This is the more powerful version that has a core out of 5 6 mm. You eight gigabytes of RAM and a 250 gigabyte SSD. But the main feature is it: has a dedicated nvidia, 940 MX GPU. So much more powerful than the integrated intel solution, so let's have a look at it in greater detail. So at one point to five kilos, this thing is very light: it's, nice and since it's very easy just to pick it up, put it in a bag and off you go so just like the 12.5 inch version. We have a USB 3.1 type C port that supports display out charging and data all at the same time and USB 3 port. On the left hand, side you'll find a full size, HDMI out USB 3 port and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which supports microphones. Now the lid has absolutely no logo on there, which is unusual to see show may have gone with a minimalistic approach here, I quite like it and pressing down on the lid. There is very little flex in that on the rear. We have a large intake vent for the two cooling fans inside five rubber feet and two downwards firing: AKG speakers, just like the 12.5 inch version. Now, the keyboard is essentially the same keyboard as the 12.5 inch unit, just a little wider that's. The only difference, really it is backlit, it has a really nice feel to it typing on it. Good feedback, good key travel of 1.

3 millimeters, and it is backlit now there's, only two levels which is on or off. Unfortunately, we cannot dim it right down for late time use and the touch pad is a symmetric touch pad. It supports gestures, it has a very smooth glass like feel to it, and I really do like it and the keyboard as well, both of them. I would rate as being one of the better keyboards and touch paired combinations on a Chinese device. So we have another 1080p panel, which is a bit of a shame that we didn't see something a little bit higher resolution there, but show me a choice was maybe cost cutting or maybe for battery life, who knows, but they covered it with glass. No touch screen on there, which is disappointing. I at least hoped that the premium model would have had a touchscreen if you're going to put glass on there. My logic is: why not also make it a touchscreen, so it's very reflective, as you can see here in daylight and with 300 Nets of brightness it's, not the brightest screen, you will use but it's still usable now the keyboard does look quite good for late time. Use after 13 seconds, it will automatically turn itself off. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the brightness or lower that down here is the screen at the lowest possible brightness setting. I do find it to be a little bit brighter than I would like personally, but it's not bright enough, that it would actually start to hurt my eyes.

So my unit came with Windows, 10 home Chinese, and I had a lot of trouble to try and get that in English. In the end I gave up and just did a clean, install and restored the drivers. Now, if you, after the drivers, is a link in the description, you can also download them from tech tablets comm. So it has a 256 gigabyte, Samsung SSD in there, and it has good performance reads at least, are very good. So show you right here. The right speed I found to be quite disappointing only 309 sequential right, although the 4k right speeds are good other benchmarks. I ran. This is Cinebench score 2, opengl, 53 frames per second and the CPU gets 280 CB and the pass mark 8 score was 2227 geek bench for the geek bench for GPU score. Future mark PC, mark 8, home accelerated, almost 3000 there and the wireless speeds. No complaints. Very good I found the wireless ranged also to be really good, no problems with it whatsoever having the Intel wireless AC in there, that has dual antennas and dual band. Of course, now 3d mark scores. This is sky, diver and cloud gate. Those are the benchmarks. I have run on it so far, so better life is one of the most important things on a very portable machine like this, with a little bit of power. Now my results have varied. Here depends on what you're doing, of course, but basic light web use using edge.

I got around 7 hours now as soon as I started to multitask a little bit so a little bit of YouTube listening to some music. At the same time, a very small video editing test a couple of benchmarks, then that plummeted down to about five hours, so don't find to be very good now, if you're, again a game on the battery or do something very demanding like video editing just the whole Time then, you can only expect around three hours. It doesn't take long to burn through that battery, but on the upside it does charge extremely quick. Only thirty minutes and you have fifty percent battery life. So it has dual a kg down with flowering speakers just like the smaller top in five inch model, I've swapped over now to an external mic that has stereo inputs still listen to how loud it sounds. I think these beakers sound a very decent, adequate output. There there's a little bit of bass to them now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack I found is very loud, but there's it's tiny, tiny little bit of interference that I can hear when I connect up my earphones now, here's a sample off the front facing camera it's. A 1.3 megapixel one can shoot up to 720p max 30 frames per second in good lighting conditions. Now I'm going to go indoors and we'll see this how it performs and now indoors in low light. You can see that the camera frame rate is quite choppy, see my hand is blurring here, and this doesn't good at all now cannot be used to edit video.

