Finally, i got my hands on the highly anticipated xiaomi mi pad 5.. This is my first time doing tablet on my channel im, so so excited guys: snapdragon 860 chipset, 120 hertz, refresh rate screen, which is quite rare for tablet and in china. This table is selling for 1999 renminbi for the base model, which is also around 1003 ringgit. Malaysia, after direct conversion in same price, im rolling now lets proceed with the unboxing guys. The box is nicely done, white and simple. I love the packaging and this tablet is directly imported from china. Thats why? You can see the chinese characters here? It means xiaomi mi, pad 5 tablet 5., as you can see here also. The tablet screen supports stubby vision and there are four speakers that are powered by adobe and moss. I love dolby atmos at the back here. Let me explain the one that i got is actually white color. It comes in 6, gig of ram and 138 gig of internal storage, so you only have 128 gig of internal storage or 256 gig, and the audio is also powered by high res audio. Without further ado, let me unbox it its so satisfying after you unbox it. This is the actual tablet nice feeling read aside, and this is the inner insert a very simple documentation and also a 3.5 to usbc dongle. Let me tell you guys again by tearing up the plastic for the first time so so satisfying this is a huge deal, but its actually pretty light at 511 gram and its very thin at 6.

85 millimeter only wow. It feels solid in the hand. There is a single 30 megapixel camera at the back, and the design language is similar to the mi 11 that i have now and for this camera you can shoot video up to 4k at 30 frames per second, which is not bad for a tablet. If you look at, the frame of the tablet is actually made of metal and they are actually flat, except for the rounded corners here to the right. You have the volume rocker, which is quite sturdy, even though its a bit flush in – and this is actually the connector for the xiaomi pencil, and this is the power button and also the speakers. The microphone is here and to the left. You have the connector for the keyboard and at the bottom here, another two speakers, as well as the type c port, and also the microphone wow, guys look at the screen, even though this is just an lcd display, but it looks the colors are vibrant. I love it and this is actually a 11 inch, 2.5 k lcd display with a resolution of 2560 times 1 600 wqhd plus, and this screen actually supports double vision and also true tone display and guys. If you go to setting go to my device, you can see that its actually based on the latest new ultra 0.5.7 and go to all spec me pad 5 6 gig of ram and its based on latest android 11.

. And if you go to display go to refresh rate, so you have the option of changing to 60 or 120 hertz refresh rate, definitely ill choose the 120 hertz to get a smoother experience, wow its so enjoyable scrolling, so guys before i end this video. Let me do my routine speaker test and, as i mentioned just now, they are actually quite a speaker setup on this tablet, two here and another two here, so a total of four speakers. So these four speakers are actually powered by dobby atmos and let me bump up the volume to the max and prepare to be amazed: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, wow, guys that speaker quality is amazing, very loud volume with very strong bass. I was actually captivated so there you go guys. My first impression on the latest xiaomi mi pad 5. You get a lot of value for this tablet, flagship set, awesome display and speakers high refresh rate, and i hope that the global version will come to malaysia soon.