Playing into my monitor, using it in my dock and I've been testing it out, so this one now has had a bump, so we've got now the core i5 7 Y 54. This is the highest SPECT version, there's another one. The 2017 model. That also has the corium 3 7 y 30, so that turbos up to 2.6 gigahertz that one and only has 4 gigabytes of RAM. So this has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the maximum turbo is 3.2 gigahertz, which is really quite impressive. Considering that this is fanless, there is no fan on this. There'S no fan vents, so it is dead silent. You can see that's the maximum angle there that the hinge will work line. It weighs only 1.06 kilos, so it is very portable and it's got a full alloy design to it all made out of metal quality materials, quality backward keyboards glass covered screen assembly. They didn't really change anything. No, I didn't change anything apart from the internal, so the 2016 model looks identical and it has the same amount of ports on it as well. They didn't decide to give us a micro, SD card slot, add another USB 3 port or even make the glass panel touch, which would have been great. I feel because, like I say, if it is glass make it touch at least so, maybe next year, we will see that anyway. So let's check this one out in greater detail. Go through some benchmarks, have a look at the keyboard, the performance, most importantly battery life.

As well, has it improved over this model, spoiler alert it has, which is really good to see so let's check it out. So the build and design of the me notebook in here is very good. Its premium, the materials so we've got the ports on the side. A little bit of an odd location so far up the front here for the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, full sized HDMI out, which is great to see so you don't, need an adapter. You don't need to buy the mini or micro, HDMI cable. Sadly, only one full sized USB 3 port, but we do have a type C port, so you can connect up a Type C hub. You can have display out charging all at the same time now there is a status LED there that you can see now. This is very handy because what it does is it's red when you're charging and then it turns green once fully charged. So you don't need to power it on or look at it to see if the battery is completely full or not. So we have a large touchpad that has a smooth feel to it. It'S a synaptics branded, touchpad and we've got full gesture controls, it's accurate. I find it to be very good now you can tweak up the settings a little bit and in the beginning I found it slightly disappointing, but you just need to increase the accuracy, the speed of it, and I can just go from one easy movement from one Side of the desktop to the other and, of course, we've got double chat.

All those gestures that you're used to the two things are scroll. All of that is there a very decent and nice touch pad on the me notebook air 12. Now the keyboard is backlit. We'Ve got decent amount of travel, the keys to them South for a little bit. Smooth and they're reasonably quite have a little bit of noise to them, and you see if I pressed down hard here, there's a tiny bit of flex there bit. Overall, it is a good keyboard. Now the backlight on it after 13 seconds will turn off automatically if of course, you're not using it and there's only one level of backlight on here, so you can't, tweak it down. If you find it too bright or too dim. You'Re stuck, unfortunately, it will just on or off so one minor complaint here that in my year of using the 2016 model, it hasn't really been an issue for me. But the location of the power button is just above the backspace key, where you would normally find the Delete key, so some people might accidentally hit it, but it does have at least one positive, and that is the persistence of this button is a lot more firm Than the rest of them, so these are quite easy to tap, of course, but when you push the power one that, if you use your typical typing pressure, you shouldn't end up, triggering it and turning the laptop off or into sleep mode.

Now the hinge isn't exactly super firm, but it does do the job well and after one year using my previous generation model, I don't really have any issues with it. It'S only just loosened up a little bit and it is very firm toes well like if you try and flex it it. Just doesn't move at all, because we've got that optically bonded glass screen and then the whole alloy backing on it. That this thing is just real firm look at that. I mean I'm trying to flick, see here and he end up flexing the whole lifting out the whole notebook bear instead of flexing the screen there so build wise. It is really solid and the whole thing overall is really good. No real issues. Apart from, I would have liked to have seen perhaps a micro SD card slot and another USB 3 port on this side. But of course they want you to get the 13 inch model to have that extra USB 3 port. So the screen has a mission: maximum output of 418 Lux, which is quite good, and the fact that it is fully laminated means that you are going to see some reflections and things of you in bright environments. That can be a little bit annoying. The Met ones, of course, are a lot better. You don't have the problem because they're anti glare screens – and if I move some lights around here, you can see that the reflections you're going to get that's from my studio lights here, so viewing angles from the IPS panel it's 1080p, as you'd expect for an IPS.

