So this one has a new chipset in there too hexa core with a maximum turbo 2.1 gigahertz. The GPU is a power VR, 60, 250, so I'm, going to push it to the limits test out. Some popular titles just be aware, though, that my current rom, which is me UI, eight point two point: eight seems to be quite buggy: unstable and doesn't want to play ball with every single game, I'll test there as you'll, find out in the video there's glitches and Even some games will just crash and refuse to work. So first up is World of Tanks. Here this is the game set on the highest setting, so let's have a look and see how it performs. Okay, that framerate seems good so far, that's quite smooth. I was probably gon na hit me and I think you just did I'm getting hurt I'm, probably going to die. Okay got that little tank. I mean he's already dead, so I'm, not a very good player at this game. I really have not played this much at all, but it seems very playable. This frame made higher settings it's good to me. Certainly UFC doesn't work. You can see it's just all glitchy the menu starts out flashing away and you can't play this it's a complete mess. So this is another game: that's buggy, on the current eight point, two point: eight ROM now I'd love to show you Ashford extreme, but I just demonstrate that it's not working that it crashes.

Every time when I go to select my account my online profile does that flashing thing which I've seen in other games? You see it's coming up now. This is extremely annoying. I don't understand why show me releasing ROM so unstable, so I want to select my account. Every single time, there's no way I can get it to work on this current run very, very disappointing. The room is so buggy, okay, so modern combat 5. This one at least, is working it's, not flickering and bugging out and crashing like the other games. Little bit of stutter just then see that framerate looks good so far in here some devices have quite a bit of lag. I have noticed one thing: I don't know if you can see it there's like a blue haze or tinge, and the blacks here that blacks, don't, look deep black for some reason: it's only just this game, I've spotted it big, started just thin as well. Quite a bit of starter and leg to sin: not the smoothest I've seen this game run Wow, definitely not okay, so overall performance at this game, I would class as being quite average. You can see it gets quite leggy and study stuttery there, huh even I'm stuttering. Just like the game, so this title here is heroes of incredible tales. Someone asked me to play this on Android devices because it's using the Unreal Engine and they claimed this one can be very demanding.

But, as you see it has these graphical glitches there. With the dust which does not look good at all, apart from that, the frame rates, okay, look how glitchy that is so we're going to have to wait for some bug, fixes and patches on the roam. I think to get rid of those glitches with that dust. Like a texture problem with it total here is FIFA mobile playing perfectly fine good frame rate, see if I can score a goal: no I'm, not very good at this game, but you see the frame rate is excellent. There'S, no graphical glitches perfectly fine, perhaps a little bit of slowdown. Just then I detect it. I just saw the frame rate down a little, but you see there close up with those replays the camera angles. Everything looks fine. Just total here's clash of clans looks really good on the screen: great colors, just almost pops out of the screen, because it's fully laminated. I think this game is going to be perfectly fine. Perhaps, on those very large village levels it could be a little bit of slowdown, but here you can see perfectly playable, okay, so the last time I'm going to test out is Mortal Kombat X and it's, not working. I can hear the audio, but I can't see anything so. Oh wow massive glitches on this one look at that. That is horrible. What is going on so another title that does not display the textures correctly another game that isn't well it's playable yeah, but looks like absolute rubbish so before you me, fanboys, start hating on me and saying that I've faked this or whatever and my roms, not the Stable legit ROM, whatever this is the ROM that came with the tablet.

Now it is possible that you're, looking at this video six months later and it's perfectly fine I'm sure it will be I'm sure they're going to patch it and fix it. But this is me UI. Eight point two point: eight, which at the time of recording this video, this is disabled. Most recent ROM on the knee pad 3, which is completely buggy unacceptable, not good for gaming as you've seen in this video hi, and why not? Just for the hell of it, I'll throw in another video here of another bug: that's happened when I tried to first test Real Racing and look. The whole thing has just jammed up completely. The whole tablet is unresponsive. None of the capacitive buttons work, nothing it's completely. Locked up, auto rotation does not work. The only way to get past us, as I have to completely power off the whole buggy tablet on this completely bug filled beta ROM that I am testing for, show me so time to have a look at the thermals. Now surface temperatures around 33 degrees on the front of the screen, it's only really warm to the touch now me now for approximately 40 minutes on and off, between those crashes, of course, and on the rear about 30 degrees there. So it's really just getting warm to the touch that's about it, so that was gaming performance there on the meet pad 3. Sadly, it's very disappointing, as you can see, because half of the games don't even run and if they do run then it's going to have graphical glitches so show me have a lot of work to do on this run.

I can't even understand or believe further than why they would release a device with such an unstable ROM on it. Ok, if they want Android 7, but the roms not stable, then at least give us a stable, proven, Android 6 ROM, at least so. At this point, I can't recommend it wait for the newer firmware updates, maybe even wait for a global ROM, or at least them to fix this problem. Then I think it'll be ok. Gaming performance, those games, it did work, you can see, were fine, they were playable, but they did have a few stutters here and there. Thank you so much for watching this video and I hope to catch you back in the final review, which could be delayed.