This – is the chinese model that i did import in. I got this from a company called Giztop and unfortunately, you can probably see i dont have the keyboard or the stylus. I am waiting for those so with the Mi Pad 5 Pro here. We do have, of course, a rom thats just in chinese and english, but you can install google play and it does work with this. Now. This one has a 50 megapixel camera on the rear of it. It does support up to 67 watt charging and its all powered by the snapdragon 870. This model here that i got has six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage. The screen on it, so this is a 120 hertz 11 inches 25.60 by 1600. Is the resolution its a great screen and ill get into that in detail exactly what you can expect out of the meatpad 5 Pro here so heres, the unboxing part its not a lot to show you, the box itself is black very thin, and why is it So thin well, it doesnt actually have a charger or anything. You can see here, dolby vision, atmos, so yes, it does support that now, when you open it up, obviously the tablet would be there and then theres just a little bit of paperwork here. That is it. So no charger included with this chinese version. According to my scales, the tablet does weigh 515 grams. You can see right here.

Weve got our camera and theres a dip sensor next to it. So this is 50 megapixels and a 5 megapixel dip sensor. Dual tone led flash now this camera does protrude out by approximately two and a half millimeters total thickness of this is really good its about seven, so all that with the camera yeah, that brings it up to almost about 10 millimeters, so lightweight good quality. This is a plastic on the back of it. I do like the finish its matte and you can see a few fingerprints and smudges on it now here you can even see where i removed the sticker thats on the back there with the serial number, and i have intentionally not cleaned it. Just to show you that yeah, it does pick up smudges and get a little bit dirty, so i would probably go for the white color if you want it to look clean and not show those fingerprints now looking at it from the side here very slim, as You can see so this is our power button that does have a built in fingerprint reader now its not always on it is capacitive, but you actually have to press it in before it reads, and then unlocks, but its very quick and ill show you that shortly So the dolby vision, atmos speakers weve, got two on this side on the left and another two on the right microphone right here, some antenna lines. This is alloy the frame around the outside.

Now this part right here you can see – is black thats, actually plastic thats around the outside of the screen, and here we see weve got a type c port there. Now the microphone more antenna lines and another two of those speakers now this type c port – does support quick charge: 4 power, delivery, 3 and up to 65 watts with the chinese Mi Pad 5 Pro here. It does not support, however, video out, which is disappointing for a tablet and then up the top of the Mi Pad 5 Pro here. Weve got another two microphones volume up and down buttons, some more antenna lines right there for the wi fi. So this does have a really good build to. It feels very, very premium power buttons as well. They dont feel cheap down the bottom. There is a pogo port pin connector three there, that is, for the keyboard, which, sadly, as i mentioned, i dont have yet all the stylus and another two antenna lines. So the screen does run at a 120 hertz by default. You can change it to 60. If you want to ill get into the settings shortly, but lets just talk a little bit about what the screen looks like here and exactly how bright it is so very bright. Under the current settings that i have and the touch response is excellent, so you will notice that, because its an ips panel that the blacks wont be as deep as an oled but for ips theyre, not too bad at all.

Now, when you have a look at white, for example, youll see that right on the corners that the pixels are sometimes a little bit dimmer right at the very edges, but its not too bad at all. The resolution means the screen looks very sharp. These are the black colors right now and they look deep okay for an ips, not bad theres, still, okay, not going to mention oled, but i think for an ips panel. They do look very good. Here. Is our whites, even though its stating green colors? For some reason and the touch response, triggering those gestures, really not a problem there so ill show you some of the advanced settings here that i do like with this particular tablet. Theres a lot you see with miui 12.5 that its laid out correctly for a tablet under display dark mode. You can schedule it. Brightness level is where you will find the sunlight mode so when it is in direct sunlight – and this is enabled even without it enabled the screen brightness tops out at over 600 nits, it can be made out in direct sunlight because its fully laminated as well theres. No screen protector on it, i do find the display does look quite clear out in direct sunlight and the ambient light sensor. With this one does work particularly well so refresh rate you can toggle that so theres no 90 hertz setting, unfortunately, which i would have liked, which is the sweet spot between the battery saving and the fluidity.

But i keep it on 120 hertz im, seeing absolutely no flicker coming through with this screen too, which is great, so you can change it. The color balance. Okay, you got vivid, saturated white balance down there and adaptive colors theres a lot of things you can do with this. You can see here the options weve got enhanced original p3 srgb, and this is really good. I love to see all these settings, so you can just tweak that display to where you love to have it now. This tablet does have the fingerprint unlocking face, unlocking the cameras right here and it works okay, the fingerprint reader you do need to. If you just press it like now, you see nothing happens with my thumb, but if i press in it then unlocks – and it is fast – okay, its fast its accurate, its just a shame that this fingerprint reader is not the always on type like some of xiaomis Phones, while most of them that have the side, fingerprint readers, its always on, so just press that again so thats off tapping it nothing happens and if i press in and tap it then scans unlocks, and that is very quick. So, im on the latest miui 12.5 patch here, which of course is for the chinese rom. So this rom only has english and chinese so thats. Why? I would say its probably best to wait for the global version of this particular tablet, which is rumored to be coming out.

