This particular model has the 2.1 5 gigahertz clock right now. The lower end, one, which is the 32 gigabyte, has the clock set at 1.8. So a little bit slower, I was going to get the prime version or the provision I think it's called, which has the 128 gigabytes of storage and the the ceramic finish on it, which is black, but they don't. Have it actually have that one yet it's, not in stock? So I settled for the white 64 gigabyte version now I used le Express for this one and I paid a little more to to get hold of the phone a little bit quicker for the channel. I just get this open and the box should be sealed up. I told them don't open it. Don'T install Google Play don't do anything because I'm worried about some of the sellers that could put bloatware on there or some sort of malware that I really do not need. Okay, alright get all of that out of the way so they're giving me just a free, clear case, a tempered glass screen protector stuff that don't really need. So the the packaging has still got their wrap around it from the factory which is really good to see and that's a few specs outlined here. So the 2.15 gigahertz clock speed there on the Snapdragon 820 by the way, that's the same processor that the Samsung s7 has and the LG g5 USB type c 3000 milliamp hour battery.

And it has a me: u i7, which is just a skin on top of Android there, okay, that box was a little hard to shake up, and I just did that off camera all right. So here we go and we have that fingerprint scanner there. The home button and a microphone there is a loudspeaker, USB type c port, of course, and we have our power on button volume up and down. You know just get this removed here, so the back has a curved glass it's, very similar to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy s6. Now here's the s7 right next to it a little bit of a curb there and there's a little tiny sticker on the back of the 16 megapixel for access. Oh, is camera. Dual LED flash there now we'll be checking this camera out because apparently it's supposed to be the best that Xiaomi have ever produced, and I really hope so because I find that the redmi note 3 camera. I have the 16 megapixel one on that as quite disappointing. In low light, so on the top here, we do have an IR blaster there, another secondary microphone, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there and here's our simplier SIM card slot, which oh it will open up, and it just a second and just pull this off the front. That'S just telling me the power on the buttons there and it looks like it has almost zero basil's, but I think there's there's got to be a bezel still there.

So just put the mobile phone there for a second and have a look at what else is in the box. So we have just an instruction leaflet. I don't know that's got our center layer, the power adapter, which does support now quick charging 3, apparently, which I will test that out, make sure to say, oh look and see what the rating of this is so it's, a yes, 12 volts. One point I am so they'll be quick charging three there and it does also offer 2.5 amps 5 volts 9 volts 2 amps, and then there is of course, our USB type c cable and the box there, and it looks to be nothing else. Ok let's see if I can get this powered on now, but one that turns on I'm, just gon na check the weight and the thickness of it, hopefully there's some better in there. Let'S get my scales here. So ever look now at the weight of the me 5a 130 grams, not bad at all. It does feel very light in hand and I'll also check the thickness. Now there is no camera bulge on there. So there's no fixed point and look and see that comes out to be about seven seven point: two millimeters, not bad. So, overall, the feel of the phone doesn't actually seem that bad good in hand is a bit of grip to it and the position of the power button and the volume rocker there, I think, is all right now.

It looks like it has literally no bezels it's. Very lying there, but it's not sharp or anything like that, but it's, not using 2.5 D round a glass on the front of the screen and it doesn't actually look to be using. It might be using it actually on the back edge here with the glass curves. But overall build wise. It feels quite good and 130 grams here makes it feel nice and light now the front of it. We do have a fingerprint scanner there and we do have a 5 megapixel front facing camera there's, our earpiece there's, a proximity and ambient light sensor there. So I just turned this on before: just to get to the start: menu there to setup menu the first menu. We get so here, I've got Chinese or English, there will be probably a global ROM that'll be coming out with us, but at the moment this is just the straight version. It comes out of the factory with whatever vision I think it's me 7.2 that's on here than me, UI so I'm, not to skip most of this because it's looking for my sim card, I will check that in just a second and I don't want any off. They say the fingerprint print to hell. We go with this, so look I got. We first need to put a pin in and what is this Chinese coming up there? So I use a just a random PIN number like I place my finger on the fingerprint scanner.

It'S just vibrating. I think I needed to do that about 10 times there, okay, the default skin so I'm ready to rock now, which is good and just a second alright. So there we go now. The screen let's have a closer look at the screen. It looks. Okay, you can see they're actually Basil's on this, even though they've got the black backgrounds here to make it look like it's business. There, it differently bezels there around, which is a little annoying. You can see just there so it's about three millimeters of bisley I'll, see if I can get a wide screen. Perhaps if I go into the browser there we go, you can just see there that has these black black border around the outside, which is a little annoying. So probably, look a lot better, actually with the black version, and you can see the browser too, has all this Chinese there as normal. So the launcher itself. You know they're gon na love it or you hate it. It doesn't have an app drawer, it's, just all in one, so the widgets and your apps are all there now I'll move now and have a look at the settings see if this is in fact running Android 6 or not. It is Android 6, which is good and we can see there. The version is me: UI 7.1.2 one I'll have to check the system updates later on and we'll get that all updated. I see the color is shifting a little bit there.

When I move the screen around and we'll have a look and see is a few bloat apps on there that I don't want, but hopefully I can uninstall. Most of these looks like I can, which is good I'll just quickly show you the sim tray. So we have two nano Sims and unfortunately, no microSD card support which really sucks. Now why they've done this, I don't know, but I think it's, some marketing tactic. So if you want the more storage you're going to have to just upgrade and get the hundred and twenty eight gigabyte model annoying that they lose the micro SD card feature. So you just pop your sim in like that. Your nano SIM and you can do two nano Sims, so dual sim support at least now the other thing I didn't how haven't shown you is the RAM. So if I clear the RAM, we get one point, six gigabytes free now I just did it wanted to do a quick comparison to my redmi note, 3 pro, which i've been using as my main phone there. You see side by side the difference and then, of course, the thickness there it's quite thick and with the galaxy s7 edge, and they are side by side. The if 6h, of course is taller, it has a larger screen. This is a five inch of screen it's a 1080p, and this is a 1440 piece screen which is 5.5 inches and see them side by side there, okay, so this is just a first hands on I'm gon na go through set the phone up, get Play, Store And stored, if I can, on there hopefully can't because it's not on there at the moment, you if you buy this, you have to check with your seller that place doors on there, because they'll go and under stall it for you, but I didn't want them to Do that, as mentioned in the start of the video, I just wanted it straight out of the factory, with a seal still on it and everything so I'll set that up run through and to to Geekbench, 3 and all the rest of the stuff that I normally Do and we'll check out, of course, that camera the camera supposed to have a special for access, oh, is, and hopefully is going to be one of the better cameras around you just quickly go into and also check to see what kind of options we have in Here picture quality high with the default setting the camera frames standard four by three, so not widescreen and let's have a look and sharpen the saturation and what other settings we will have here.

The different modes with the cameras we've got manual different ones there audio ok, so it looks like in take a photo with some audio there to record. So here we have, we can change the ISO exposure focus on your settings and no really much there.