We have a look here. First, at the hardware you can see that the device is very slim it's, only six point: seven millimeters thick, not as thin as the iPad Mini 4, and it does have a nice aluminium unibody. That does look very nice. This is the gold color. We do have a 2 speaker grilles here that I will later on in the video test out these speakers, but they do actually offer some impressive sound for the size of the tablet. You can see that me logo here and very similar again to the mini for the iPad Mini. We do have the camera up here in the top left hand corner some microphone there and the second one slightly different placement to apples and right up there and the top. We have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now this does support headsets with microphones and remotes, and you can even customize what the remote does later on and the me ui7 I'll show you that and the build of it very premium are very solid. It'S. A nice middle trim around here and the screen itself is fully laminated. Let'S turn that on quickly, you can see that it does look really nice it's the same screen that the iPad Mini has and a very good screen. So the front facing camera is a 5 megapixel camera. We do have the me logo there on the top left corner, and this is the USB 3 port and we do have a couple of Torx screws here which help hold all the tablet together.

I think if you remove these two Torx screws, there is a way using suction cups to actually pull the front face the screen away from the hardware I won't actually be opening this model up, though, to check that out, I don't think there's any need to really And then, on the right side, we have our volume up and down rocker and our power on button there. So very premium device feels really nice in hand. It is light it's, only 333 grams, so great weight, nice and thin and overall you can't complain. This is about a hundred and ninety three dollars. I got this one here from gearbest and the quality of it is really phenomenal for what you're getting for that price range. Considering the Apple Mini is going to be. The iPad Mini is going to be about twice the price of this. So a closer look at the screen. The viewing angles are good. Now I have the brightness set to Apple about 60 at the moment, just for this video not to really overpower the camera sensor, but it does get quite bright and the viewing angles they're quite good. What you'd expect the same again as the iPad Mini and if you want to see what the screen looks like you can just go into your nearest Apple Store and have a look at the Apple unit and you'll see exactly what it's like so I'll. Just turn that down now to about half way so it's not overpowering the camera, so the UI is the me UI 7, and if you have used Android you'll be familiar with it, it does have an apple ish.

Look to it. I don't know whether that's intentional or not, it probably is and there's quite a few features that the me UI offers just a few extra little tweaks and things that you don't get on normal Android, for example. Here with the notifications, you can actually go along here and hide certain apps and stop the notification. So if you're sick of seeing clash of clans coming up saying that your Army's, ready or you're being attacked or whatever you can actually just go along, and you can select to disable that allow notifications, so you could go along here and click an o. So you can block that off now they do have the widgets and all your apps all on one. So there is no like app patrol it's all just on one and overall the speed of it seems pretty good it's responsive. I have noticed now and then there's been a couple of little stutters, for example, running a game clicking on real racing to touch that and it took a little while sometimes to start up. I do think now and then overall, the performance seems to be really good, but it's just now, and then I've noticed that what at one time it did come up saying please wait and the screen was all blurred out and then my icons finally showed up. But overall experience is quite good. These settings has various different features as well that we can tweak and the layout is slightly different to Android, but you can see it's essentially while it's running on android 5.

1, so it's an Android device, but it does have that me. Ui, seven skin, you can see it's me seven me UI, seven stable there's, the version that it happens to be running and the CPU is the quad core atom, x5z, eight thousand five hundred and two gigabytes of ram, which is a shame to see because tablets, like The teclast x98 pro have four gigabytes of ram, so you can do more multitasking. You can push it a little more, it might help improve gaming performance. I have seen the schools when it comes to 3d marks slightly high on the pro I'm, not too sure whether it's down to the RAM and is a quite a quite a few settings they do have here. For example, we do have a notification light and you can change and set the colors that you want there, so you can customize it and go along and, for example, I've got it set violet, and this is the light right up here and it's. Quite a bright light change that to green, so it's multi color. You can select all those different ranges there I've just got to unveil it at the moment and child mode, so you can, if you do, have children or you buying this tablet, for perhaps someone that's under 16 or quite young, and you there's certain things you don't Want them to be able to use, for example, if you want to block off the internet from them, then you can enable child mode and only select what applications you want your child to be able to view so rather handy as a parent.