Everyone says its coming out, so i will wait off and hold off for that and then, of course, youve got google play support built in now. It is here, ive installed it. The apk file for google play store, and all you need to do is just get that you can side load it or download it. Install it. Google play works, fine, give it its permissions and away you go so bloatware. There is a little bit of chinese bloat with some certain applications i uninstalled and cleaned all of those up. There are about seven or eight of them, and some notifications came through in chinese, but you simply need to block that the internal storage on this 128 gigabyte model ufs 3.1 speeds very, very good. Look at those random reads and rides: they are wow. So quick getting up to almost 300 megabytes per second. There is excellent to see wildlife score here, so this is 3d mark average of just over 25 frames per second a score over 4 000 thats good for this chipset, just like the antutu score here really good. Now this score here is beating some snapdragon triple eight phones. It just shows you how good the snapdragon 870 is. In fact, it is my favorite chip. The thermals on this one are so much better than the triple eight, while still offering very good performance, as you can see from that, and this here too, which is geekbench 5, a decent score there and our wireless.

So, for some reason i cant get on to wireless 6 here with my router it just it doesnt want to see it for some reason. I think its a rom issue, i think in china they use a slightly different frequency there for wi fi, six thats, probably whats, causing it, but even so, on wireless five, so wireless ac, very good speeds and the wireless here i have to comment on the range Is excellent, it is really really good. I mean i can go outside my house and still be able to get decent speeds and coverage where other tablets like the cheaper ones, i review, would simply fail. So when i tested that out, i was using the dual band mode: okay, so thats connecting up to a wi, fi, ac and wi fi in at the same time there so battery life runtime. This is our fixed benchmark: okay, so 200 nits of brightness. It just runs until it gets to 20 from being fully charged 14 hours very good. This means in real life youre looking around 10 to 11 hours. This is at 120 hertz, so i did another test too with that battery life and just used it by myself. What i would normally do without having that benchmark running okay, so i ran like netflix. I was watching that i was in chrome all sorts of things like that. I managed to get here. You can see almost nine hours and i still had some battery lift on this, so its definitely possible because i was using quite a high brightness possible to get 10 11, maybe even more out of this out of the 8 600 milliamp hour battery.

It is very, very good charge times so theres no charger included, but i used the 67 watt charger. I have for the mi 11 ultra and to go from 20 to 100 was 49 minutes, which is so good for a tablet. Thats really quick. 12 on this. Other charge to 100 and only 55 minutes again for a tablet that is so fast, so really quick to charge just under one hour to fully charge. Quite a large battery capacity is excellent, and here we do have camera two api support for the 50 megapixel camera. The front one level three so thats maximum support that is good and yes, wide vine level. One security cert, however, netflix, does show this okay standard definition wide vine level, three it according to this one drm is yvonne level three, so yeah, not good amazon. Prime video is also only just standard definition, so i think again with the global model, the global rom. That should not be a problem. We should have then full hd, because such a nice screen – you really dont, want to be watching movies and tv series in standard definition. Gps hardware, compass signal strength, is good and for a tablet. I think this would be quite a good one for those that need it for navigation for gps, if youre a boaty whatever it does work well with this tablet now ebooks pdf files like this one here this is in google books. It does look really good.

Okay. On the screen, its sharp and you will not get tired eyes, the screen is sharp enough for that its bright enough for that too. But you can also filter out the blue light. You can change this invert, the colors to black and white with google books, and it is ideal for this, of course, im just using it in landscape mode, but you can use it too in portrait so for ebooks, pdf files and the weight of this tablet do Make it comfortable, i mean its only just over 500 grams, so that is perfect for holding for long periods, its, not a heavy tablet. It wont tire your arm out onto audio. So sadly, there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so you need to use the type c adapter to 3.5, which actually is not included. Okay, so you need to buy one of those separately. Ive tested it out. It sounds really good and what else sounds good is the loudspeakers on this, so they are dolby, atmos ones. So four speakers in total two either side they are loud theyve got base to them. Theyre rich theyve even got a little bit of treble good mids heres. A sample of them now at 100 volume – and this is the video from the front facing eight megapixel camera with an f 2.0 aperture, looks quite good. The audio is good and youll notice, as i move about a little bit here that im actually holding this.

