Four that i have here lets go ahead and jump in Music. All right lets go ahead and keep this very simple, so nice and easy here right so were gon na just quickly go over some of the physical features here and just talk about how well theyve been holding up which, by the way they have been holding up Very well, if youve been following this channel for a while, then you know that i do take care of all of my tablets all of my devices and this one was no different right. So i have no scratches no dents whatsoever. Everything still works fantastically one of the first things that hit me about this tablet were the speakers right, so you get four speaker, girls, two on each side, except the tablet itself, actually holds eight speakers, so the sound quality. Well, the volume is pretty high and sound quality is actually very, very good, so that has not changed its still. You know pump that sound, still pumps that sound pretty well. The fingerprint sensor still works very, very well. It is placed at the top here or well on the side like this, it kind of mimics what you have on the ipad air right ipad. A4. Specifically, it still works pretty well. We also still have that usb type c. That remains very basic right. So this is as basic as you can go with a usb type c. It doesnt really youre slow, transfer, slow data transfer.

I should say you are not able to push out video signal. You know from this tablet right so its a pretty powerful tablet. So if you were trying to increase your productivity, try to multitask, you know try to take your multitasking to another level. By trying to extend you know the content to an external monitor. You wouldnt be able to do that with that usb type c. Unfortunately, not there. Hasnt been any updates to actually fix that or update that, but im thinking its more hardware related anyway. So i doubt that theyll be able to provide any type of update that can change that outcome, but anyway, so its still there, it still works. As a you know, charging port and slow data transfer other than that thats, pretty much it in terms of physical features. As far as just the tablet itself, the way it still looks cosmetically still very, very clean fingerprint magnet though, as you can see, it does grab fingerprints like crazy and by the way, if this is your first time visiting. Welcome to the channel. Of course, please make sure to hit both the like and the subscribe button there. I truly appreciate that, but anyway, so the other physical feature that i want to bring up here, of course, is going to be the camera. The camera on here is actually pretty nice right, especially for tablet and im, not comparing this to, like you know, a phone camera or anything, but for a tablet.

It is actually a very nice camera and its been working, its been doing a pretty good job. You are looking at a 13 megapixel main sensor and a 5 megapixel depth sensor on here and on the front, of course, the selfie camera is going to be an 8 megapixel camera. Now this is pretty similar in terms of specs to what you would get from the galaxy tab, seven right so 13 and five and then up front. You have that five megapixel and going to this front here its an 11 inch tablet. So its exactly the same size as the galaxy tab – s7. Actually, a good competitor to that one. If you ask me so 11 inches for this tablet here and it it does support high refresh rate at up to 120 hertz. Of course, you can go ahead and dial that down to the standard 60 hertz, but it can sustain that 120 hertz and picture quality is actually fantastic. The resolution here is actually pretty high. You know this is a true pro tablet anyway, so you do have that 120 hertz refresh rate loaded here and then the resolution here is 2560 by 1600, which again for an 11 inches, given that size that is pretty pixel dense, so image quality is actually pretty Sharp – and this is an ips display by the way in case – i missed that so image quality is pretty sharp, so ips display 2560 by 1600.

You would only imagine so its just fantastic, for you know, watching videos watching movies playing games and speaking of games right its a very powerful tablet, so you can actually use it as a gaming tablet so owning something like this is like owning a galaxy tab. At seven, so when it comes down to gaming, you know medium light medium, heavy games – you will be just fine with this guy here and since were talking about heavy games, lets go ahead and talk about platform which in this case this guy is boasting a snapdragon 870., so you have to keep in mind that when this guy dropped, the samsung galaxy tab s7, of course, with the snapdragon 865 plus – was one of the most praised, of course, when it came down to power right. So you have this with a snapdragon 870. So clocked slightly faster than what you have on the you know, snapdragon 865 plus that is found on the galaxy tab, x7, so very respectable level of performance out of this guy. Here, its been performing like that since day, one havent encountered any lag. Any crashes just like it is the case with you know: either my galaxy tablet 7 or the s7 plus it is just very powerful. It still powers through you know all types of tasks without any issues you know, ive never picked this up and you know, was nervous about. Is this going to handle this test its been able to kind of plot through all tasks without any issues? So when it comes down to performance since day, one up until now, it is still going strong.

Also, it is loaded with six gigs of ram. So in terms of multitasking – and you know, toggling back and forth, you wont have any issues there. You have 128 gigs for the internal storage and unfortunately it is non expandable a little bit like it is the case with you know, ipads. This guy here is non expandable. Now we cant talk platform without talking ui right, and this is going to lead into you, know, accessibility and usability, and just how comfortable that gooey is miui. 12 has been just seamless right, its been pretty well integrated with this type with an android tablet. The only issue that ive always had with that and ive brought this up a couple of times or a few times in the past is just the fact that it mimics apples. You know operating system so much it is. You know gooey wise when you look at it. It is essentially the same, so it kind of felt weird to use something that is a non apple device mimic that same interface, but you know i got used to it. So if you were to buy this youll be just fine, you get used to it, but anyway, so in terms of performance – and you know usability its been the same, nothing has really changed its been working. You know perfectly since day one and it is still going strong. The battery also is pretty good. I havent seen it go down very similar to what you have on the galaxy type 7, which is pretty typical for something 11 inches right, so that thats about where you want the battery to be at least so.

It does last a full day based off your usage. You may see more or less, but to me it does last more than you know the full day, and it is also fast charge capable at up to 67 watt, which is pretty insane. That is a very, very good thing here and but thats pretty much all i had to say about the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro here, if thats, something that you are in the market for, go out there and really grab it its a good tablet, its a Pretty good tablet at an affordable price and thats the reason im saying its a good tablet right. So when you consider price and what it has to offer, it is pretty good. Now, when it comes down to certain things in terms of leveling up your productivity, you may encounter some issues trying to push out. You know some of the content so that you can play or work in a more comfortable way like you would, with the galaxy type seven, but other than that. This is still an excellent tablet. Now theres also the xiaomi mi pad 5 that you can go for and i wasnt able to grab one, but i hear it does work wonders right. So i was thinking about grabbing more, but i think im just gon na pass for now but anyway. So, if youre in the market for this, this is definitely a goal for me, especially if you can find it at an even cheaper price uh.

You also have to keep in mind. This is still you know. You would still have to order that from mainland china. Im not sure that its it went global. The regular me path, five. I know that that one global, but i dont know that this guy went global that, but anyway, thats just my take on this tablet here. Let me know what your questions think that you like for me to take a look at on this tablet. Id be more than happy to share with you. I appreciate you sticking with the video up until now certainly make sure to share the video. Of course. Like comment im going to catch you in that comment, section im also going to catch you in the next video make sure to subscribe. Just in case you forgot to do that im going to catch you, the next video and up until the next video.