When i bought this, the china one is known as the me pad so very interesting device and one is very inspired by the ipad. But how does this stack up in real life performance, so weve been using this for at least over two weeks and uh just want to share um what the experience is uh with this device uh. So first of all lets look at the design characteristics, ive ipad. Pro 2020 here and you can see physically, they look almost identical at the corners and you actually see that nice adobe logo in terms of its vision at most um. So its trying to give you the best uh or, i would say, a bit more immersive. Viewing experience when it comes to watching videos and the like, so you can see the side. Bezels are very ipad like, thankfully, this does not its not the same at the back its this matte kind of coating, its more like the pro models of the recent iphone 12 and 11 at the back, and this is sporting, the xiaomi camera module that you find On the current xiaomi phones as well so again, the flat design, a lot of people appreciate that design, flat design now its very nice and very popular recently, but in terms of design. The other thing is that lets talk about the screen, so the screen is what they call a wqhd plus display its got a 16 by 10 display aspect ratio, its a very vibrant color reach display its great for media consumption, great for playing games, security features itself.

If you get the standard version, the non the non pro version, you only have face unlock, so the issue with this face unlock is this: is a flat uh face unlock its not the 3d decent, not the one depth sensing, so its not a very secure way To lock your device, unfortunately theres, no fingerprint sensor as well, so your best bet to having good security again is to actually use a passcode as opposed to a more modern authentication method of having a very good 3d depth sensing or using a fingerprint sensor. So, coming back to the user interface, so this tries to mimic an ipad a bit to my opinion, a bit too much. If you wanted to know the keyboard shortcuts, you normally do this in the ipad. You would hold down the command button. The list of commands will appear now. It works the same way with the meatpad. As you can see, accessing the control panel, you will swipe on the right same way. The gesture indicator is also the same, and in terms of user interface, it also tries to mimic the control bar here now. The only thing is that when you run programs in the ipad, you actually see a line here to separate between the active programs and or and the shortcuts here now this doesnt work like that for the me pad. You only have the quick launch uh shortcuts here. The experience overall is okay. There are certain tricks that you could do on an ipad that you definitely cant uh do on the me pad.

So, for example, let me demonstrate here, for example, if i were to move a group of icons, i can actually pull one icon and she can use my other finger if you guys didnt notice, i can use my other finger to add a group of icons and Move them all. I cant do this on the mini pad. So in terms of ui, i would say, the the ipad has a lot its a lot more slicker, its a lot more polished, uh as compared to the me pad certain apps have been optimized for a landscape, not many. Some apps china based apps, actually have this capability so ill. Just show you one example here, like uh, i have lazada over here right. So if i were to look at see, it makes use of the landscape mode. And if you look at the settings here, you actually see that optimization. So you can see not many apps are optimized for landscape view, so ui itself uh its okay. It gives you that ipad experience so ill. Show you multitasking on this guy, so down to the multitasking and uh split screen modes play store banner. You actually show me some icons and this would be the floating menu. Now this doesnt apply to every app you see. These are grayed out. Okay, so – and this is a bit in a way better than an ipad experience because uh in the ipad – you can only push it at the right side of the interface, whereas this i can float it around.

So i could be browsing and i can float the play store around Music now. What i can do is that when i push it to the right, it will actually do the split screen. So this mimics the experience on the ipad, its exactly the split screen works like an ipad. The only thing you cant do this with every app uh very ipad, like giving down to the split screen mode down to the the the way uh. The user interface works. As uh theres, also something extra here which im gon na get is the pc mode, so therell be a link below how you can actually install the apk once thats there in your control uh panel. Here, you actually will see pc mode here. So this works with the bluetooth mouse as well. So just like the ipad as well, you would actually see the cursor looks almost the same and pull down the control center and let me get to pc mode now. This is what the ipad will not have and boom im in pc mode now, and this actually mimics uh. What is what looks like a windows, uh kind of desktop now the good thing with this mode is that apps that dont support the Music landscape mode. They would work like youve got instagram and you can see instagram here. The only thing is that i cant really resize the window so yeah. While i can float it around. I cant really resize it yep.

