Now today were going to be checking out a very exciting product. This is the me pad pro 5. that was just launched by xiaomi a couple of weeks ago. I think so. This is actually the china version that i got here. As you can see, the box is very slim and thats because it doesnt come with a charger and cable, but i do understand that the global version will still come with the charger and cable. So wait for that now before i begin talking about all the experiences that i have with the mini pad pro 5, i just want to say that my device here i got it in china for about 2500 yuan, and that is approximately 1 500 ringgit. For all. My malaysian friends and for everyone else around the world that is close to 400 us dollars. So, regardless of how you look at it, it is still a very affordable device for the me pad pro 5 right here now lets jump into the device straight away. So i have my device right here and ive got. The white version now bear in mind that the device comes in two colors. It comes in black and this white right here and the reason why i went with this white version was because i saw on youtube. The black version actually attracted quite a fair bit of fingerprints at the back for some reason, so i didnt like that. So i went with the white.

It looks great here very, very solid. Look at the top left corner notice that we do have the uh a camera cut out here that looks very similar to a certain poco f3 as well. This seems to be the design language that xiaomi is going for his tablets as well, pretty nice, and if you move the device to the side here, we actually have this really nice flat sides on the sides that reminds me of the ipad pro and thats. Not a bad thing because it feels great in hands all right, so thats this in terms of the design, its very straightforward, very clean. Look here with the me pad pro 5. now lets talk a little bit about the specs of this device, because it is a very impressive device right here, so my device here this is the 11 inch 2.5 k display that runs at 120hz refresh rate everything is Buttery smooth, it feels great. The contrast levels are also pretty good. It is an ips lcd display, but not an amoled, so you might think that colors are not great, but actually it does look pretty good here, guys so thats, just in terms of the display. In terms of processing power, mine is the low spec version. I do have a snapdragon 870 inside here, as well as six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, now thats, just the specs uh. In terms of battery guys, we do have a pretty large battery here.

This is a 8600 mah battery and is able to support up to 67 watts of fast charge. Now those are the specs, but i want to share with you how it actually feels like to use so lets move on over here and check out the setup that i have set up for you guys lets go alright guys. So, as you can see here, ive got my mi pad set up with my work stuff. So, for example, i have my wireless keyboard as well as my wireless mouse here, its connected to the me pad right there, so everything works pretty well. In fact, i just want to say that it works very similar to how, like your typical windows, computer works, and what i mean by that is, for example, if i am in an app like this, all i need to do is hit windows d, and then it Goes back to the main frame, so very cool stuff there again, if you just want to switch into apps its just like your windows, that you use alternate tab, you hit the auto type button and this shows up so again. I think it is very, very good here if you are familiar with your windows laptop or whatever this mi pad here can actually replace that. So this could be your laptop all right lets see what else you can do here now. If we are in this multitasking view right now, all you need to do is long press one of the apps right here, uh, so like split screen and obviously you can see.

We do have this guy right here and right now. What were gon na do is, were gon na choose another application here, so we can have a side by side view. Im gon na choose youtube right here. So right now you can see that i do have this um the verge here and i can also watch my youtube together. Like i mentioned earlier on, if you already have your mouse connected, you can also use your mouse just scroll and it just works very nicely. Now this is just for entertainment. If you want to split the screen. Of course, you can also switch the sizes like that very simple: it works for some apps, but not every single, app, okay. So now something else i want to show you is, for example, if you are planning to use your me pad to do some work. Lets go back into the main screen right here. We dont want to see this anymore. Lets go into microsoft word so i do have microsoft word already installed right here and again now that ive connected my keyboard. It is super easy to type on and i can actually write some stuff here, so very, very nice, very responsive but lets say, for example, you want to do your work while watching youtube. So what you have to do is just go out. You go to your youtube. You press the play button, minimize that obviously you might need to be a premium user to be able to play that in the background you go back into your word and you can actually work while watching your youtube channel.

So pretty interesting stuff here, assuming you are doing work here, you can also watch a little bit of your youtube on the top right corner, thats very nice, now thats just in terms of work. Obviously, you can also check out, like your powerpoint and all that this will all work very nicely again. You can have your mouse as well as your keyboard right here to just you know, carry on with your productivity test on the me pad 5 pro. So this is what you can expect from this guy again, if you want to get out from all this, just hit the windows and d button, and for this, of course you have to just slide it down right here now. Another thing you want to check out here, which is also pretty cool, is in terms of gaming, so its not just about work, uh lets, say youre done with work or youre done with your school or whatever stuff you want to check out games. You have your games right here, so these games here will also work with your keyboard as well as your mouse if you are playing like shooting games, but for this demo right here, im just going to show you one very quickly with this racing car game here, Uh, the graphics are amazing by the way, because it uses the snapdragon 870, its got a decent amount of ram here it loads up fairly, okay as well. You have your 60fps frame rates here.

Just look at that guys, its very, very nice. So all i need to do is just use the mouse here lets say, for example, i want to check out the car i can just drag around. My mouse looks very nice here. Just check out the graphics on the me pad pro guys, um very, very, very nice here. So, as you can see when i went into the game here, you have these keyboard controls teaching you how to press the buttons thats very cool good enough here, im just going to go into a quick game very quickly, so i can show you how fun it Is to use the this keyboard to actually play the game. I keep using my finger, although i can use the mouse thats, something very weird, so all right were going to start a game very quickly. Again. You can see very nice graphics here on the me pad pro im just going to keep going press play and we should start the game fairly quickly. So all right so before the game is starting. One thing that i should also point out is that this device here comes with, like eight speakers set up so its supposed to sound awesome im just going to boost that speaker a little bit more right here, so you can hear it. Alright, the race is starting lets, go Music, yo, so slow, so all right guys, so that is uh just a very quick example of the asphalt 9 and how it works.

With your keyboard again, like i said here, this, this layout will actually work with most games and i think itll be really fun to actually have this device here, as like your gaming machine. So, like i said earlier on, apart from your productivity, which you can do quite a fair bit on this me pad pro uh, you can also play your games and it actually runs very smoothly. I think if you are like a power user – or you do a lot of your work here, you can just consider buying the pro version. If you dont play a lot of games, you can just consider the non pro version either ways. I think it is a great device, it just works so seamlessly with the mouse and the keyboard right here, alright guys, so i think thats pretty much what i wanted to show you are the capabilities and what you can actually do with the me pad pro 5.. Obviously, there are more stuff that you can do, but i was just able to show you a couple of stuff that i personally do and i think its a very good device here, because it can actually replace your laptop for doing your work. And you can also use it to play a lot of games and connect it with all your accessories like your keyboard and mouse. So i think thats really good here with the mini pad pro 5.. One final thing is that the price is also very affordable.

Again, it really depends on how much this device lands in your country, but regardless. This is something that i would still recommend to anyone whos looking to buy their new tablet. The ipad pro is no longer the defacto tablet that you should always buy. You should check out the me pad 5 pro all right guys, i think thats it for this video its been a pretty long one. I hope you enjoyed this video uh yeah. Let me know if you have any further questions, leave a like a sub.