Very good calibration of the display is perhaps a tiny bit leaning towards the cool white. We have deep blacks, I do have some IPS bleed or glow around the edge. You can see belt there that's about the only place I have it now. This is going to vary from panel to panel, and I think a lot of that is really down to the manufacturing process of having the fully laminated. So the glass is pressing up right on top of the IPS screen and it just really depends. If there's a little bit of pressure around these edges, then you will end up seeing it now, the glass that they have used over the top of this apparently. But I cannot confirm this is a scratch resistant glass. I think it is from cornering or it could even be dragon tail, but I've got no issues with my 2016 model after one years use. There are no scratches and really a great screen overall good, colors, deep blacks, and this is the lowest brighter setting. So this is zero percent, which is very dim great for nighttime late use, and if you have the screen set to this setting, then you could probably even push almost 9 or 10 hours out of this laptop. Now you sing some flicky here now. This pulse width, modulation, flicker, is only happening on camera. I cannot see it to the naked eye here. No 25, you still see it on camera.

50 is the little 75 it's gone. Well, maybe a tiny bit, and that is one home percent at the full 400 and almost 20 Lux brightness. Now one thing to note here that Windows 10, the install that it will come with because it is a Chinese laptop – will be completely in Chinese. You cannot, it seems, install English or other languages. You'Ve got two options and option number one is what I did here. I upgraded to Windows 10. Pro then installed English and that's completely working no problems or do a new install of Windows. 10. Just make sure it's Windows 10 home, and that way it will activate. Now, if you do have problems activating it, then just go through the troubleshooting menu and it will then set it up as a Windows. 10 home digital license activation. So, at the time of this review, this is the highest speech you can get in the me notebook 12.5 inch version of it, so it's got 8 gigabytes of RAM, which is double other models which only have four and the RAM is running and dual channel, and It is running at 1866 megahertz there, so that is good and, if dedicated just a tiny little bit there to the GPU, but hardly any think only 120 megabytes or so so. The maximum turbo of this processor is 3.2 gigahertz. So I have a look and see what kind of performance you can get out of it, and actually quite good, but just for short, bursts, so it's, a very fast CPU for a fanless CPU that as we can get up to three thousand eight hundred and fourteen, Which is, in fact faster than the mean notebook F, 13.

2017 model. I have with the i 5 7200 now why it faster is because of the turbo, so that turbo is slightly higher at 3.2 gigahertz, but it cannot hold it for too long. So for this short benchmark, it's perfectly fine and that's, why it gives us these really good scores here now the multi core scores a little bit lower and then the 13 inch model with the core i5 7200. You, but still a really good score there OpenCL score. So this is using the GPU another decent score for this type of chipset, and here are the pass marks scores here. So use these as a reference to compare to your own system. If you wanted to find out just how much faster it is or slower, it is even so just run that benchmark yourself and go through there. So the CP marks cool they're scraping almost four thousand two hundred now the wireless it's, the Intel dual band: wireless AC, 80 to 60 chipset, which is really good chips here. It means very fast: it's got a nice antenna set up there so two by two and the range is really good and performance is as just as fast. If I was to plug the straight into my wireless router, almost Cinebench, so Open GL score is thirty. Four point two six frames per second and then the CPU 232, where the results I got here. So these are the SSD speed, so it's a set of three Drive it's a Samsung one 256 gigabytes.

Unfortunately, not an MV m II drive, which would be, of course, a lot faster than this, so this has been kept limited at set of three speeds. If you do want faster, then I highly recommend going for something like the samsung, 960 Evo or a 960 Pro in there, which will run probably about three or four times faster than these speeds you can get here, but for a set of three SSD. These speeds are very good, so you can run applications like a dope Photoshop. This is a doe premier Pro now, I've set up a full katydid here that I'm doing just a test clip here and I've got about. I think it's about nine different clips in here and there's a little slow. The timeline definitely a lot slower than saying a quorum. I call a five sorry 7200 on the other model of debt. So if you movie here it takes a little while to really show you anything and if I push the playback button here, it's quite choppy as you can see. So I have a look at a test encode here so I'm, going to encode this with the YouTube 4k preset. The same that I did on the 13 inch model with the i 5 7200 now that took 6 minutes and 52 seconds to encode exactly one minute, while more or less one minute of a 4k clip here so I'm gon na code. This now we'll have a look at how long it takes.

