The me notebook err, 13.3 inch model, which is the more powerful model that I think most people have been more interested in and seeing so. This one has a dedicated nvidia, 940 mx2 GPU, with one gigabyte of ram only one gigabyte. I know it should have a little bit more but that's what we've got at least it is double data rate five and not slower double data rate. Three, like I think some models do have of their particular GPU. Anyway, it has a core i5 6200, and that is a lot faster that's, a similar chipset that you find. For example, in the surface pro 4 it's got 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD. So let's have a look inside this box here, which I got this one from, so you can see they have packed it up really well. They'Ve used an enormous box. I think the actual box is only about half the size of this thing, so I don't know why they use such a big one, but all the better less chance of it getting damaged there so I'm going to pull it open from the side there and let's Have a look at it? Okay, so there is the outer housing box there. Hopefully that looks like it actually is still factory seal that's good. Now I expect the operating system is going to be in Chinese. Just like the me notebook type 0.5 edition that I looked at there so I'll get this open now cut the seals.

No yeah, this hasn't been open, which is good, I'm, the first one to get into it. Now often, when you buy a lot of chick from dick from China, what a lot of the sellers do in Aliexpress, is they open it up? They do their, what their call their after sale inspection check. It'S got no faults, put it in English. If it's in Chinese, so here we go so such a huge box for a 13.3 inch notebook so well packaged up. That is good to see, of course, coming all the way from China. You'D want it to be so there's no fit seals on there or there is one seal and in fact that is actually that seal there is broken. So maybe someone has had a look at it. So let's get this open that in the back so it's fully sealed up and plastic wrap here it looks exactly the same as the notebook 12.5. I mean up at top of five versions: same exact styling, so there's just an information here and this leaflet. That is actually just all in Chinese. Yes, so that's the store in Chinese. So I just toss that aside – and here is our power adapter, so it does have a quick charging it. This thing can charge really fast, like 50 percent in only 30 minutes, which is quite impressed, so there we go that is rated to the same as the are actually no it's a bit more powerful.

This 165 watts max three point: two five amps at twenty volts. As the maximum there for the quick charging, alright let's get it out of its wrapper Music. Now no one's touched this. This is still all wrapped up nicely. Alright. Now, if it's like it's smaller little brother, I should be able to open this with just one hand. Oh just yes, that is good and they will see the same keyboard layout very similar looks like it has almost the same I'd say that's the same trackpad as well. So at the front there is a 1.3 megapixel camera and you'll see here that there's no logo on the rear of this. So no logos whatsoever – and I should quite like this – so a lot of people don't. They want to see the logo there, but that means you can customize it yourself. You can put a laser etching on top of the lid. If you want, you can put stickers on there, which show me also selling for this particular model. So there we see, on the right hand, side we have a status LED USB type c, with data that's for charging 2 USB 3 port and on the the left side. Here we have a HDMI and full size, one another USB 3 and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which supports microphones too, of course, and you'll see on the back it's got in video there. It has the windows, logo and a key J AKG.

Sorry speakers so there's a grill along here that's for the fans that's, where the intake is so. You don't want to block that having it on top of your lap or anything like that, and this down would fire firing. Speakers are the same as the smaller version. So this should sound pretty good, so let's get this thing powered up and have it look at it in greater detail, backlit keyboard. Of course, it has no actual levels to it, so it's either on or off let's find up quite quick there and you can see as expected. There is a lot of Chinese here, it's all in Chinese. Now I might be able to install English, but what I found with the top point. Five inch core M version is that when I installed the English pack that we still had, for example, the Start menu and things still had Chinese characters there, which wasn't great and it wasn't very happy where so, what had to do is do a complete, clean, install Of Windows 10 – which maybe I might have to do here, but first I'll – have to take a drivers dump of that. So there's still a few things. I can look at even though it's all in Chinese there's, some things how to understand here. So there we go free space, it has 211 gigabytes free there. So I just show you system here managed to find that in Chinese, so you can see we have 8 gigabytes of RAM and still that is double data rate.

For now there is only 7.9 useable. So how to make a byte says system reserved for something probably something to do with d GPU. I imagine now that would be activated and of course this is the Chinese Windows version so I'm going to have to do a complete, clean, install. Do drivers dump redo everything I can see, because what happened is when I had the Korean version. I installed the English language pack, but it still came up with some icons. Well, the start and restart was still in Chinese, and it was not happy at all with that. So you need to factor that in you're, probably going to need a Windows 10 license on top of the cost of this already so device manager very quickly bring this up, and if I can find the devices I want to look at here, I just have to Go by the icons so here is the solid state drive is a 256 gigabyte Samsung that is an nvme and there's the model there. If you want to check that out, have a look at the specs of that Hunnam set volume not screen was in the green. Most of the time, while this was on you see the screen on an awake in greater detail to the town's. Go not too bad resistant glass has 2.5 D let's off to show you the screen a little better, their viewing angles of it being an IPS panel. They should be really good.