So if you decide that okay, we don't want you playing games at the moment, then you can enable the child mode, and I think there is actually a password on that. You set a password to stop them. Of course, getting in there's a few little features there and headsets as well. A lot of its under the additional settings are battery and performance. Now, for the purposes of the video and my benchmarks, I set their performance of the system to performance, of course, to get the maximum output for those benchmarks. I was running and you know we probably just leave that imbalance to help increase battery life, and you can also optimize the system performance with the animations now, because there's stock setting the default setting is actually to show all the animations I've left those on. If you hide that that might speed up the way the user interface feels it might actually make it feel, and but snappier, but I've just left that on, because that is the default setting. Now there are various other things here too, you can connect up with your me accounts. You can sync with that. I haven't actually bothered and various other things. Auto Start application. So when the tablet starts up, you can choose to have an application start automatically. For you straight away, you might like that now what I haven't actually found here is a way to update the tablet over the update, and now I can't seem to see where that actually is unless it's along here.

But I can't seem to find that I'll hopefully be able to find that later on, but it's not obvious to me at the moment, but they should be pushing out, hopefully updates to the skin. The me UI, seven and under the screen we do have some other displays settings as well. We can change the screen saver. The double tap to wake is a nice feature. So if you are familiar with the LG, if you've got a lg, g3 or g4 smartphones with a double tap to wake is quite nice there. There is of course, a reading mode, something they advertise there and enabling this. What it does is just change the actual output of the screen to that more yellow color. That, apparently, is better for us when we're trying to sleep we're going to read just before going to bed or something it doesn't. Keep us away in over stimulate our eyes, and this is the handy thing that you can select which applications you want to run with. Reading Mode automatically, once you launch them, so if you're using Google books or another application – or maybe you want to set the browser when you're looking at websites instead of shown the white white, you can turn that down to more of that warm white, color and it's. A little bit easier on your eyesight now we'll just get out of this and show you the available sensors using cpu z, we'll, see they're, actually a lot more than I expected.

I expected that it would probably come with an accelerometer and it would also have a perhaps a gyro. Well, it does actually have a driver here's the free RAM. So when you first boot it up, you do have available ram on it's, actually actually under one gigabyte they're going to 825. So ideally, really would have been nicer if they put four gigabytes of RAM in here and we go under system sorry or the thermals. At the moment a big advert just popped up great timing with that here we go sensors there's. Actually, a lot in here we've got game rotation, vector sensor. We have the light sensor, of course it's just up here, so we can automatically adjust the brightness. Let the actual tablet adjust brightness for us, so it'll choose which it seems to work quite well. Actually, I've noticed the choices, sometimes on some tablets. It will dim the screen too much it'll be too bright. It seems to be pretty much spot on probably the experience they have with their mobile phones as well as allowed them to tweak that so we've got the Magnum IDO. We also have the gyroscope accelerometer, of course, gravity sensor, orientation sensor, so it's, actually quite a few sensors on there, which is probably going to aid in gaming when playing games like real racing that use accelerometers it's, definitely partly to make things maybe a little bit more Accurate and a useful there and the free storage that you do get now.

I have a lot of applications games installed at the moment. You actually get around about 12 gigabytes free, and this is the 16 gigabyte models. So if you're going to be installing a lot of games and perhaps put your music collection on there, 12 gigabytes is not enough. This is just the one I got at the moment the only model available at the time of recording this video review. Otherwise, I would have gone for the 64 bit version, because really I don't think 12 is going to be enough for anyone it's just not enough there now you'll notice down here is probably hard to see on the camera. The other status a little light to actually pop up, so we have our back home and then a recent menu tabs here. So we can do them a bit of multitasking. Switching between and auto rotation is playing up for me just right there. I must have it disabled some reason and you can use it as a task manner, just to kill everything and clear up and it's telling me I've got about a gigabyte there of free RAM at the moment and to see if I have auto rotation and I Think I have got it to disable rotation off right on there we go. That is rotating. You see the animation. Did you see how that kind of had a little bit of a stutter to it? Just the first time it animated that, and, as I mentioned before, put the performance settings, you can disable that so it's not iPad smooth.

