This is the 2020 refresh for over a week and I'm gon na give you a quick recap of everything that I've discovered with this model. Is it one that you should buy, or should you skip it? Ok, so let's start out with what Xiaomi has changed and what they haven't so they've. Given us now new 10th gen chips here from Intel, so my models picked out what the core i7 it's, the 1051 0u and I've got sixteen gigabytes of ddr4 Ram with a one terabyte SSD from in town. You can see that the speeds aren't really that fast for an nvme drive with us intel SSD. They should have put a samsung PA e PM. Sorry 98. One in this would have been a lot better performance wise now. What hasn't changed is the weight of this laptop okay. I wanted to cover that now that it is 2 kilos but it's a very well built laptop, all metal, a great keyboard to type on so good, spacing on those keys, even backlight, 1.5 millimeters of travel. We have a touchpad on here, which is also very good. It has a fingerprint reader within it for Windows, hello support, so you can login just placing your finger above it instead of typing in a password. Now, the hinge of this laptop is quite stiff and no problems with that that's the furthest. It will go back there too, as well and let's talk about the other change, which is the screen, so they've replace the IPS panel with a much higher quality better one in this, but it isn't 1440p.

I feel they could have added, maybe even a touch screen into this or a high resolution screen, but for an IPS panel, 1080p it's, actually quite a good one. Okay, so it's got a color gamut coverage of 99 srgb Adobe RGB of 75 percent and then NTSC of 70 percent. Maximum brightness tops out at 218 it's it's, just glass covered, so very reflective. Bear that in mind. You can, of course, get around that by applying one of those anti glare mat screen protectors over the top of it, which is good so for ports. We'Ve got two USB 3.1 ports on this, an SD card reader as well as two type c ports, an HDMI out, which is only hdmi, 1.4 spec and not hdmi 2. Sadly, now those type c ports wanted to mention that only the one closest to the status LED supports power and display out up to 4k 60 Hertz. At least we do have the 4k 60 from that type C port. With this now, when we look at the performance very, very good from that core i7, so with the power limits said in the BIOS, 225 watts I'm able to get this Geekbench force core, which is really impressive, Geekbench v as well, very good for a quad core Laptop and fire strike, so you can see that the NVIDIA MX 250, that it has well it's 2 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram, is not a powerhouse for gaming. Ok, you can overclock it a little you can see.

I got a five straight coil here school here of 4000 and what I did was add: 800 megahertz to the memory clock and 100 megahertz to the core clock that's. How I got that boost, so you can see which will actually be playable at 1080p on the lower setting, but only just scraping over 30 frames per second and then shadow of Tomb, Raider again playable on 1080p on the last settings. But I gained only just scraping over 30 frames per second, so those more demanding games, you're gon na, have to lower down the screen resolution to 720p and not run the native 1080p, so there's a webcam up the top here of the way you could say now For 2020, rather large bezels, and here is a sample of it. So what you're looking at right now is the 1 megapixel webcam 720p. It doesn't seem to have any stutter whatsoever, the microphone quality that's. What you're listening to right now is actually quite good, so good mics on this laptop Jewellery, microphones and a little bit pixelated webcam quality, which I would say, is average webcam quality and, while I'm focusing on samples here's a sample from the down with firing speakers. We have on this laptop as well, they are Harman tuned, they do sound quite good and then, when you look at the internal, so the improved calling on this means that it only gets up to 89 degrees. I saw 99 degrees with the remi book.

13 thermal throttled this one doesn't firm or throttle and that's, where they 25 watt power limit that I set in the bias of course. So a brute can really push this quite hard, and that means also too that the fan will get a little bit loud with the 25 Watts, okay, but then it does ramp down quite quickly. The fan profiles are very good on this. If you're editing, video, which I've done with Adobe Premiere Pro it's, really good the performance thanks to that 16 gigabytes of RAM and in the cuter cause from our dedicated GPU, definitely helps out more than say, integrated graphics from Intel export times as well. If you're interested one minute footage encoded to the 4k YouTube pre setting will take about 57 seconds so under one minute, so that is a very, very quick there. Now, what the internals is, what I wanted to point out that you can add a secondary SSD that's, an nvme one there. If you weren't happy with the speeds of that Intel drive – and you can put that in the second Bay and stall yourself say a samsung 970 Evo, which would be a lot quicker battery life. So, with the 61 hours you're gon na get around seven to eight hours with Chrome, this is worth three tabs with 40 brightness. If you increase the brightness run more tabs, do more demanding work expect then about 6 to 7 hours. If you're, only using a few tabs and a very low brightness, you probably had a squeezed up to 9 to 10 hours.

Out of this, like the original models have very good battery life there. So all up this laptop does have some really good performance. It'S got a nice screen, improved cooling so show me has improved the model. Of course we cannot deny that, but why didn't? They do more, I feel that could have given at Thunderbolt 3, which competitors have. Of course they could have given us an option for having a touchscreen or a higher resolution screen like 1440p. The better life is okay in the charge times about one hour and 50 minutes, so it is quick with that type C charger and the build quality is excellent. Great keyboard and we've got a good touchpad. Well, the only real thing holding it back is the price. Maybe selling for over one thousand US dollars. You have to import it so you're, subject to, of course, taxes they're going to remember warranty if you need to send it back to China for appears that's going to be a good month or so to turn that around and get it back, and it does come With Windows 10 in Chinese, so you're going to have to get around that to either install and do a fresh, install sorry of Windows. 10 yourself upgrade to Windows. 10. Pro is also possible. Then you add an English language pack, which is what I did so it is a good laptop, a great laptop. I feel I really do like it.

It'S just got to bear in mind those cons. There check out your local market as well, and perhaps you can even find a better deal on a 10th gen that's selling locally, with local warranty thanks so much for watching the review. I hope you did like it faster review from me as well.