So you see here that with the encode going in the background still I'm checking out until x2. You know it's telling me that it to abode up there to 2.5 gigahertz, but because of the power limitations. Remember, it's only set to 7 watts for the turbo boost Power Max and the short boost max is 15 watts. It hits that limit very quick there with those higher 3.2 maximum Giga hook like that. It can do so. You can see here that in it's just holding the whole time around 1.5 5 to 1.5 9 gigahertz during that encode there, which is going on now. It looks like it's going to take around 12 to 13 minutes. So that is a lot slower than the core. I5 7 mm you that I tested a 13 inch model do remember that that one is actively cooled that has a fan in it and this, of course doesn't. So for heavy tasks like video encoding 4k, this really isn't the CPU for it so streaming in 4k. You can see there are 0 dropped frames here. The buffer 12 is very good, even though, where I am at the moment is situated quite a bit of a way away from my wireless router, but the wireless signal still shows full strength here, which is good to see now, things like the vp9 codecs h.265 cannot Be played natively with the cable age, so it's got no problems. No issues with that sort of performance, it's, very quick and snappy.

This system for everything installing apps loading, apps it's, just really heavy tasks that it struggles with like video, encoding or high end. Gaming is what the system is not good for, so what about battery life? On the 2016 model? I get around 5 and a half hours now at the moment, you're looking here at my full run time of about five and a half hours an estimate, but I've been doing some very demanding things like encoding. Video I've got the screen brightness set to 75 at the moment, and what I can get out of this is actually a lot better than the 2016 model I'm able to get around seven to seven and a half hours which isn't wonderful but it's still just a Lot better, I may be able to squeeze about an hour to an hour and a half more than the previous model and that's add around forty percent brightness web use. You could even probably get around eight hours if you were really looking after the battery. You had all the power saving features enabled you can squeeze just so much more out of this model here, the 2017 one and I'm, not really too sure. Why? Because it's got the same exact battery capacity, which is a thirty seven watt hours? It just seems that maybe bias updates tweaks or the newer, more efficient KB Lake as the reason why we're getting such better performance for the extra hour or so in battery.

So the me notebook has these two downward firing speakers. The 13.3 inch version is exactly the same and they are AKG tune. Speakers I don't particularly like the location of them, because if you do happen to use this a laptop on your lap, you will muffle and block those speakers now. The quality of these speakers is really quite good. It does come with some Dolby audio software, which allows you just to tweak and go through various different presets. As you can see here, there's the dynamic mode which automatically adjusts the output of those speakers. You'Ve got a movie mode music and all it does is just tweak the treble the meds and the bass. So just sounds a little bit better anyway. Let'S have a listen to a sample clip Music Applause Music, so they are loudspeakers they're. Very decent sounding they've got little bit of meds to them a slight bit of bass. However, at 100 I seen a volume they can sometimes vibrate a little. So you get a little bit of distortion and vibration from the middle housing. Now this 3.5 millimeter audio out also has excellent quality, it's very clean, it's, nice and loud too, no complaints there. So all round good audio on this laptop there's, a sample now of the front 1 megapixel webcam. As you can see the quality isn't bad at all. Now, it's a little bit of noise to it. I am in a rather dim lit room it's, not the brightest.

It could be. I don't have any lights on or anything like that. Now, the audio quality from those dual ray microphones. I find to be quite good above average there and overall I'm pleased with the results of this webcam it's, definitely possible for me for Skype, conversations and a lot of the other webcams I've looked at in other notebooks and laptops a lot worse than this one here. So it's not bad at all now it's time to check out gaming performance now so can the core i5 7 Y 54 play a demanding title like GTA 5, where you can see yes, it's playing at 800 x 600 resolution, but really this is just too slow. It'S hovering around 20 frames per second, the whole time. I wouldn't call this playable. I want at least 30 so not really smooth enough it's. Just too choppy now there could be some hacks out there to get even a lower settings to reduce some of the shadows and whatnot. So you might better get slightly better performance, but let's have a look at some other games now. I think this kind of chipset is more suited to things like League of Legends Counter Strike global Offensive and older titles. Ok, so this is more like it. This is League of Legends, running 1080p screen resolution, so the native resolution, a lot of settings and we're getting around 92 almost 100 frames per second there, so really good and super playable as a result.

