartan and it’s Hardware design, so you’ve got nothing on this side of the device on the Bottom here, you’ve got a USB type c port for charging. It also supports USB type c adapters, like the one I’ve got here, so I’ve got a little USB stick attached here.

I can just pop the adapter in with that stick inserted into the bottom of the device here and if I go over to the file explorer, you can see that I can gain access to the things that are on that USB stick. So all those files are available to me on here. If I pull it out, of course, it will disappear, so I think you could probably connect mice and keyboards, and that kind of thing up to it also charge it through that port. To give you all the cables, you need to do that in the box, along with an AC adapter, but just keep in mind. This is not for video output. I did try to hook it up to a few hubs and different adapters to get it to output via HDMI. It won’t do that, but it will do USB devices and power. So you have that option available to you, and that is pretty much it from the port side of things and again no SD card slot on this one and when you’re watching those movies on here. The sound quality out of its speakers is not too bad at all they’re down here they actually sound. Pretty decent they’ve got a decent range of sound, very loud and can certainly be heard so that’s a good thing. Of course, you’ve got the headphone jack here at the top if you want a better sound quality, but for a little tablet like this, it does sound pretty good.

The camera is actually pretty good on here. It doesn’t have a flash, but it is a 13 megapixel camera and the photos it takes are halfway: decent they’re, nice and detailed. They really do look pretty nice it’ll. Do 1080p video out of the back camera videos, not as good but it’s passable enough to get by if you needed to shoot a video in a pinch 1080p at 30 frames per second, the front camera is a 5 megapixel camera, also pretty decent for what it’s Got inside of it, it looks pretty good on photos and doing video conferencing and whatnot it’ll also shoot at 1080p 30 frames per second on the front camera as well. Neither of the video options here, look all that great but again decent enough. If you need to shoot a quick video and gaming onto the device also feels pretty good. Minecraft here is running at a really nice and smooth frame rate, and I can switch out of here doing our little switcheroo thing here and run over to grand theft, auto vice city, and you can see it pretty much left me right where I last left off, Because we have all that RAM and it’s very easy to switch back and forth so gaming, I think, is going to be fine. Most of the Android apps are really written for Hardware slower than this, so I think you shouldn’t have any problems with most of the games. You’Ll find on the Google Play Store and on the 3dmark ice storm tests.

We got a score of fifteen thousand seven hundred and eighty one and graphically that puts this tablet at around the same performance as the HP Slate that we’ve looked at a couple of years ago here on the channel powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip. It has taken many other chip manufacturers a long time to catch up with Nvidia and they’re still having a hard time catching up with them, because if you look back on the chart here, the k1 tablet from Nvidia is twice as fast as this one is and Cost less, but that comes back to our usual argument here on the channel. You can have really fast performance at a low price, but you’re going to pay the price in not only battery life but also build quality, and that is definitely the difference here between the Nvidia and this one. This one’s better built, has a nicer screen better battery life and therefore costs more, even though it doesn’t perform as fast as that. Nvidia tablet does there’s always trade offs to be made, but this one, I think, is a pretty decent tablet for the price and I would like it better if it had a stock version of Android. I would like to screen bezels to be smarter on it. Maybe they can do something in software to address that so it’s, not as good as I was hoping. It would be, and I think at 250 dollars it’s a pretty good deal for what you’re getting here, because this is very close to what an iPad would be.

If it was running Android, but not quite all the way there I think, 330 dollars, the price I was seeing earlier in the week might be a little too high. So again, I think if you can get it for around that 250 dollar price point is a very good Android tablet, but not quite into 300 territory. For me, this is lawns Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters mark Bollinger, Brian Miller, mr. Moore, in Cody Falk. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lambda TV patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe.