This is the 16 gigabyte Android version, which is the only model that's currently out at the moment. I picked this one up here from DHL delivery, as you can see from the packaging now I've already just cut the tape off the box of CS. You don't see me resting round with it so it's their latest tablet and a few things are changed from the first me pad. Chipset has changed it's now on atom x5. Is it eight thousand five hundred and it actually does come now with Windows 10, but that models not out it's, just the Android model at the moment the Windows 10 model should be out within the next week or so so it's being packaged up here pretty well. Double boxed just good to see, and we can see them you've had two in Chinese of course, and the others the colours there. You can get the silver and the gold color. The packaging also just outlines a few of the specs here, so the atom x5z. 8500. 2.2 4 gigahertz boost, and it does have a 6119 milliamp hour battery USB type c and not much else that i can really understand it. Has the me UI 7 on there let's open up the box? Oh it's, a packaged up reasonably well is the tablet. As a screen protector on there, it looks to be a met. One I'll get that off shortly and have a look around so, on the right hand, side we have the power on volume up and down buttons.

The rear of the device top left hand corner is that 8 megapixel camera there is a microphone next to it and another little dot there you can just see is another microphone, probably used for voice cancellation, perhaps or the stereo recording it. Doesn'T have a SIM card so well you won't be making any actual sim calls there. So there's a little bit of information on here, just outlining that the charger used needs to be 5 volts. 2 amps. I would look at the charger in a minute. There are 2 speaker grilles there, of course, a couple of what looked to be torque, screws and there's that USB type c, 3.1 port and overall it does seem quite slim and you can see. I have the gold color here and at the front me a ambient light sensor. I think an a 5 megapixel camera front facing one and the only branded you can see on the front is just the me there. So I'll get the screen protector off and while that is turning on hopefully there's some battery in here I'll have a look at the accessories. Let'S just come up, seeing a Mimi calm. So I'll put that aside at that power on ok, so tiny little power supply and the rating, as it was stated, on the tablet there so 5 volts, 2 amps and it's. The 2 prong us style. And here we do have a USB type c, cable, which is really good, because I don't have one of those and then you see the reversible plug.

So you can put it in a hundred percent chance to get it and now not like the older USB to micro, USB 2 plugs that it was either the wrong way around. Normally, when you always went to put it in ok now what else is in there? I think this is just a few leaflets and whatnot that will no doubt all be in Chinese and it is so it's just outlining, I think, well, our back menu home buttons there and the rest of it all in Chinese, which is useless to me. Don'T understand that at all, ok, so have a look at the tablet. These screens come up with various language options. There English can't seem to select. Ok, you have to use the volume up and down rocker there and not the agile touchscreen. Now the screen it's got as the same one as the iPad Mini, so it has a very nice resolution, of course, that resolution being 2048 by 1536. Now, if it reason why I couldn't touch the screen before it's, actually booted up here into a recovery mode for some reason so I'm just going to have to reboot that and hopefully show you a little bit of the me UI 7, all right. So I managed to get out of recovery and it's now booted up there. You can see that we do have Play Store right here and I'll go and have a look now and see how much free space we have.

Of course this is the meet UI 7. So things are a little bit different than your standard Android, and still this is the custom skin that show me put on here under additional settings. We will find this storage, so we have 12 point to 6 gigabytes free, and I want to just to show you close up here the screen and how nice that looks, it's a fully laminated display, which is really good to see in this price range. Remember I got this foot under 200 us and this display looks exactly like your iPad ear mini your ear 2 as well, because it's fully laminated so there's no gap like the first generation iPad ear and oh that's good. So we do have some LEDs light up here for our back home and menu buttons so we'll later on, I'll get in and install a few games and applications run through some benchmarks in Play, Store if there's something you want me to run on. Google Play that's, not a paid application. They'Ll do some gaming or something you want me to check out. Do let me know in the comments and I'll, try and install that and test that game out there for you. So, overall, now the build of the device is very premium. This is really nice actually for again for the price of this. So if we have a look around here, you see on the sides – quite slim. No, I will actually measure and see just how thick.

That is because it seems they claim it's, I think it's, just under 7 millimeters, so let's have a look and see just how thick that is, so that is just over six, so very thin indeed, and the weight of it got some scales right here feels very Nice and hand really premium build to it and it was a little Torx screws there just make it a little bit nicer, metal buttons overall, it's kind of build quality, can't complain. Now you will notice that there's one thing missing and that is the Micro SIM card slot. Where is it it's not on the any of the slides here and unfortunately they have a mister that out. So if sixteen gigabytes well, the twelve GU bytes free that we have isn't going to be enough for you, then you definitely want to look at the 64 gigabyte version and that weighs 333 grams, so not bad at all. That'S, quite a nice weight, so there's a very quick unboxing in hands on here. I need to get the battery charged up. Of course, log into my Play account and start to download some applications and benchmarks to test through, and I also will check out things like the camera and have a look and see if that 3.5 millimeter jack on the top there does support remotes. I assume this is a four pole one, so we should at least be able to run remote there and microphones through the headset, if we're going to be talking on skype and whatnot, but so far first impressions of this, the me pad 2 are very good.

Indeed. Thank you for watching this video, hopefully see you soon. You might have noticed that things look a little bit different from my previous videos that's, because I'm, actually down in Auckland New Zealand at the moment and lighting and things are going to be a little bit different. I do apologise for that.