This is the revised 2017 Model with the NVIdia Mx 150. Now a lot of people in my first gaming video weren't too happy with the games I tested. They said they were too demanding, or I had my settings incorrect or wrong, but I just went with the default settings Now. The graphics I've tried to update the driver here for the nVIdia Mx 150. Without any luck so it's a dated driver that I am using currently to show you in system information So that isn't exactly the latest there. You can see three eight two point: zero five is Dated now, but I can't get it to update at this point in time.. I think we need NvIdia to revise things here anyway, settings to improve performance. What I've done here is now set the preferred graphics processor, To the NVIdia one to force it to always use it, and then power management mode, which I feel is the most important setting here To set those two preferred maximum performance. The default was optimal power, So I'm back here now with Battlefield one Just to revisit it same settings as before so it's 720p low settings – And you can see the frame rate – is now 60 frames per second., Which is great. So huge performance increase here. Making this game really playable, The laptop is still unfortunately Scorching hot, but we'll check on those Temperatures in just a second I'm, probably gon na die Got lucky with a kill just then, but now he got me in the end, But a really good improvement here on Battlefield, one 720p So time to revisit rise of the tomb raider.

I'm going to use these settings So same as before at 720p and then on the lower preset We'll see if it performs any better than it did on my first attempt with the default gPU settings. Alright, so straight away, seeing a big improvement here, 64 frames per second to start with my first test. This was only around 30 to 40 frames per second, So much better. Definitely playable this one 720p although. It's, dipping down to 42 just then, and Our benchmark school here for the rise of tomb, Raider Benchmark, so a huge improvement there over the benchmark, which I did in my unboxing video, so Fallout 4 tested again this time 1080p and Still on the low settings, but you can see well, it can run it 1080p, just fine, but the framerate dipping down into Just under 40 frames per second but I'm, going to say that I think this is going to be safe to say that yet going to Keep over 30 the whole time and Be playable at least Next up is counter strike global offensive 1080p. These are the settings. I'm going to go with, so most of them are auto., Just go with what's being recommended, So as it expect it's getting over 100 frames per second Counter Strike is a very lightweight game. I mean even the apollo x can get around 30 Frames per second 1080p, So not too demanding And yes, I cannot Aim Or kill anyone, it seems, But you get the idea.

Performance is good, but he walked into that one, for me only kills. I can get well and did, and the last game I will test here – is dota 2, so I'm going to use this setting it's, 1080p and it's on the second Tab down from best looking So as you'd expect with this kind of hardware that yet getting over 60 frames per second well It's, hovering about 60 frames per second near 62. This, of course, has a bot match here. Not an online match so online match could actually be a little bit faster here, But it's safe to say that this one is Going to be very playable. Of course, you've got some leeway there with the settings. You could tweak that down. If you wanted to Lower the visual settings and you're, of course, in turn, increase your frames per second, It looks great on the screen by the way. Now this one want to requested that is the witcher 3 and It's, not looking probably.. I don't know what's going on here, but I can't select to do anything. I don't have time to mess around with settings. Whatever, but it seems to want to run for some reason larger than 1080p, Perhaps it's, because my cloud sync was on my 4K system.. So it's trying to run it in 4k, I don't know what's going on., But not cool. To sees at this point. I can't get a little maybe to drive a problem.

Witcher 3 is not working properly, And I also just check this in here because it has been requested. Cinebench R15. Those are the scores there, so opengl 68 Frames per Second, the CPU 309. So in regards to thermals, nothing has really changed. The gPU is getting up to 75 degrees and then a cPU hits around 82. It will thermal throttle, but my main concern an area of Disappointment really as they did not improve the thermals or the cooling on this, And it does as a result, still get scorching. Hot to the touch 51 degrees are for about an hour of gaming. You really want to use a laptop cooler with this. I feel for those extended gaming periods, because it really is just getting Far too hot, very uncomfortable. You cannot use this on your lap. It's.