This is not like the iPad Mini for smoothness. It still got a while to go when it comes to that. If we ever see these Android devices actually being that smooth, but I mean overall it's not bad for an Android tablet running the me skin on it, the performance seems to be okay, but we're, just still lacking a little bit when it comes to that that fluidness. That the Apple devices have definitely with their tablets. Now in terms of bloatware that was pre installed there really isn't any well. Okay, we do have the me account. They probably only really blow tech on an application. They have is the video one here and you can see that it's all in Chinese, so that's more for the local Chinese market and not really relevant to people outside of China. But you can, I think, run through this application, your own file. So if you have recorded some videos on this with the 8 megapixel camera, then you can access them through here, but I'd, probably rather use something like google video you can see. One of my videos has showing up there but that's, really the only bloat where application on there, which is really good to see because some of the manufacturers they just stuff these tablets, full of bloatware or Chinese applications that aren't relevant to us at all, so that It'S really good to see that there's a couple of Handy applications, then you've got your calculator where the context and a few others a play store, of course, was on here.

Pre installed, so you don't have to go through that nightmare of having to install Play Store. That likely is all on there now just be able to show you the browser stock browser. They include it isn't too bad, but you can of course install something. Like Chrome run your own, your browser there and the on screen keyboard does have Chinese on one slide, but there's the option. Here you can see that I've selected English, the browser that they have included isn't, really that impressive at all the performance of it is definitely lacking. Just show you quickly, if I load up tick tablets, calm when you scroll you'll, see see that huge amount of just delay, then that lag so it's it's, not really that good. Now this is a heavy website, because there are a lot of images on here and videos and things as well and with the slider at the top and because of the four by three ratio. It has crushed in that a little bit. But you see that just overall, not that impressive at all the browser they have included. I don't particularly like it, so you better have to switch to Chrome, which I'll do right now: I'll, just download and test out Chrome or one of the other popular browsers and Android. Now, just get chrome here to start with as a test and give you an idea of the performance of Play. Store is quite good. Obviously, is a little bit of a delay there with my internet connection having to load up the icons in there all the different icons for the various apps, but even just rotate, that around it doesn't seem too bad, and that will be downloading.

During the background you see, their performance within play is good and their screen is really responsive to touch. I have no problems with the accuracy where ever touches what is picking up there and let's have a look again at tick, tab, let's, calm and see the performance difference, stopping one handed there. This should hopefully be much improved now and it's, definitely a bit better, but still a little bit of stutter there initially, I think, just loading in the images but it's definitely a bit of it well, it's an improvement from the default launcher that they include within the Tablet they won't, actually let you use it in landscape mode here, because the chrome you can just rotate around and it quickly it swaps over just wrote one more website here, just a BBC com. I have never visited this before so let's see how long it takes to load up now. That seems, okay, a few little starters there. Of course, it's still loading in those mini images that are on this website, but overall it's, not too bad exit back out and go back into the default browser and reverberant. Is the speakers I'm just going to go into YouTube quickly and do a quick speaker test to hear these speakers here are actually really really good? Some of the best speakers I've heard on a Chinese tablet and definitely some of the best for the size of tablet. So I'm, just going to run some carbon based life on something that's not going to give me any copyright issues and YouTube.

Hopefully, you'll see that the browser had an option there to actually download the video so can download flash videos, it's quite handy, to be able to do that. So we just get the volume or right up here so we're the two speakers left and right there. They are both actually do have speakers behind them, so they're, both our stereo stereo together they are loud and they should sound quite good, see if we can skip ahead. Okay, so I'm, not sure whether it's being picked up by the microphone that I'm using. But there was actually some bass on there and you can feel the tablet vibrate a little bit. They allow. They have a little bit of bass, there's a mid range and the output that comes out of the 3.5 millimeter jack is actually quite good. Now just connect up my headset that I've got. This is just a ShowMe appear that I have, I think, it's their standard one. They call it and sound output quality through this headset is actually really good, it's quite loud. Some reason it maxes out at 66. I think it's just stop me from damaging my hearing and it's put the warning there. No will not! Actually let me go when I was using the music application go past 66. I need to figure out how to disable that there must be an option there. For me to do that, but there are some settings: I'll just quickly show you when it comes to sound when you're using the headset, you can't sit here to use the my sound enhancer, which is handy so if you do actually own one of the headsets.