So counter strike here, 720p see it's running around 50 frames per. Second, it is on the lowest settings, but this is very playable. Really nice and smooth and you're gon na see a lot of that me dying and very poor aim as well. That'S, not the point. It'S just to see if it's gon na run it or not, which it will perfectly fine, so at least we can play this game here. I still missed anyway that's enough of my poor gameplay let's have a look now at the thermals. Now I managed to get one kill there, so it hasn't gone of 88 degrees, and that is after 2 hours and 51 minutes with a bit of gaming. There and I've also tested that out previous times as well. Well, since I've been testing this laptop for a while – and this is another one which is out also the same 88 degrees – and that was after 23 hours and I was benchmarking – I was gaming and was doing all sorts of things. So the internal temperatures 88 degrees is maybe a little bit high, but it's not triggering any thermal throttling. So it is perfectly fine for a passively cooled laptop if external temps. On the other hand, it does get quite warm just along the top here – 40 degrees 41, which is getting a little toasty there on the top, but nothing near the 50 degrees. I managed to get from the me notebook err.

13, with the i5 7 mm. You palm rest that's a lot cooler there around 33, so really it's, just above the keyboard that gets quite hot and, of course, been fanless, it's, completely silent, so I'm trying to boot up now Linux and this will happen, secure boot failure and the reason behind this Is that you need to set up a password first in the BIOS, then you can disable secure boot and, yes, it will run Linux. The trackpad works. Most things are seem to be all working on there, but I have not installed it to the SSD. So don't know whether that will work or not so there's notebook like the 2016 model comes highly recommended. From I mean the build quality is excellent. This is top notch. It is premium and has a very nice 1080p panel on there. Their performance is great. It does really feel like a core i5 in and around windows installing applications loading it up, Asians. Of course it can't hold that boost the 3.2 gigahertz for too long, but in the time that it will boost up there that's when you get the benefit of it. So it makes it feel a lot faster than the 7y of 30. But if you do something like the video encoding or you're doing gaming or something, then you don't really get that benefit of that faster turbo, because it will because of power limits. Because of thermals and we'll end up clocking itself down to stop any issues there, so it's not going to get too hard, so it's not going to end up using too much power there.

Now. One of the best improvements from this version here is the battery life, which surprised me. I really thought that ok we've gone from the skylight to the kV Lake in the 2017 model, so it's, the better life really gon na. Be that much better, but it turned out to be about in hours more that I can squeeze out of this now. I don't know whether that's because of the higher clock, so it just means it's a little bit more efficient. So I can boost up really high load things quicker drop. Those clocks write down a lot faster in turn, saving a bit of battery there, but maybe it's, just optimization with the drivers and things or the BIOS that after one year that xiaomi's managed to just squeeze a bit more juice out of this battery, which is probably The best thing about it now it does kind of come hard to recommend, and the reason behind that is. That is the price, because this is 799 years at the time of this review, where, as you can, go and pick up the 2017 model with the core m37 wife 30, but only four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabyte SSD for 499, so there's a huge difference. There and the other problem is that this being 7.99 is so close to the price of the more spectacular, a 5 and NVIDIA dedicated GPU 150 M XOR MX 150. Sorry that one is so much faster and it is priced around 849.

So you spend about 50 OS more and you have a lot more power, which is probably the way to go. If you must have 8 gigabytes of RAM, you also get the faster SSD. This has SATA 3 about my 2017 13 inch model. Has the nvme drive, which is 256, but so much faster compared to the set of three, because it does not have those limits there so a little bit to think on then or what model you should get? It all depends, of course, on your. What your needs are and if you must have the eight gigabytes of RAM, then that's the option there. So thank you so much for watching this video here. Sorry, it dragged on a little bit and I do have to catch you back in the channel.