Shell maze me notebook err. This is the 2.5 inch model there's. Another 13.3 inch model that has a powerful, more powerful khorium in there and nvidia 9 4 5 MX GPU. This version here is one that hopefully, will give us a better battery life, so it's got a 2.5 inch. 1080P screen has a core m6y 30 it's, a similar chipset that you see and tablets mostly 4 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabyte, SSD wireless AC supposed to weigh just over a kilo and shall make claim that you can get 11.5 hours of battery life. Out of this, which is a crazy claim that I'm pretty sure will turn out to be false, because I've never had a device get that kind of battery life before so this one I picked up from because they had stock and they also. Let me know that it might have problems with the activation if they did install English on there, because the models that are shipping now just have Windows 10 Chinese OS and that will not actually allow you to install any other languages on there. So I'd be interesting to see what they've actually put on there, because I told them just send it out as soon as possible, because I wanted to review this now. As you can see, I used DHL packaging so be careful when it comes to taxes. Dhl had a field day on me and end up having to pay quite a large amount of tax on this.

If you get their free post, you might not have to pay any taxes at all if you're living in Europe. Okay, so it looks like they have sent it out. Just in the original box, say they haven't double boxes, which is interesting and it is sealed by the looks of it. No someone's broken to seal I'll, go along and just cut this open now there's. Some time codes at it appearing out at the moment. So if you'd like to just skip you're here to pass it interests, you the most feel free to do so, alright, so there it is in a nice little box here, so it actually. It is double box because, if you have is the outer box and now this box here, so lots of protection no chance of getting it damaged there unless um, I don't know someone dropped another huge heavy item on it, so there's the Box. Just the me on the side there and on the back, just um spics their outline, which I pretty much just covered, so they have taped that there either side and just have to cut that off all right. So here is the notebook just supposed to have a look at the accessories here that they include note. This is just probably a quick start warranty card whatnot. That is all in Chinese. I can see there so no point opening and getting into too much detail with that. So here we have the charger.

You see. It'S got a Type C, cable, so type C charger. You is two prong and it is rated 220 volts, 2.25 amps, 45 Watts max. I get the camera to focus on that for those looking possibly for a replacement. So clearly that is a fast charger there with those kind of voltages, that's, outputting and it's fully sealed. Now here we go, one end is open, so it does have a cagey audio on there, which is supposed to sound good we've, got to downwards firing speakers. You can see there and we have five rubber pads on the bottom feels quite nice in hand. So far, that does feel quite a light. Oh you have my scales here so I'm going to turn that on and just see how the actual weight comes out to be. If it is exactly that 1.07 kilos, they claim – and yes, it is exactly so one point: zero, seven, four kilos and just walk you around the outside. So here on the left hand side. We have three point: five minute: audio jack, full size, HDMI, which is really good to see, because often we only get just the micro ones on these kind of devices and the back of it there and on the right side. This is the type C for charging status LED and a USB 3.0 port there. So you notice that the top has absolutely no logos which surprised me. I thought they would at least put the me logo on there with the backlight, so that illuminates, but no not at all, I cannot fault the build quality.

Apart from one thing, I have noticed that this part along here with the frame, is made out of plastic and they have sprayed that with like a lacquer paint that has run a little bit. You can probably just see that it's hard to make out, but you see that little line along there that's actually the paint job like the topcoat is well. It has run a little there, so that's. The only flaw I can find with the build quality of the me notebook err here, let's get this open: okay, okay, so this does look really nice. Actually you can do a little call m3 sticker there very nice build to it. The trackpad seems quite a large you're just going to power. This onto a power button is just up here, on the top right hand, slide. I will give you a close up of the keyboard layout for those interested there. You can see, and the key troubled air feels great. This thing feels really premium so far impressed what I'm seeing so there's a front facing camera. There'S two microphones up here. I can just see it's a two little microphone there's, two little dots there status LED for the webcam and the webcam is only one megapixel one and the screen is covered with glass. So just get this powered up alright, so the battery was completely. Did I had to plug it in and it fired up really quick it's already had a user setup admin, and I can see everything is clearly in Chinese here, and that is my own fault, because it didn't wait.

I told them just to send it out so I'm going to have to take a drivers dump of this and install Windows. 10 English, a fresh, install there. So have a look at this screen. It does look really nice now it is covered with a protective glass. I'M, not too sure which brand it's either dragon tail or could even be Gorilla. Glass, and it looks very nice you can see. The bezels are very small and, of course, the background they have used. A desktop background helps make that actually look even better, because it's got the black background with a high contrast, colors there, but it's a very nice looking screen and view angles. Viewing angles seems really good there's, a close up of that screen. You can see. It looks really nice and then cameras up the top. I do think I'm might actually have even an ambient light sensor right here, and that is the microphone there. So not actually two mics, but the ambient light sensor. Viewing angles seem good. You can see. Colors shift a little bit there from left to right with the gray background and the vertical angles: slight change in that, but not really no been an IPS panel. This looks good now the typing experience on the keyboard. I found actually it's, not bad at all. There'S, a bit of travel there about 1.3 millimeters, and if I push down really hard here, you can see there's a little bit of flex, but it does feel quite solid it's.

