Now today i have here something very fun to share with you now, as you may notice, from my previous videos, with the mini pad 5 or the mini pad 5 pro, for instance, it is really a productivity. Beast right here on this guy now today, im going to show you something on the next level, and that is pc mode with the me pad 5 right here. Basically, pc mode transforms this tablet here into something very similar to how a laptop really functions. So today, im going to have my devices set up like how i have my pc setup. I have my wireless keyboard, my wireless mouse and im going to show you what kind of potential you can get just from the mep5 right here, which is actually pretty mind. Blowing before i start off the video, of course, if you can support the channel by just giving this video a like or a sub to the channel, that would be very much appreciated. Guys all right without further ado lets just jump into the demo right away. All right guys, uh welcome back to demo section of lim reviews. Today. I have here my me pad 5 setup in how i usually set my device up. So, for starters, i have my wireless mouse right here as well as also my wireless keyboard. So you cant really see on the screen right here, because this is demo session, but yeah you can actually connect any mouse that you want or any keyboard that you want for me personally to keep things everything.

Wireless ive got my dongle right here, so i plug it into my wireless mouse and keyboard all right. So, as you can see on the display here as well, my cursor everything is already connected to the me pad 5. again. This demo will work with both your mini pad 5, as well as your me pad 5 pro they both perform very similarly so right here on my desk um, this is pc mode already set up. All you need to do is install an app to actually get it running its super super simple guys and for now, ive actually arranged my desktop applications here in how i usually use my laptop. That means on the left. Here i have all my productivity tools in the middle section. Those are all my favorite google applications and in this section here these are just a couple of additional stuff that i may use during my productivity stuff, all right. So, as you can see in a pc mode right here, everything looks like a laptop. You have your start button right here where you can actually go through your applications. It is very, very interesting, actually to actually see all this stuff on the mep5, so obviously the fonts are a little big here. So this is where you get all your apps that are already in the me pad 5. over here. You do have a search button right here that goes into your search, your entire mep, 5.

. Apart from that, we do have a couple of applications that i have already started up here. So, as you can see, theres quite a fair bit of applications already open, but its still running very smoothly. Before i talk about those applications, let me show you more about this operating system here. So again, you can actually pin apps to your taskbar, like how i have pinned this file manager here so notice that whenever i close it, it is still here because it is pinned to my taskbar now moving on to the bottom right section here here, you do Get a couple of very useful stuff if you hit this little arrow at the bottom here. This is where you get into your control center, so you can adjust your brightness levels. You can also adjust your volume levels. A couple of stuff here, as you can see on the display now, if you go into your battery mode, this is where you see your amount of battery remaining again. This is very similar to a windows laptop, and i love it because its so cool. You also have a tiny clock at the bottom right corner right here, which brings up the calendar a pretty obvious stuff right there, and if you hit this notification button right here, this is where you go into your notification bar, and you can see all your notifications On the right now, these are also a couple of useful buttons here, because you might need it when your app is in full screen.

So you have your home button, your back button as well as your multitasking button all over here. All right so were going to go back out for now and check out a couple of apps that actually work with this. I want to start off very quickly with the productivity apps, because i already have them on the left, so were going to start off. With word right here, obviously, you see ive already connected my keyboard, so you can always just testing this out with microsoft word now it works fine. But if you notice here, the window only opens in a small window like this and you cant really maximize the size of the window, so that is something of a bummer here. For me, in my opinion, one thing you do need to know. Very importantly here is that not every app here launches in full screen, so this one doesnt, if you go into the powerpoint mode as well, this one also does not launch into full screen so again, quite a bummer here in terms of productivity tools, but, for example, If you use your google docs here again, these are not expanded into the full screen mode, but you are still able to use it very conveniently here, because all your tools here work very similar to the mobile version. So, okay, this one doesnt work like that again. If you go into your microsoft teams, im sure a lot of you guys are at home, maybe youre, working from home or youre just studying at home.

Microsoft. Teams here works very nice. I can put it right here and if i also need to use my zoom just check it out, ive already installed it, and i have my zoom right here right away. Of course, you can have multiple apps open at the same time and if i just go into my telegram right here, which ive already opened right here um. This is your chat, so you can check out as well. So take a look at these guys. We have a couple of applications already opened up very cool here and if you notice at the bottom here it is very small, but you do have a slight transparent bar at the bottom, and that shows that your application is currently open. Uh. You can always close it at any time, but yeah its pretty cool. Of course, right now, im just going to go and clear everything right here, so its less messy but lets say you want to go into your music lets say you press the play button right here right and you have some music going on again very cool thing Here is that just like how it works on your smartphone, you have that shortcut on the right here, very, very, very cool stuff. All right now were going to go into youtube right now. Obviously, youtube also works very similarly to the mobile. You cant expand your apps here, so these are just a couple of apps that wont really expand to the full size.

But now let me show you a couple of apps that actually are able to go full size, so were going to minimize this guy right here. Im, keeping everything open here you can see its still very smooth were going to see the the local browser mode here. So this is actually the native browser app and im actually able to minimize and maximize the size of this application here. So its very useful, especially if you use the native browser app dont worry. This also works with google chrome here surprisingly. Well so notice, here that now it is in a very small mode on my on my desktop right here, but if i just go into the maximize, it goes full screen and of course it works with your ctrl t to get into your next tabs and again Im just going to show you the verge very quickly here, because its just very beautifully laid out like that. So very nice here. If you want to minimize this, just drag down from the top again and just minimize this thing, and of course you can just put it down here at the bottom. All right next thing were going to check out that actually works in your native mode is, of course, your calendar. A lot of native apps actually works in full screen mode. Obviously, my version here is the china version mi pad 5 nipah 5 pro. So everything here is in chinese. We dont want to check out that, apart from that, we also have your notes here very important thing here, a lot of you guys that take a lot of notes, so you can also go into full screen of your notes here.

Very convenient and, of course, just minimize it back to a smaller screen, all right, so in terms of the window sizes, like i mentioned here, not everything is optimized for the pc mode at the moment, but you are still able to get quite a fair bit of Applications here open in full screen mode now, overall, i would say that the experience with this pc mode right here is that it has a lot of potential because, for example, just take a look at this guys im going to open everything here. Just so, you can see and notice how many apps are actually open right now we have tons of apps here all over the display. You know, and it actually doesnt lag at all, and one thing about this is that i noticed that whenever i minimize the applications, for example, it stays there. It doesnt get shut down in the background, so thats pretty cool here about a mini pad 5 as well. Again, i think this is a very, very solid and again full of potential kind of device right here, because once xiaomi updates, this pc mode kind of application were going to see it being used much much better than this, and it can actually maybe in some instances, Replace your laptop, so very cool stuff here, uh being done on the me pad 5 pro all right guys. So now that were at the end of the video. All i can say here is that there is just so much potential for the me pad 5 pro right here again.

This device is coming in at a very affordable price point, and i just see so much things that you can do with this, regardless of it is productivity or is it your entertainment just so much potential guys um all right, i think thats pretty much. What i have to share with you again, if you do support the channel dont forget to like this video or maybe sub to the channel.