So if i got, for example, instagram running here, i can go and open youtube as well right, which also runs in the window environment, chrome browser. Here i can blow it down to a full size or in that same floating yeah. So you can have multiple windows. Um not really great in terms of the window size options, but nevertheless, if you want that kind of uh effect right, so you can see xiaomis browser is kind of optimized. For this it actually supports a nice landscape size window and you can blow up to full screen as well. So you have your landscape, oriented, apps portrait, oriented apps and certain apps that support full screen mode. All running in this pc, like environment, back to the cameras. So this is powered by 13 megapixel uh rear camera. So you can see some sample shots here, pretty good in normal lighting conditions and its got a front camera for 8 megapixels, so youd be fine. Running zoom calls microsoft teams and whatnot using this. So the only thing is that again, the angle of the camera is here so yeah, of course here would be a bit better for those kind of calls when youre in landscape mode – and you can see a pretty good details for the 30 megapixel camera. So its a serviceable camera and okay for shots about gaming on this guy gaming is really a blast on this tablet. The graphics are set to very high at max right with most of the effects turned on, and this is on an 860 uh snapdragon processor.

The pro one will give you better performance at 870.. Youve got a game turbo mode that if you can record the on screen action as well as things like giving you indication of the frames per second, you can see this running at a pretty high frame rate. Now its 60 frames per second playing games on this guy is really a blast and with the adobe atmos sound theyre having many hours and gaming Applause, reloading Applause, friendly, predator missile inbound got the keyboard case. This can be a very uh productive animal. So, for example, running microsoft word and you know powerpoint, so this is pretty great for uh for any work. Um handling productivity based apps uh is great on this service work and playing some games. Yeah thats fine. But how does this stack up against like the ipad? So the ipad – actually, i would say in terms of quality of software, so the quality of games and applications in general are more polished and better on the ipad, and a lot of it are also optimized for tablets. So if gaming is your thing, i think the ipad will give you a bit more as compared to the me pad and uh. The other thing is that when you were to do content creation, especially like so you know, all the videos edited on this channel is is using this great program called lumafusion, and it really really has powerful editing capabilities a one time purchase and youre able to to Do detailed, uh, editing and frame by frame by frame accurate, editing now, apart from money, subscribe kind of programs uh those those capabilities are bit short on.

The me pad the comparator actually to the me pad, would be the entry level ipad and they just launched a new one, which also supports all the modes external keyboard and everything else, and that has a proper fingerprint sensor which does not exist on this guy. Even though he has a more ticker bezel, which i dont think a lot of people will mind, so i would say that could be possibly a better option. Sticking the android echo system. This would be a great companion to something like a xiaomi phone here i have the poco f3 and you can actually do things like what you normally do with the ipad. For example, xiaomi also has its version of airdrop, which is called misha, and over here you can see same way. I would take some pictures here and you can already see the me pad here, so i will just send it over and then it pops up so im having two very uh excellent devices here, the poco f3 on my left and the sell me me pad on My right and what would serve my productivity needs. My gaming needs my social needs as well, and it wouldnt cost me an arm and leg want to stay in the android ecosystem and you want an ipad like experience and a good tablet. So the most important thing is this: is this a good tablet? I give a thumbs up its really nice to use a few things.

This keyboard isnt backlit at all and that that facial recognition, doesnt work in the dark, like apple, does its got a 33 watt fast charging. So charging this guy is pretty quick. You get that ipad, like experience in user interface in running programs and the um quality of gaming. The quality of media consumption is something thats really really good. On this guy and its going to just cost you, just over 300 usd its about 1500 ringgit when it retails in malaysia, the ipad, i would say, get the ipad. If you want to do things like content creation, if you wanted better quality, apps and better supported software, ipad will be your choice. But if you want a just a good tablet and you want to stay in the android system, which gives you a lot of customization capabilities, then this guy could be your choice. So i hope you like this review of the xiaomi mi pad 5 or what is the global release, which is known as the xiaomi pad 5 and until the next one? This is d.