I got my mi pad 5 here, obviously from china for approximately less than 1 500 ringgit, and that is for the base variant of 6 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. All right so lets talk a bit about after using two weeks hows the experience like now miui has been a breeze with the me pad 5 right here. Ive not found any bugs, and one thing i didnt notice here is that it is very, very snappy on the me pad 5. now one thing that i would recommend that you do if you do purchase this device here, is to turn on developer mode and go Into the transition speeds and what youre going to do, that is reduce the transition speeds to about 0.5 times. So what that means is that everything that you do on the tablet will just be so much faster because the transition speeds and all that are reduced by half. So you get very responsive kind of touches to your display. Everything will run very, very fast, so thats one thing that you might want to check out so in terms of bugs there were no bugs. Are there any ads with the device itself? No, i did not find any advertising as well. Everything run very smoothly now in terms of this device. Yes, i did mention that it comes with a very nice build quality and all that display wise again. It is a very strong display. 2.

5 k, 120 hertz. Once again, it is a very, very smooth display here and lets talk a little bit about how it works in terms of my day to day use so lets start off very quickly with my social media and all that, obviously, for social media. We have your facebook. We have your instagram now. These apps actually works very well in the portrait mode, but when you switch it to landscape, it does not really show the best, but regardless of that, they actually still work very well with the mini pad 5 that i have right here. This is not really an issue with the optimization going on with the me pad itself, but this is more in terms of optimization of the app itself, because these apps are not really fully designed to be used on the tablet. Having said that, they still work great on the midpad 5 here, and it is super smooth to scroll through all those feeds, especially looking at those pictures that are being shared by your friends now. Thats, this in terms of the social media very quickly lets talk very quickly about watching videos on this device for videos, im testing out two apps right here, and that is the most important one that you might want to find out off. So the first one here is about youtube. Obviously you can run youtube at hd resolution here on the me pad 5.. It just flies. Everything is crystal clear and you have that very good audio coming out from all the speakers that are on this device right here now.

The second thing, which is very important right here, is for netflix. I know a lot of you guys out. There watch a lot of netflix according to the drm info. It supports ll1, but something that i did found out here was that netflix actually only ran on sd. That means standard definition, so, in terms of clarity wise, it is not the clearest out there. I went to the settings of my netflix app and i noticed that that it says the highest supported security level is actually l3, so it was a bit of a scratching, my head kind of situation right there, because, according to the drm info, it says l1. But when i go into the netflix app it shows l3, so yeah i wasnt able to solve that problem. If anyone out there knows how to solve it, let me know because im not getting the high definition on my netflix with the me pad 5, but bear in mind that, regardless of that, i was still able to enjoy. Netflix shows very nicely on the me pad. 5 right here now lets move on very quickly to the next point right here in terms of entertainment, lets talk very quickly about gaming. Now i already mentioned in my previous videos that this device here works with gaming together with your keyboard, but what you need to know is that only a certain few games that actually supports your keyboard works with the mi pad 5.

. Otherwise, you still need to hold your tablet like this in order to play any kind of games and, honestly speaking, it is a bit huge for me to hold right here but yeah. If you prefer, that kind of, like big large display kind of gaming and all that you can still do that on the me pad 5, the graphics are great. The colors of the display is good and of course you have that very nice setup of speakers like i mentioned before, so they sound awesome as well, very, very good gaming. There all right guys so now lets talk very quickly about productivity and how it has actually fit into my daily life, with the me pad 5.. So, to do that im going to show you how i have my me pad 5 typically set up, and you can see here im using the keyboard case, but i barely actually use the pencil so, as you can see from the display right here, im not sure. If you can see it through the camera, i actually have all my points for todays presentation here done on the mep, 5 and yes, lets talk very quickly about the points that i have here. First up in terms of the office apps. Yes, they do work really good with the mep5. For instance, if you use your microsoft word your microsoft powerpoint, which is what i did right here. I could get all my slides done and my microsoft word kind of documents done very easily, so thats definitely a plus point.

If any of you want to do, work on the tablet itself, definitely very good there. Another question i have here is: how does it work with teams and zoom now both these apps here are actually very well working on the midpad 5. But what you need to know here is that obviously the camera is on the side right here. So when youre, looking at the tablet and actually speaking to someone and looking at that person with your video camera turned on, you have to look a little bit awkwardly to the left. If you want to have that eye to eye contact. Otherwise, youll look like the camera is staring up your nose, which is not to say a very good thing. Unless you have a big, beautiful nose again its not a deal breaker, i think you could you still look great with the front facing camera on the mi pad 5.. Now next thing lets talk about very quickly. Here is about the accessories. Do you really need this? Well, first thing i want to talk about here is actually the keyboard. I personally think that you should definitely get a keyboard, whether or not youre going to do a lot of work on your mi pad 5.. The reason for that is very simple: how it sets up to the keyboard is so instant and very easy. All it does is just snap on the pogo pins at the bottom here to the keyboard itself, and it connects seamlessly you dont even have to charge the keyboard.

The only thing i wish was a little bit better is if the keyboard came with a backlight, but it doesnt have that, but otherwise its a very solid case right here, and also you get that instant, very nice kind of keys to type on here. So its definitely giving a thumbs up for this keyboard right here now on the second thing that i mentioned earlier on: is it really necessary to get this xiaomi smartpen or smart stylus or whatever you want to call it? Honestly speaking, i barely use this device at all and unless you really want to do a lot of drawing on your me pad 5, then only should you consider this thing right here. Otherwise, there are a couple of features that you can use with the smart pen right here, which i have already showcased in the full video about it. So you can go and check that out and let me know whether you are actually still planning to get this pen or not all right other than that. The mic, the mic on this mi ped five here – is actually very good as well. Ive made quite a fair bit of calls with my me pad five right here and no one has ever complained about me sounding a bit poor or noisy on the line. It is that good guys so productivity wise. This is a very strong contender right here. All right guys, i think, im pretty much over to the end right here im.

Just looking at my points that i did on the me pad five overall. My conclusion, with the midpad five here for two weeks, is that definitely i strongly recommend that you either get one or maybe just think about getting one, and the reason for that is that this device here is just such a good device, whether or not youre using It for your productivity or whether youre using it for your entertainment. Everything just works very well its such a good experience on the me midpad 5. Here i dont have much to complain and again you also have the desktop mode which ive already shown in another video. Again, so if you want to find out all about the desktop mode, you can go and check it out its a very cool device here with a lot of potential, with the mep5 at the price of less than 1 500 ringgit or approximately 350 us dollars. If youre in other regions of the world, i think you should definitely stay tuned to the global launch of the mepad 5, because this might be something that you might want to consider buying with your money. All right guys, i think, thats it for the long term review of the mepad 5.. I know i have done quite a lot of videos on this device right here and hopefully they have helped you out in some way or another uh.