This is the standard edition it will adjust and tweak and tune the sound for that particular headset that you're using so, if you're, using the piston to it, which, by the way aren't actually too bad these any ear. Headset that I have I mean it's got the microphone and the remote in it, and it does work with. The tablet is the remote there and the microphone it works in the tablet works. Just fine – and I found that for the price of, though that headsets only run about 10 us not bad at all for the price you get so no complaints when it comes to the audio. The speakers in it are really good, and so is the output from the headphone jack they're. The 3.5 mini jack has no static and know sort of hiss over it it's very clear, and it is loud and really for the price. A gain of this tablet. It'S. Quite impressive now for the part that I know that somebody would interested what's the performance of the tablet like when it comes to benchmarks. You put is seen it I've got an and if you are the benchmarks, they're installed and I'll just run through the gallery and show you those the benchmarks that I did run on the tablet now, the first one, most importantly, but other than most people would like To know what's the battery life like okay, so I did the PC mark work, battery life test and it got an impressive nine hours and 13 minutes and I don't think that's bad at all.

Now I did leave the settings. It was in balanced mode. It wasn't in performance mode when I ran this test, so if you put it in performance mode, you can probably expect that better life to be a little bit less than that, maybe twelve less and I did keep the screen on the auto brightness setting. So it was, it was adjusting to the light that was there. So just take this as an approximate kind of figure, I think you could probably get 10 hours out of this easy Wireless was on and you'll see there. This is the history, so it's slowly drained the battery quite nicely and where it stopped right here is when the test reached 20. So I still had 20 battery life left. If you extend it on to as far as you could get with a battery, maybe down to 5 easily over 10 hours, and if you turned on flight mode, I had wireless on. You can see there 19 I'd, the wireless on. So if you turn the wireless off, you could even maybe get 11 or 12 hours of just video use of heaters can be using video, so it's not a bad score at all. You can see there that PC marks taking up most of the users and the screen, so the other big consumers there, and then we have again just some of the schools there if anyone's interested in those and the 3d test that I started.

So this is the slingshot score, it's an OK score for the chipset, and this is Icestorm unlimited. Now the tech last x98 Pro which has the same chipset in it, but it has four gigabytes of RAM, got 26 thousand, so eight thousand more than this tablet here. So I'm not really sure what was causing that, if it's the RAM I storm extreme score could have been a little bit higher. I think and there's just all three results there. You can see a me pad and here's the Geekbench score, which isn't bad. This all means almost a thousand points on the single core and 3200, not bad at all for the chipset, considering it's an atom chipset. Now this is probably going to be a little bit slower than the first generation, but you have to remember that they switched from the ARM processor to the Intel based one. So you can run this particular tablet. There is an option to buy this tablet with Windows. 10, which I hopefully will be reviewing later on, so you can see here whether it compares to other devices now that Wireless test, not particularly good speeds because I'm on my connection here in New Zealand and the upload, was fine. But at the time there was something going on with the network. I should have been getting at least 20 megabits per second and it only got 6 but that's. All I got as well from my surface pro 4 and here's, the n22 6 benchmark now antutu has recently just changed, so the schools have completely changed.

