As usual, we strived hard to get the nume pad tablet early and we are one of the first ones to review the meatpad 5 pro the android tablet market has been plagued with issues such as the lack of applications and appropriate use case scenarios without significant hardware Upgrades and software optimizations, it was still impossible for android tablets to take the center stage and until a few months ago, these tablets were not even close in comparison to the apple ipad. So how does the me pad 5 pro fare in this market? Will it finally give rise to a new era of android tablets lets find out? This is the me pad 5 pro, which aims to be both productive and entertaining. Indeed, xiaomi has made great efforts to package this into a product can be used for work, but, to be honest, it looks too much like an ipad pro, whether its the design or the user interface for miui for pad everything looks way too familiar. The xiaomi mi pad 5 pro comes with a metal frame and a cnc metal cutting edge process at the frame edges, which makes the overall look and feel a bit more refined. However, at the same time, the edges of side frame are sharper than all the tablets. We reviewed in 2021, which also causes slight discomfort when holding it. The rear design of the me pad 5 series continues. The design pattern of the mi 11 series, for example, youll, find the typical xiaomi camera module at the top left corner and the xiaomi logo below the cameras.

The back cover is made of plastic material with matte finish, which offers a good feeling when you are holding it. So the new me pad, in my hand, has a pretty decent build quality. The lack of a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack may become one of the few drawbacks of the me pad 5 pro, especially as an entertainment device. Now that weve introduced most details of the new mepads design lets talk about its usb ports. The usb c port is another drawback of the new tablet, its only compatible with usb2, which neither supports video output nor high speed data transfer. In addition, the compatibility and support for expanded accessories is also limited, which may reduce the possibilities of device expansion. Almost all the popular features of a tablet would start with the display. The new me pads display features 120 hertz high refresh rate with the 2k resolution. It is dolby vision, certification and supports hdr content in the actual test. The me pad 5 pro successfully recognized and played hdr videos in different apps, although we have to admire xiaomis efforts on software support for hdr content. The displays maximum brightness of 485 nit is a bit disappointing, so its good for enjoying vivid colors on the meatpad pro, but at the same time the actual hdr effect would be affected by the brightness limits. Apart from the 2k 120 hertz display, the meatpad pro is surprisingly equipped with eight speakers with dolby atmos support, thanks to the premium display and stereo audio solution.

The mepad 5 pro no doubt is one of the best devices for mobile entertainment, Laughter, Applause, Laughter, Music. The performance is actually the last thing. Youll need to worry about on the tablet. It is powered by the snapdragon 870 chipset, which is also the best chipset for an android tablet. So far from the results of different benchmarks, it nearly achieved the best results that weve ever got on any snapdragon 870 model. Well, an actual gaming test thanks to xiaomis, optimization and the tablets better cooling capability, the 870 chipset runs at full capacity on the me pad 5 pro and you can even play genjen impact under the highest graphics settings at the highest frame rate, not to mention other Games like pubg mobile, run well, the tablet was able to run the game with very little stress at a stable frame rate of up to 90 fps for any tablet. The primary goal is to be more than just a large screen smartphone in this regard, weve seen a few creative solutions on the huawei mate pad and the lenovo xiaocin pad pro, especially on the map. The software optimization was quite a surprise. As for the mi pad 5, pro, its software solution is actually very similar to what we saw on the matepad 11., notably all the official apps have been optimized for a large screen interface theres. Also, the optimization of third party applications such as displaying a square interface in the horizontal view, and in some maps you can open dual tasks within the app and either of them can be operated independently, which is the same as the feature called app multiplier in maypads Harmony os further to improve work efficiency.

The meatpad 5 pro allows users to open two apps at once in its split screen view. Although it looks quite familiar, the maypad obviously offers more possibility with opening up to four windows at once. In addition, under split screen view its possible for the user to drag pictures or text from one app to the other, but it seems that the feature is still got annoying limits and wasnt available globally. As far as productivity is concerned, the miui for pad obviously has a lot of features, but, more importantly, the official accessories such as the keyboard and stylus play a key role in deciding whether you can actually bring it out for work on the keyboard side. It supports contact connection, but no bluetooth wireless connection, so theres only one way to use the keyboard, which is to put them together under a fixed angle and use the tablet like a laptop. Unfortunately, xiaomis accessories are very hard to get. The stylus is out of stock. For now so here we are not able to show you more details about that important accessory, but dont worry. We will bring you a hands on with the accessories in the following comparison. Video, the software experience of the new me pad gave me a strong feeling that most of the ideas looks good on the tablet, but havent been well completed yet, but dont anticipate too much. Even though xiaomi has made great efforts to optimize miui for pad. It still cannot guarantee a great user experience.

The brand still needs to work closely with app developers to convert their apps to work well on tablets. So before you decide to buy a me pad or any other latest tablet, you have to check whether your most used apps have been optimized for the pad system. Another significant strength of the mi pad 5 pro is its long battery life with 67 watt fast charging support compared to the me pad 4. The 8600 milliamp hour battery has been increased by 2 600 milliampere hours capacity in our actual test. The battery performed well, no matter for office use or for entertainment use after video playback for one hour and using it for general office work for another hour. The power only dropped by 28 after completing the full test. There was still around 35 percent of power left, as were charging the 67 watt. Fast. Charging solution is also the fastest charging power in the tablet market. It just takes 63 minutes for the me pad 5 pro to charge from 0 to 100. A lot of people were waiting for the update of me pad series and thought that the new me pad 5 would be a game changer with great value for money and top performance. Indeed, the me pad 5 is one of those tablets that you can almost buy. Blindly, without a lot of concern, however, like its smartphones, while xiaomi is a brand that makes great efforts in the hardware department, it still needs to fix the software on its new releases, but the good news is that xiaomi has almost always kept its promises for fixing Such bugs with regular updates, so that was all about the mepad 5 pro – were planning to bring a tablet comparison, video very soon, which tablets would you want to see in the comparison with the new me pad? Please let us know down below.

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