Pro lets address this all right, so, as you can see there, i wanted to address this video starting off with whats, going to be the heart of this video. The topic of this being the replacement to this. It is not the case. I know some of you are going to disagree, because i have seen quite a few comments from people saying that this is a nice alternative to the ipad pro now. The reason im saying its not an alternative or replacement to the ipad pro is because this thing is kind of unique to its platform. It has its own platform. In fact, when i do comparison, video comparison, videos of the ipad pro versus the galaxy tab. S7. These are not really apple to apple, no pun intended there. These are not really apple to apple comparisons, right because these are two separate platforms and these things well, each of them is really good. You know whatever it does best. You know the ipad pro with the horsepower that it has its really good at that the galaxy tab f7 that i have here. This is my regular one. The galaxy type 7 that i have here is also good as its own thing and ive told you guys. This is kind of like the king of multitasking, this guy, the ipad pro doesnt even compare to the galaxy type of seven when it comes down to multitasking. On the other hand, the galaxy type seven or the type of seven plus that you see back there doesnt come close to what this guy has to offer in terms of horsepower.

So this the ipad pro seems to be very, very good when it comes to very specific and tailored tasks. You know if you editing and rendering 4k videos very heavy projects that demand that type of you know those eight cores to come in and really power through. It your ipad pro is gon na, be the guy now dont get me wrong. The xiaomi me pad five pro here is a powerful tablet. I was first very impressed by the design. You know when this tablet was first announced. I knew that you know based off of the specs. It was going to be a really really powerful tablet, but i just wasnt sure about the design. So as soon as i touched it and i held it, i was like well, this is actually you know a pro tablet. It feels like a pro tablet, so i was very impressed by the design just like so far, and i havent made my review on my full review on this thing and so far im pretty impressed by just the performance of this guy. Now. That being said, you cannot compare these two. You know in terms of horsepower again. This guy is way ahead. If you are, if you just happen, the heart of this video is that if you happen to be in the market for an ipad pro – and you realize well, i cant afford an ipad pro because theyre crazy, expensive, like they are, you realize i cant, afford this And youre, looking for a nice alternative, in my personal opinion, its not this tablet its definitely not this tablet.

The alternative to an ipad pro is going to be shocker an ipad a4. That is the best advice i can give you if youre looking for an ipad pro and you figure its too expensive, either an ipad air 4 or an older ipad pro. In fact, you can even go as low as just a regular ipad. That would be your alternative to the ipad pro you have to remember. The ipad pro is not just about a tablet. Apple sells the whole experience and by the way, if this is your first time visiting well welcome to the family, of course, im, certainly hoping that you are enjoying the content so far and if you are, i truly appreciate that, and i would appreciate it even more. If you could do me a huge favor and hit both the like and the subscribe button there, i make tons of videos like this one and its a good way to tell youtube that videos like this actually help people out there again. I very very much appreciate that all right, so theyre selling you a whole ecosystem, so to think that you can just find a single tablet, an individual tablet that can replace what this guy has to offer. I think it is a mistake, because, again, when you get something like this, it offers you everything else that that ecosystem, that apple ecosystem has to offer you, which is the reason im saying that the only alternative to an ipad pro is just to go with another Ipad thats going to keep you in that same ecosystem.

These things are all the same: the user interface, whether the ipad pro the ipad f4, the ipad, the iphone the ipod. All of that you know, i even call these. These are just big, iphones or big. Ipod touches right because the user interface is pretty much the same except here interface, so just go for one of them. Any of them would be a good alternative for this, and this is not meant to be a ranting video its just that seeing people commenting even on twitter, saying oh this. This tablet here is going to be a nice alternative to an ipad thats. Just a nice alternative to another android tablet, in fact i would say maybe a nice alternative to the galaxy tab. X7. I dont know i would have to actually make a versus video comparing those two. So i would say this is just a nice alternative. Another android tablet and again you might notice that im, not even talking specs here we really just wanted to talk. I really just want to talk about this idea of that buying. This will immediately replace the experience that you would get from an ipad. Also, you have to consider just that miui right so granite and and thats. The other thing also the thing this is a very nice habit very well built powerful tablet. I dont like that. I copied what apple is offering on the tablet and im talking about the user interface. The way you unlock the tablet, the way you navigate and all that the gestures i really wish they had stuck to something thats a little bit more familiar when it comes down to the way android looks again, it might be just because this is my first xiaomi Tablet but its weird its like im, you, you know using the interface here its like, if im using an ipad but its not an ipad and in my mind – and this is wrong.

But in my mind it looks like its just a fake ipad, even though its a great tablet, but again thats thats, another video for another thing, but anyway this particular video was just to let you know that if you are seriously thinking about buying an ipad pro And youre thinking a nice alternative or a nice replacement for an ipad pro that this guy would offer you everything that the ipad pro offers. You might be making a mistake. If you really really want an ipad pro and you can afford the current version, just go for the previous one or the one before that they are all the same except you know in terms of power, you know the m1 like this one, the mini led, is A lot more powerful, but then again, if you are looking for that type of power, because maybe youre a video editor and you need the best video editing tablet out there, then maybe you shouldnt be looking at this right. It comes down to that anyway, and with that being said, i cannot help but go back to the fact that this is a very nice tablet, very powerful. I, like the design, i really like the design, and in case you dont notice, im saying very powerful, because this guy is loaded with a snapdragon qualcomm snapdragon 870, that is a powerful chipset. You have a 120 hertz refresh rate here, its an ips display, and you know what you get for the money for sure this is a bargain.

This is assuming, of course, that they stick to the current prices in china. I believe when you do, when you do the direct conversion, the model that i have here, which is the base model, would run you roughly 400. So if you were to spend 400 lets say the global version comes out and its 450 euros or pretty close to 500 euros. That is still a very good price for something like this. If you are in the android world now, if you are looking for an ipad, no matter how well they price this, and you actually need an ipad for whatever task. You want an ipad for youre going to have to buy an ipad its as simple as that, but anyway, thats just my take – and i know many of you are going to disagree so lets have a polite conversation. Dont come out there attacking me. I know youre going to disagree, but i want to hear more arguments why people think that this is a direct replacement to the ipad. Now i can actually listen to an argument of someone saying. Well, you know what the galaxy tab at seven ill probably go for this, and then we could get that back and forth. Then i can tell you that well, if you buy this, then you have to buy the stylus for it, which is separate its going to cost you like a hood, a good ninety dollars, as opposed to a galaxy type of seven.

That already comes with a stylus that is renowned for being one of the best styles, so we could kind of have that argument, comparing this one to the galaxy tab, seven or to the galaxy type at seven plus. But i wan na hear your argument. The people who are saying that its a nice replacement to the ipad pro i want to hear your argument. I want to hear why you say that you know i may be in the wrong its just that when i hear this im like nah, these and ive used this on and off granted its been sitting a lot more because i use a lot more. My galaxy tab at 7 plus, but i really want to hear why you think this guy can replace a galaxy or an ipad pro. Let me know hit me up in the comment section and while you do that make sure to subscribe, if youre not subscribed yet make sure to like the video share, this share this with other people. That may be disagreeing with me, so we can have that back and back and forth. You know going and im going to catch you in that comment. Section im also going to catch you in the next video, as i always do, of course, and up until that.