This right here is their first notebook. The me notebook err, 12.5 Inchon. Now there is a larger 13.3 inch version, which I will cover in a later date in another review. This here is the famous model that is powered by air. Core m3 has four gigabytes of RAM. A hundred and twenty eight gigabyte SSD and weighs only 1.07 kilos very light has a premium build, which I will show you shortly. So this is going to be an in depth review. Please feel free to skip ahead to the part where the included times here, two sections of the review. They will interest you the most. So the first thing you'll notice, is that there's no logo on the top, and there is in being that show me once you customize this, and they also want to sell you vinyls and stickers to put on the top to customize it to your own liking. The me notebook has a very nice alloy design, you're able to open it with just one hand, and here you'll notice – that the screen is very reflective under these conditions, because it is covered in glass, now it's fully laminated as a 1080p screen, which is a maximum Brightness of 300 lumens of brightness port wise. We have an HDMI port on the left side and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, with microphone support on the right side, a status LED type C port for charging data and also display out and a full size.

Usb 3 port on the front, there are dual microphones and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It has a large synaptics touchpad, which supports the gestures, Hardware left and right mouse buttons. The surface is smooth and I find it is very good to use it's accurate. It doesn't skip it all and one of the better track pads that I have used on a notebook. The keyboard has spacious layout, good separation of the keys 1.5 millimeters of travel, and I find it's comfortable to type on. It has only one level of a backlight there, those either on or off, unfortunately, which is a shame. I would like to see in some different levels there, because at night time use it can be a little too bright, the keyboard and finally, on the rear. We have to downwards firing: AKG speakers rubber feet there and some Torx screws holding in the rear alloy plate. Now this can be removed and you can change the internal to SSDs inside there. It comes with one pre installed and there is a spear slot to install an additional one. A PCIe SSD have a look at the playlist. They do have a video if you're interested on how to open it and how to replace the SSDs so weighing only 1.07 kilos. This thing is really light easy to slip in your backpack and a bag and carry it now is the typing experience on the keyboard. Now, straight out of the box, when I did my unboxing, there was my first impressions.

I said that you know it was kind of average. I wasn't really that happy with it I'm happy to report that I'm completely wrong. I got that wrong. The typing experience on this is really good and there's no bounce to it. It'S, a very nice tactile feedback to it. The travel is one point two millimeters I find the way they're spaced out and the layout. Once I adjusted from my usual ten point. Six inch cube i7 book keyboard to this one I'm flying now with typing, and it is really good. It is up there with the surface. Pro type covers up there with other keyboards. I do find it is really good, considering the price range of this, as well as the trackpad now it's, a proper brand it's, a synaptics trackpad. It has a very smooth nice feel to it, and I find that it's good, very usable, very accurate. It doesn't skip. All I needed to do was just tweak the sensitivity a little bit, so I can move from one side of the screen to the other little faster and I am finding it is again up there with some of the bitter track pads on notebooks. Now the backlit keys are individually lit and you'll see that, after about 12 seconds, they will automatically turn off and the brightness cannot be controlled it's. A shame that show me did not include various different levels there for nighttime use. The screen at the moment is set to 0 and I find that to be quite good on camera here.

It looks a little bit brighter due to my camera settings. So what about Flex in the design and the keyboard here? So if I push down relatively hard time, push actually quite harder, you see there's a bit of flex and the lid gain pressing down quite hard, quite firm there, some flex there, but overall I find it's quite good, so the build quality overall is excellent. It has a premium feel to it, but I do have this one in mind a complaint, and that is the plastic along the top here that has a bit of a poor paint job. Really, if you look here, you can see a bit of a run along there, so the finish isn't up to the standard of the rest of the notebook now you're, probably thinking. Why is this plastic here and that's for obvious reasons for the wireless antennas for their range and performance now they down with firing speakers the AKG ones that shall may put any it sound, really good? It offers what I would say. One of the better speakers you'll hear on a notebook of this size premium source is a 23 megapixel Sony for my three sensor in there and has an autofocus, also the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is located at the front there. That sounds really good off as loud sound. So here is a sample of the front facing 1.3 megapixel. Camera can record up to 720p. Video has dual microphones left and right and for Skype and video apps, I think it's.

Ok, you can see it's quite grainy that's because it's a sunset conditions here at the moment, so the lighting isn't good, but in bright light sunlight. It comes out quite clear and I find it to be acceptable, so you might be thinking. It'S only got one USB 3 port on there. Well, it has a secondary port, because the type C is not only just charging, it can do video output and also data. So right here I can access a USB flash drive, and all you need is just in the depth too, for that you're also able to use other types II adapters like this one here that will allow you to charge and have USB ports all. At the same time, other adapters is allow you to have HDMI out this one here example, and you can also try to charge it well. I did at least with the external battery pack, but it seems that 5 volts, 2 amps just isn't enough now. I know there are fast chargers out there that output 12 volts, but they only normally output about 1.5 amps, which isn't sufficient enough to be able to charge that so you can rule out external battery packs. Alright, so I've just moved over to a video capture card that is just outputting the display from the HDMI port straight into my PC, recording that this is to give you an idea of the performance how things perform on the me notebook here with its core m3.