What this would be in antutu 5.7 is around about 53000 50 mm a little bit less than the school that showed me officially got and they posted online. I think they got 8300, but that was the version 6 beta. So this is now the official version. 6 release it's a few finer details of the school there for those interested just quickly show that if you want to compare that to your own tablet, perhaps you're, comparing that to your first me pad version and apparently it's not far off the HTC One m9 oneplus 2 now this is the GPU bench score. The average frames per second they're 75 frames per second is really good and the very demanding Epic Citadel test you have to remember. That'S running the native resolution of the screen, just quite a high resolution, ultra high quality and I managed to get 43 frames per second, which is not bad at all. Now I did install playbooks. You know just quickly show you what it's like to use this as an e book reader. This is this down brown Sandefur note and you can see because of the size and the weight of it. I find that it sets a good a book reader. You can either use it in landscape here and then turn it around into portrait and it's, not the fastest, but it's, not a too bad. For reading there it's seeing it's playing a little bit of catch up then, but over I find it's going because the screen is so sharp and you can put the reading mode on.

You can also use the settings that come with play books to change it. You can reverse this around, you can have the black screen and then the white letters and you can change the colors as well. The text it's a very versatile and works great as an e book reader. On the side too. Now we do have a camera on board. This is the front facing five megapixel camera and the rear camera I'm. Only going to briefly show you some samples of that, because I don't believe too many people are going to be using the camera on it. Now, if you do want to see more camera samples, let me know in the comments and I can actually go out and take a lot more video and samples with it, but the ones I'll show you now that I recently took just a few samples – and I Show that the macro shots came out. Okay, this is came out extremely clear as sunset lighting at the moment, and it looks very sharp, not a bad photo or well. Now, when I did some roses that I don't know this it's a little bit of blurring and so it's an 8 megapixel sensor, but I think the image it takes, isn't wonderful – your mobile phone will probably take a bit of photo than this and here's a photo That had a little bit of blur to it. So if you're taking photos of objects in the distance I'm, not sure they're going to come out, particularly well and there's, a video that I recorded.

This is just a very quick video test and the video quality is average, really to be honest, it's, not wonderful. I wouldn't buy this tablet. If you really want to take a lot of photos and video, I would probably then look at maybe Apple's iPad Mini for that, but I mean it was okay, it's, possible quality and there's a front facing camp and okay photo for five megapixels. It wasn't that bad at all, and for using for things like Skype, I think it's going to be okay, here's a screenshot well photo. I took of the screen of my surface pro 4. If you wanted to do to close up shots, then for macros taking photos of text and books and things I think it's going to be quite all right for that kind of usage. So now on to the fun part, we'll just add: a few games show you how those run for those that won a a little tablet. They can do a bit of gaming on as well so the game auto detected the visual quality and set it at medium. You can adjust at yourself if you want to increase the framerate but I'm just going to leave it with the default setting. The game decided to actually pick for us and we'll see how that runs. Nice move well, the screen has flipped around on me, not sure what happened then, but it looks really good on the screen, because this screen is show so sharp.

It has a ppi over 300 and the colors they do just pop out looks nice, but that has definitely got some playable framerates there. This one is clash of clans. Well let's say you look down 2d game. It can't actually cause some systems to have quite a bit of slowdown and lag once you have a lot on screen, so you have quite a big town. This game can get a little stuttery surprisingly, but at the moment my village is only a level 4. 1. So not enough to start causing your leg, but I've seen that this kind of chipset, the atom x5 8500 should be able run this game just fine without any problems and going through the menus. Everything is extremely fluid. Just do a quick attack. I'Ll probably end up losing, so I don't think I prepared an army so no problem into that game. Real Racing. 3 again, this game looks really nice on the screen, still not quite at the level of the iPad Mini when it comes to graphics. I think it's turned down a little bit here for Android, but you can see that's running our game, reasonably fluid, well bad driving, they're, going off it's a little hard to step using an accelerometer when I've got the camera and tripod set up well it's a bit Of lag there, a little bit of lag coming in that you can pick up that on the camera. This title here is Mortal Kombat X and it's running a little slow, but you can see the playable frame rates definitely but it's, not as fluid as I have seen it run on some tablets.

