You couldn't get away with having windows on 16 because you literally only have a like 5 gigabytes of free space. There now it's got an atom x5z. 8500 and that can clock up to 2.2 4 gigahertz and it's only got 2 gigabytes of RAM, which is a shame to see because the tick last x98 Pro by the same chipset has 4, and we do have that retina panel in there with 326 PPI. I think it is quite a nice screen very bright about 400 nits of brightness on the maximum seating. It wasn't bad at all, so it has the same exact box as the Android version that I looked at and we do have a few specs here listed on the back and a Chinese of course. So the battery size is 6000, 190 mini amp hours typical. They say, or so around about 6000 really Windows. 10. Usb type c now we'll be checking that to make sure and see if this time round, unlike the Android version, if it can actually output, HDMI and if it's connected up via USB see, hopefully it is okay. So that we have the tablet very thin and we see there's two Torx screws at the bottom, just to help secure it into the unibody housing that it has and on the right side. With this whole volume up and down and the power on and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there's a microphone right here and two mics actually for the camera.

Now the camera is an 8 megapixel autofocus in sensor, which is good because most of time only have 5 megapixel cameras on these tablets from China and to loudspeakers there at the bottom I roll the build is very nice a very premium. If I have a look at the thickness, it's extremely thin for what it is it's a 6.9, you can see that 26.9 millimeters so very thin at the front. Here we have a 2 megapixel camera and ambient light sensor there and the meet logo now just quickly check the weight of the tablet quite light they're at 327 grams, and we have a USB type c: cable included, there's no adapters and our 5 volt 2 amps. I think it is charger here so yeah the same: the 5 volt 2 amps right there, 2 prong us style and then the little pouch here there's just some warranty cards. I think it's, all in Chinese, so it's just outlining a few things. There leaflets and whatnot yeah that's all in Chinese, alright, so powered up very quick and went straight into Windows. There was no user to set up because it was already actually set up for me, so the seller must have done that when they've done their routine inspection to see if there's any faults run the cameras, yadda yadda yadda they've done it, because I imagine when it Comes out of the factory they would probably be set up and Chinese, and so maybe they've logged in and they've just installed English for me, but anyway, I'll have to check into that, but it seems to be ok.

I will keep an eye out as if there's anything dodgy going on there, so have a look now at the device manager I'm interested to see if they have kept that Broadcom dual band wireless AC. That, I think was that was the one it was in the Android vision they have, which is good, so we've got a positive there. I mean it's 2016 we've got to start to see come on manufacturers. We need your banned AC, pretty much on every single tablet. Now and of course, the cost really isn't that much more than putting in that super common, real tick, 2.4 gigahertz adaptive it's between all the tablets. I look at the destroyit now another important thing, so we've got a Toshiba, another positive, another good sign, so a proper Brandon they're, not a B win or for C brand low end emmc s that can be quite slow when it comes to random, read and writes, And even the write speed sometimes can be awful on those models. I will be benchmarking that one out soon and an upcoming video I'll just run through all my normal benchmarks, so keep an eye out for that coming soon. This is just the initial unboxing and hands on tail. Look at that screen. Fifty percent of the moment, that's m5 and that is extremely dull – go back to 100 again so down on 0 wow that's good. I guess for some nighttime reading. That is very dim.

I can make it out here, but the camera is not picking it up at the moment, because I have the exposure set on manual and the shutter speed and everything, but that is very dull, I'm. Hopefully, here we go, I can bring it back as I can. Hardly see that and free space we have to look. Okay, we've got forty three point: two gigabytes free of the 57.2 and system let's, see if we're activated, okay, so Windows, 10 home 64 bit. I thought that would have gone to be honest. Web 32 bit to save on a bit of space, because I've only got the two gigabytes of RAM there, but now they haven't windows needs the Internet to activate ok, so I'll have to connect up to my internet connection. To get windows activated just wanted to quickly check to see whether the type C port is running in USB 2 or USB 3. Now I have a USB 3 pendrive here shows a SanDisk Extreme 64 bit gigabyte. Sorry plug that in and let's have a look and see if I can actually transfer a large file over here at full, USB 3 speeds. Hopefully, fingers crossed. Ah, no ok, it's limited to 40 megabytes per second, so that means it's only running that type C port. As USB, just like the chewy VI, 8 plus, that is disappointing to see and what the hell I'll also test in this video, the HDMI out capabilities, if they're already and unfortunately, there aren't well not with this generic adapter, I have – which is Type C 2 HDMI Out, nothing happened, I plugged it in my monitor.

I checked it. I plugged it into my TV as well nothing's happening so that I think pretty much confirms that you're going to get no display out on this tablet, unlike other ones, so show me, should have included an HDMI out micro mini whatever they should have included it. But ok so far, so good now, of course, there's a couple of negatives about this tablet. The fact that it is a bit more pricey than your other Chinese tablets and the fact well big one for me and I know a lot other people there's. My know micro SD card slot show me: where is it? I hope they. They add that now also just found out today that there's going to be a dual boot model of this. Apparently it is coming so that's good to see, but hopefully with that you'll boot model, they can give us two gigabytes of RAM more and a micro SD card slot they'll be great, but I drove yeah. The build is very nice, as I saw in my Android one that I reviewed. I mean this is just premium it's, just really a pleasure to use and hold, and it feels very nice in hand and and the slimness of it as well, compared to the likes of the more cheaper, more budget, Chuy's they're in a completely different category. When it comes to the tablets, they're made inch with definitely way different, build because you're talking about about 250 US versus around hundred so a big gap there and you've got fully laminated displace and the tablet restarting.

For some reason. I think I must accidentally triggered that don't mention why it's doing that, but side by side, they're very different when it comes to build quality there. So I must have accidentally triggered somehow the reboot which just brings to mind actually what these buttons do in the front. So have a look here, so the that doesn't seem to do anything here. We are in tablet mode, no we're, not okay, so sorry be with me a sec. Your goal, if rings up the windows button – and this here brings up Cortana and the top one that must have some sort of function, but I can't see it's doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment. Alright that's interesting. They don't have the windows, logo, dev, ops, you keep the same exact screen from the Android model. All right, I think I'll ramble down enough here, so I will be back very soon with benchmarks and overall performance of this particular Windows model, so stay tuned.