You can see there if the colors are shifting out. I think it's happening on camera because I can't see it. The colors are no they're not shifting up for me and they have a look at their two vertical angles. Doesn'T look too bad and you can see there's that keyboard now fully illuminated, which does look really nice, so it's individual LEDs lighting up each of those keys along there and it looks great now. The main feature of this notebook is the hardly because it does have a dedicated GPU now it's, not a very powerful one, because it's only a 940 MX and that you can see that's the the drivers they're. Obviously, all in Chinese so I'm going to have to correct that later on when I install Windows 10. So it only has one gigabyte of dedicated graphics, which isn't a lot for the most demanding games nowadays. But I will so test out some titles like fallout, 4 and and maybe even Witcher 3 – to see how it can perform there. Maybe we're, probably gon na, have to lower those resolution down to 720p. I imagine and the settings to to get playable frame rates, but I will be checking that out in detail as well as fan noise and thermals and temperatures having such a thin design. Speaking of the fan, I haven't heard it not yet it hasn't come on, so it looks like it's a similar arrangement. Now you see with most modern notebooks that if it's not doing anything demanding like idle, those fans will just turn off.

So that is good. So at the moment, it's silent and I will go into depth that later on and the review or possibly some separate videos in the series of videos, a record on this just to check out and see how loud it's going to sound. Now, for those interested, I decided I'll just quickly power up with gpu z here and have a look and see so you can see the GPU clock rates there, and it only has yes, as mentioned that one gigabyte of RAM, so it is double data rate five Hynek'S ram, which is there, is be good brand there, so checking out the weight of it. It comes in at one point two: four, nine kilos, so not a bad wait for 13.3 inch device and I'll just have a look and see the thickness at this front of it and mid body as well. So the front front is about eleven millimeters there and in the middle, where the CPU cooler isn't, everything where I think it's going to be about the thickest that is fourteen millimeters. Exactly so, that's, not bad, so quite firm, quite light now to quickly mention the keyboard. It'S exactly the same, basically as the 12.5 version, but just a little bit wider. So the spacing is a tiny bit better there of the keys. It has a very good feel to it. If I press down really hard, there, you'll see there's a little bit of flex, but not much at all.

Backlit, of course, just like the other model and the feedback of it is good. We get one point three millimeters of travel now, the touchpad, nice and large. It has a very smooth glass like feel to it very accurate, it's, a synaptics pad, and it does have adjustable where you can change the gestures. You can disable them and custom ones as well with the software and, if I just close the lid very quickly no logo that's. I feel that's a good thing, it's, a minimus that look to it and there is really no flex on the top of that. Because of the glass, it feels very solid that does not flex in just rock solid. Now, if you're someone that likes to use notebooks laptops on your actual lap, this is the furthest the screen will recline, so it does go back a reasonable amount, but not as much as some models do, which can go almost completely flat. So here the two models are together and on the left: that's the core em, the 12.5 inch model. So if you want something that it's fanless completely noise, free and it's going to offer better battery life, that's, probably the model to go for it is also about 400 US cheaper. Now the one that has a dedicated GPU is the 13.3 inch model, which is on the right there and the battery life won't be as good, even though it does have a slightly larger better.

I can say straight away without even testing it. I know that it's not going to as a quorum because well the difference there in power consumption of the wattage of the CPUs, and there is also a lot more expensive it's about nine hundred and ten fifteen u.s. at the time of this video. Now it is, of course, larger just by a little bit and we do get that extra USB 3 port, which is very handy to have on the more expensive model, and here the front of the machines you'll see that the more expensive 13 inch one is about. One to two millimeters thicker there on the front – there's not really much in it, and the port layout on the right side is exactly the same. So the type C port, the USB 3 port and the status LED there. So I'm just running crystal dis. Mark 5. Here to check out these speeds of the SSD they're, the 250 gigabyte one. So you see the road speeds there aren't the greatest they're a little bit slow there and they read the 4k reads. But even so sequential reads are good, but the 4k is not so good, so I can hear the fan now. It'S just come on because I'm pushing it a little bit with this benchmark and it is very, very quiet at the moment I imagine it's, just one of the two fans is actually two in there: one larger fan and one small one, and I do think that One of those fans will only work just for the CPU and I think when you start a game, then that's when the second one will come on.

So it can really start to push the holy air out. So that's the unboxing there and my first look at the initial impressions are very good. Now the cons of it. You can see straight away that yes, it's in Chinese that's, not good, so you're going to have to factor in another additional amount to buy a Windows. 10 license there unless you already have one and you can have to go through that hassle of installing English or whatever language you want on there. The windows which isn't good and you could say that, yes, it lacks a micro or SD card slot I'd love to have that on there. So I don't have to use things like this adapter. I have right here, which is a little bit of a hassle and no touchscreen on there really there's, not much more. I can say to fault about that are 1080p. A lot of people might not be happy with only 1080p, but I do think that is well suited to the GPU that it has anything higher would probably be too demanding for that nvidia, 940 MX, so i'm going to test out some games. So if you are interested in seeing more on this particular model, the me notebook air 13 then and make sure you are subscribed and keep an eye on the playlist, because i will be pushing out some more videos covering gaming benchmarks, fan noise or before my full Review and final verdict.