The tablet is getting warm now. I do have CPU temp running in the background, but for some reason, the overlay showing the temperature isn't showing up here. So the game is at least playable and the last game I'll test in this video at least is Dungeon Hunter 5. So the lobby has a little bit of lag, but it's running just fine really actually no problems. The one thing I forgot to mention it's very handy feature. You can actually disable the buttons along here the menu buttons. So if you're gaming like now and you accidentally tap, for example, the recent apps or home button it's going to disturb your gameplay, but you can disable all those which is a brilliant feature that I wish more people would actually add. So definitely could have show me to add that in there so it's running this game, just fine, even with all the magic effects and everything running at this high screen resolution, this game is definitely when high CC and playable smooth frame rate looks great, runs right now. You'Re, probably thinking why haven't actually shown modern combat 5. Well, I can't get it to work. It keeps coming up with a failed to connect message, even though I do have the wireless connected up. I don't know what's going on I've tried four times now and it just fails to run the game and have rebooted the tablet as well to try and see if it's going to get past this screen, but no it's not working.

I don't know whether it's a problem to do with the game or the tablet now I'll just show you for it. You go and select now to get out of this normally there's a little bit of lag. No, it didn't happen that time, but the last time this screen popped up and it said one sec, so everything was blurred here and then the drawer I showed up. I just wanted to demonstrate a couple of hubs that I bought for the type c connection the port here. This is the apple multi port, adapter that's, for the MacBook, now USB C being a standard, I don't think it's quite a set standard because it doesn't seem to output HDMI now plugging this in as you would, the USB port works so that's good connecting up the Type c, cable and charging works once you connect it first and then a plug it in to the me pad that works, but the HDMI here is not outputting at all. For some reason, I do not know why whether it's fault of the tablet or the maybe show me have disabled that I doubt they would have disabled video output, but that is not working. So I went and bought a generic adapter that I ordered online that actually just came in today, and that is just a plain type: c2 HDMI connector, as you can see, and it doesn't work either plug that one in and connected it. Up to my TV, I tried two other TVs and a monitor and nothing I'm getting no output whatsoever.

It doesn't seem to be an HDMI setting within the settings that you'd normally find and Android tablets. I can't seem to see it anywhere so again: I'm, not too sure whether it has been disabled or not. So, to recap, my findings overall, I think, is an excellent tablet for the price can services under 200. Us you get our premium, build with a non premium price tag and show me you've done it again. They are definitely setting the standard when it comes to pricing. For the kind of build quality you're getting here, it has definitely an a class build. It has a very good screen, fully laminated now I'm, not sure whether it has gorilla glass or the dragon tail glass on it, but it to me it feels like it definitely has some sort of scratch resistant glass on there and the unibody very nice. The speaker output is really good. The camera on the red, eight megapixel autofocus camera seems okay, it's not going to be up to probably the standards of some of the Apple products and the front facing five megapixel camera is good. The sound output from the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack again very good now the issues that I have well HDMI, as you just saw can't, get it to work. I can't seem to output any display from the type C port, the other factors to take into consideration. Also, the 12 gigabytes of storage is definitely not going to be enough for a lot of people, so I would consider the 64 gigabyte version and then again we have going to step backwards in terms of the design with not including that micro SD card slot.

That was on the first model, it's an interesting move there and, of course, two gigabytes of RAM. I would have liked to have seen four and it would have been nice. They could have made the perfect. I think 7.9 inch tablet with this build quality if they just had that micro SD card slot and even an HDMI out port would have been really great to see on there, but as it stands, I think this is a phenomenal value for what you're getting you Have to think this is half the price of the iPad Mini, and if you want that more iPad experience and you want Android, then this is the one to get now when it comes to temperatures. Did this actually have any little thermal throttling we're using CPU temp? If you see on some of those benchmarks, I showed you either the highest. I saw it get up to was 65 degrees, but you have to remember that this is running Android. I think the Windows 10 version windows always seems to be about 15 to 20 degrees. Hotter than I've seen, that is probably going to mean that the Windows 10 version will actually have some throttling. I hope it doesn't, but I will be later on a checking out of that particular model, and if this had dual boot again would have been really good to see. But overall I think they have definitely done it set the standard again when it comes to price and quality.

Thank you for watching the review do keep an eye on the channel for more up and coming videos on Chinese tablets.