This is not in the tripod. We have electronic image stabilization with this front facing camera, so it is very similar to what we get on xiaomi phones. They use electronic image stabilization now with their front facing cameras at 1080p, and that is exactly what we have here with this particular Mi Pad 5 Pro front facing camera and over to our cameras now, so we do have a reasonably good sensor on the back of This so it is 50 megapixels can take a decent photo for a tablet and now the video quality. So this is 4k 30 frames per second maximum, with electronic image. Stabilization so thats very similar on what we get on some of the phones from xiaomi its great to see in a tablet. I know a lot of people wont be using the cameras on a tablet for these kind of purposes, but at least we do have that option its not quite as good as a phone, but still again for a tablet. I find this quality is pleasing on to our gaming performance, so a game like gen chin impact here this is on the absolute top settings, so 60 frames per second highest visuals. It is running really well and most of the time it is running at 60 frames per second. So if you swipe here from the top left hand side, you see 60 at the moment so thats great, and this is using the game turbo. You can also clear out the ram, take screenshots, screen capture, video and do not disturb, and things like that.

Ive gone over that in previous videos still with the software been around for a while for this performance, excellent, very, very good on the maximum settings and because its a tablet and not a phone, it doesnt get anywhere near as hot as some of those phones. Ive been testing this game out so im going to move over now and test out pubg well see how that performs on the Mi Pad 5 Pro so pub g does. Let us play on the extreme frame rate option if you use smooth balance or hd lets jump into some gameplay and see just how it feels and absolutely no surprises here. Its handling pubg with absolute ease, its a constant 60 frames per second, the tablets barely getting even warm with this game, because its really not demanding at all for it, so locked at 60 frames per second. It is, if i take a look here at our game. Turbo constant 60 frames per second and when you look down the sights theres, no lag theres, no problems with that which is good to see – and you did expect this with this kind of chipset and then with the six gigabytes of ram yeah. It is running flawlessly. So hopefully, theyre going to add support for 90 frames per second or 120 frames per second with this tablet would be great. Its super immersive with the speakers and playing on an 11 inch tablet is really good for this type of game and the style of game, and one last thing here with the tablet so its very light, its only just over 500 grams, its nice and thin around About seven millimeters, and here in chrome, very very fast – that scrolling speed really good performance as expected.

Now, when you do bring up the on screen keyboard, this is googles g board i do find typing on. It is fine, especially in portrait here, its quite easy, just to use my thumbs and im not really having any issues with it so, hopefully, later on, i will be able to get hold of the keyboard and the stylus and also cover that in a separate video And i do apologize that i dont have it, but, as i mentioned, it just simply seems to have sold out and very hard to get hold of at the moment. All right so lets go over the good things and the bad things about the Mi Pad 5. Pro care, what i do like about it so build quality, excellent, really good weight. This is nice and light just over 500 grams, very, very thin. It feels premium metal frame around the outside, really good speakers very good screen, even though its ips, i would have preferred it to be oled its still a very good screen. So 600 nits maximum brightness 2560 by 1600 resolution, looks sharp its fully laminated very responsive to touch the ui performance is great. It feels fast and fluid thanks to that 120 hertz refresh rate weve got with this screen. Now, with my six gigabytes of ram, i find performance is adequate. You can multitask quite well with this. Sadly, as i mentioned, no keyboard no stylus thats, a big part of this particular tablet here, which currently i dont have but thatll be coming in another video.

I will try to cover that for all of you out there, so the things that arent so good about this tablet. Well, sadly, theres no micro sd card support, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, no video out of the type c port, thats a shame. So competitors like lenovos tablets that ive covered in the channel samsungs they support display out. So you can get a clone display, video out, which is very good to have or even a desktop mode. Sadly, xiaomi is lacking in that area. The fingerprint reader its a shame that its not always on you have to press it in, but it does work well. We have also face unlocking with this, which is another great feature there. 65 watt fast. Charging too, is a positive that is so quick. In fact, this is the fastest tablet. I have reviewed in the channel that, with this charge rates under one hour for an 8 600 milliamp hour battery, that is really good. Most of the tablets i review the cheaper ones, will take three hours even over three hours to fully charge because they only support about 15 watts or 18 watts maximum charge rates, and that, of course, at 67 is just so much quicker now. This is, of course, a chinese import version. There is a possible Mi Pad 5 Pro thats coming out on Mi Pad 5 for a global version, and i would probably hold off and wait for that. Why a big one for a lot of people and for me personally too, is while it does have a wide vine level, one cert with this netflix amazon, prime video.

As i showed you, they are in sadly standard definition. Okay, so were missing out on full hd with such a lovely screen and great speakers. I really want to see my tv series and movies and everything in full hd, so i think the global rom version the global version when thats released locally here in europe, hopefully its coming fingers crossed that should fix that problem. So thats a reason. I would just definitely hold off, i think, wait and see what is going to happen. So thank you so much for watching my review here. Well partial review because its just the tablet of the Mi Pad 5 Pro the chinese rom.