I think it for 1080p it's perfectly fine, it's, quick it's, not too bad encoding times are a little bit slower than most machines, they're, definitely slower than, for example, my i7 desktop, but that's to be expected. Now, when it comes to editing 4k again it's possible, but I did notice that once I started to get around 10 different clips in there some transitions other effects being applied, it did get a little slow and encoding times before K. You need to go off and have a coffee and then come back and hopefully it's done there. But if you do use software that supports Intel, Quick Sync at least the encoding times can be a lot quicker. So we know that the Nvidia 940 MX isn't exactly a GPU monster, it's, not a 1080, but can we game on it? Well, here I'm running Grand Theft Auto in 1080p with the lower settings and you see I'm getting playable frame rates. You can do some gaming on the side now more demanding titles like Witcher 3. You need to run in 720p and always on the lowest setting. Now, if you'd like to see more gaming check out, my gaming review click there. While I cover some other games like Battlefield for now, just above the keyboard is where you'll find the exhaust fence for the two fans inside they are noise varies. Would you just doing light work? You don't even hear the fan at all, but let's have a listen to the fan under 100 cent load gaming.

Now, something that is very important in notebooks is the thermal. So is there going to get too hot once you do something really demanding what I've been doing is running heaven benchmark that's been taxing both the GPU and the CPU. Now this has been going for about an hour and it's getting very hot. You can see, temperatures on the CPU have reached 83 degrees, that's getting quite hot, and the GPU has reached 80 now. Has it had any thermal throttling the good users? The CPU has absolutely no thermal throttling no power limit throttling either. So you can get 100 performance out of the CPU, no matter what so you keep pushing and hard it'll keep going, which is good. However, the GPUs another story that what happens is the clock rates will go from 993 megahertz right down to about 771 once it hits 80 degrees, which doesn't take long. Only about 10 minutes of gaming and you'll notice there's a slight drop and performance there. So thermal throttling does occur on the GPU, so let's have a look now at the physical temperatures. I notice that it gets the hottest on the top, not actually on the bottom. On the bottom. We have the intake vents. So there we have 50 degrees. That is very hot to the touch I mean this thing is smoking hot, touching that as well, that is really really hot, now run the palm rest and touch pad that isn't too bad, so 30 degrees around there, I'm happy with that, but I'm not happy with The temperatures we have around the top of the keyboard that's just too hot.

So if you are going to game on this machine, I would definitely recommend at least propping it up that's the minimum and using a laptop cooler now that's, something we shouldn't have to do. If the rear feet on it were just a little bit higher, I think that would help thermals just to go over my pros and cons here. The build quality is definitely a pro. It is very premium. It feels very nice and the weight of it. It then and it's late, and only one point to five kilos, it's great it's, very portable machine, and it packs a bit of power in there too, and I was surprised to see that I could actually get away with playing GTA 5 on low settings in 1080p. Did not expect that other games are going to have to lower down to 720p lower settings, but you can get away with a little bit of like gaming, now it's, not a gaming notebook. That is clear because it has a 940 MX GPU in there, and I did find that it just gets too hot up to 80 degrees and the surface temperatures of 50 degrees. I find to be unacceptable. The other con is the price at the time of the review. This is about 900 us, which is definitely a lot steeper than the 750 US release price in China. Retailers are adding their cut to it and at the moment, is a very new device and very limited supply, so the price is quite high there.

So wait until that drops down and, of course, there are plenty of other options in there. The market is flooded with other models now battery life battery life is okay, depending on what you're doing you can get perhaps seven hours with just light web use. But if you plan to multitask use a better YouTube, do some short video encoding, then you're only going to get around five hours, which is disappointing again now I don't notice that the web camera works well and good lighting conditions, but in low light conditions it really Struggle the framerate drops down to about 15 frames per second. The audio jack also has a tiny little bit of static interference coming from somewhere. That is affecting the quality of line out on the machine.