These are ones here that I tested from Mike Kane with a Mike Kane eyx blog. These are some of the files he recommend to download for his PDF tests. I'M gon na try out. First, the American magazine 1 it's a fully megabyte file. First up we'll try, Adobe Acrobat Reader CC is relatively slow. There does take some time to load in the images, but if you're moving at this kind of pace, it seems to be okay, it's, definitely not going to win any speed records. Now this could be down to the atom x5 quad core it's. The x5 is 0 8500, all the internal storage, perhaps I'd say it would probably be more the CPU so not particularly fast. The app itself is fast it's, just loading, those images and the PDF does take a while over there. So when I'll try a another file as a surface, Japan and I'll try the Foxit PDF application that is very slow, but if a long time doesn't it to load that in so it's only caching, it seems to be two or three pages. Not even that really does need a bit of time there to play catch up now, load the largest file, which is actually 305 megabytes. Now just try Adobe AIR curette again, because I think that was the fastest okay, so again performance and not to the greatest there. But if you saw my review video ebooks it's, the one I ran with the Google Play application just quickly show you they run fine, be asleep PDFs they're, quite slow.

I wonder if the Windows version of this tablet might be a little bit faster and help things, but I just load up Play Books and see if I can see I've got a sample of this, so graphic novel comic, whatever you want to call. It did pull here. This seems to be a bit bit of it a bit of a delay, but it looks nice and the slides of the turbot. You can quite comfortably hold that in one hand and read that and then flip through the pages, and it looks really nice on the screen. Pinch zooming in not a problem to quickly load up another sample. This is the one I showed in my review. So a typical standard ebook, you see there it's a lot quicker, but if you do skinny hit like what I'm doing now, it's a little slower and you can see there that what's going on that should be there we go. That was probably in me. I think I was swiping too short, then, on the screen a little trouble there. So there we go this in a PDF test and testing out just a few ebooks on there. You can see the performance isn't the greatest, but I mean it's. Looking Li fine for reading things, but just don't expect it to be a lightning fast there. It was definitely struggling a little bit there.