So just going to quickly go into system now, because I purchased purchased my unit very early straight out of China in Chinese. I had to actually do a clean, install of Windows 10, so things might differ here, a little compared to later versions that come with English pre installed, so they're four gigabytes of RAM 64 bit operating system. Now that Ram is running at 1866 megahertz that's, its maximum speed for the core M dual channel now under the device manager just quickly show you a couple of things. So the disk drive is a samsung set of three unit: 128 gigabytes. You get approximately you get over 100 gigabytes free on first boot. If I move down here to the network adapter, it is Intel dual band wireless AC and that performs excellent, really good speeds and the SSD speeds benchmarked that that is not bad. For a set of three driver, they're good scores, now the wireless speeds that I managed to get okay, so that is a really good speed there for 4G connection. This is, in fact the fastest speed I have ever got and all the benchmarks I have run on tablets and notebooks and mini PCs, so really good performance here's. The ice storm extreme score. Now, if you compare that to a gaming, desktop that's really bad, but for a fanless four point: five watt, CPU that's, not a bad score. Neither is this one here, Colgate and then finally ice film.

At one point three and Geekbench browser this isn't a bad score. Again for the chipset similar scores to what you'd get on the surface pro 4 m3 so benchmarks, one thing: what about performance in real life views, so I find it to be quick and snappy opens things up really quick thanks to the SSD, and it feels like One of the older core i5s, you only really notice the corium start to slow down when you really push up with multitasking. So if you're running Chrome, you just run a heap of tabs and if you decide to start just opening up lots of things or if you want to edit video, you can do some minor editing in 1080p. I mean 1080p is fine and if you use an editor like PowerDirector 14, that supports quick sync, then it's not going to be painfully slow, encoding your videos and if you try to do if you use Adobe Premiere 4k video editing forget about it, keep that kind Of stuff to desktop, but otherwise here, if I go in first tabs, open I'm, just gon na quickly load up whatever site comes to my head, so that it just be Amazon I'm, not an Amazon affiliate by the way, so just bring that up. Amazon, it's, quick and snappy. I find it to be pouring really good, like I've, never loaded that before and that just pops up, I think a lot of people will be happy with it and it boots up and really quick.

The boot time is, as only literally like about 10 seconds, to go from cold boot straight into desktop, shut down as well as very quick, so the performance wise. I have no complaints. This is working really well, it is snappy and yeah H gigabytes. Would it be nice of RAM I'm forced to be sufficient for most people? I know a lot of people will see that as a deal breaker and that's, probably where you want to go and get the 13.3 inch version, with its more powerful chipset, more powerful, dedicated graphics, of course, and eight gigabytes of RAM. Now, when it comes to battery low show me claim you can get eleven point five hours, I've not been able to achieve that I'm, not sure what conditions they used. I imagine it was flight mode enabled looping video at 0 brightness, so that's, unrealistic usage. Now realistic usage bit of multitasking some YouTube five or six tabs open in edge transferring files to a USB pendrive it's a movie watching I get around six hours six and a half day right now, my full run time the battery bar is giving me is around Six hours forty minutes that's my current use – you can see at the moment the elapsed time since ninety one percent, when I'm now at sixty two, so I've got almost three hours so doesn't going too bad now Cory M Therese I've always had disappointing battery life. For me personally, I found the surface pro 4 in three that I had to have nowhere near that claimed figures as well there.

Now. The good thing is that charge times you can charge us up to 50 percent and literally about 35 minutes. It is very quick fully charged in about 90 minutes, so not bad at least there's a plus side there to that now, if you're going to be watching movies, just watching movies, you could put the brightness down a little bit, then you could probably squeeze out about Eight hours, maybe even nine, if you turn on flight mode there too, so for movie watching not bad but still knowing air show meas 11.5 hours. So the question is: can it game? Well? Yes, you can play a few games on the side, but only lighter games, but titles. Popular titles like League of Legends, are fully playable and the native full screen so that's 1080p and other titles you're going to have to lower the resolution lower the settings right down. As well to get playable frame rates, here's a quick sample of some gaming so to wrap up the review. I think this is an excellent unit, very good built on it. I do like the keyboard the more and why I started to use this keyboard. The more I liked it, it is actually quite good to type on first impressions weren't that great that'll grow. It has grown on me and I'm sure it will grow on you. The touchpad is good as well one of the better ones I have seen on a notebook in recent times.

A very nice 1080p screen very bright, very sharp and the performance is good for a quorum, not bad at all, and that comes to my cons. Would it be nice if they had actually put a touchscreen on there and also a micro SD card slot at least, and an additional USB 3 port on the left hand side, but anyway, the main con is the battery life. I found it to be quite disappointing. Now show me: exclaim was an 11 12 hours. I never believed those over exaggerated manufacturers claims, but it falls short by a long shot there. It isn't as good as it should be, but at least you can say it charges quite quickly, though 30 battery, and only around half an hour isn't bad at all. Thank you so much for watching this review.