Definitely not the worst I have experienced. The worst was probably the other jumper easy book that was bouncing all around all over the place and the layout lot of is good individual keys there and really not a bad keyboard, but I wouldn't it say it straight away that it's not the best. I have typed on the keys themselves, have a smooth feel to them. They are not textured, they are not matte, then what they're just painted keys there and we'll have a look at the backlight in a second. I just wanted to play here an audio track to test out those custom, AKG speakers which shall make lane a really good. Okay, those are loud, they're quite loud and they don't sound bad at all. There y'all can hear some bass tracks in there there's a bit of meds there's, quite a bit of treble that you can probably hear, but that is also the song too. So not bad. Therefore, when it comes to laptop speakers, I would rate them straight away from that, as has been one of the better ones there. I have definitely heard a lot worse than that, so I've intentionally dims the lighting here. So you can have a look at the backlit keyboard and it has no set levels so it's either on or off that's. All we have so a quick look at the lid flex. That is very solid, there's, hardly any flex on that. It does feel quite strong.

The design event I do imagine that it shouldn't get bent or anything like that. Now there is what I thought they could have been rub around. The edges of the screen here actually turns out to be it's, just like a plastic lip, but that is going to keep the glass off away from the keyboard way from scratching. So I don't see there being any problem with this scratching at all and have a look and see if it can be opened. One handed and yes, it can quite easily there now when it comes to how much it will recline back the screen. That is the maximum angle. There you get so approximately about 140 degrees, I'd say that would be and overall young and quite impressed so far whether the trackpad feels quite good to the touch seems accurate and it is good support suggest just hopefully I will check this out in this video. If we can disable Windows gestures, but it doesn't seem to be supporting any swipe there. The charm bar didn't come up so that isn't too bad. Now a screen brightness at the moment at 75, that is 100 and zero, is very dim. So that's going to be good for nighttime use, so have a look now at the device manager and how much free storage is on there. Alright, because everything is in Chinese gets slightly hampered me took me a little while to find the device manager, so it's got a synaptics touchpad, which is good.

That should enable us to disable gestures and it has an Intel dual band. Wireless AC, eight to six so and you'll – see down here. Also, bluetooth is on there real tech, high definition, audio, not really much else there to show you. So this, of course, all in Chinese again is just showing that a 64 bit operating system for gigabytes of RAM and the core m36 Y 30. Now they can turbo up to 2.4 gigahertz and free space that is available on 128 gigabytes should be around 109 102. Sorry so 102 gigabytes are freed on this install so I'm, going to have to just clear everything off this probably I'm gon na try and take a drivers dump and then reinstall windows home, so that means I'm also going to have to pay for a license. Now, if you're looking at buying one of these, I would hold off double check with your seller or check with gear best. If you can get hold of a version that does have Windows English installed on there already and supplied that license, key too would be nice. I would just edited this video end, so I did a fresh Windows 10 install and it was very easy to do so. All I did was create a pendrive with the media creator from Microsoft, plug that, in with the Chinese operating system ran that went through the setup, did a fresh, complete install and then I connected up once that I've done the install connected up to my wireless connection And the trackpad will not be working and then let it to sit there for about 15 minutes.

It installed all of the drivers that you need all came from Windows Update, so that is excellent. There'S no going to be no problems with drivers whatsoever with this device, and here is the read and write speeds there of the internal 128 gigabyte samsung set of three drive so not bad speeds, 541, sequential, writes so reads and then 342 writes and the 4k speeds There as well, and not bad at all, so that's the unboxing there now my first impressions are really good. This is a premium feeling device straight away, taking it out of the box. That was obvious that the build is excellent. The screen looks really nice and because it has that laminated glass on there is literally no flex in it whatsoever. Keyboard seems okay, it's, definitely not the best keyboard that I have typed on, and I knew that straight away, just having a quick type there. But I think it's going to do the job. I think it is all right and the trackpad, as well as nice and large, has a good feel to it. Speakers sound good. Now, of course, I need to check out the battery life thermals and I will run some gaming tests and benchmarks, like I always do in my reviews. So if you are interested seeing more on the show me me notebook err here, then it make sure you keep an eye on the playlist and why not subscribe as well, because you get more alerts then and see how the videos as well that I record on Tick, ive mobile phones and lots more coming up soon.