Me me no 210, but a lot of you have been asking for this video, so I'm gon na go over other things like the build quality, the cameras, the displays and battery life of these two it's just going to be a quick comparison to see which one Is better at what and that might help some of you out there if the price does eventually drop of Xiao Meis me note 10, on which one you should get, which is best for your needs. So first up let's have a look at the screen, so we've got a six point. Four seven inch screen on the show me me note team, which is on the left here: they're both AMOLED panels and then a 6.5 inch on the x2 pro now maximum brightness. On the x2, Pro is bitter, it tops out at 1000 nits and we have 600 nits on the Mino 210. Now the Mino teen also has a curved display, and this is down to personal preference here, but I actually prefer having the flat screen it's. Also, a 90 Hertz screen we've just got the standard 60 on the Meno 210. So before we get on to looking at the build quality, a very quick face, unlocking test here so tap the power buttons and you can see that that was actually similar. The speed may be definitely that time quicker on the x2 Pro as expected, with the fastest network, an 855 plus it's not exactly really fair, their fingerprint readers.

I found that the Xiaomi can be a little bit slower at times again to be expected with these slower chip. You can see that was very quick with the extra pro happens to have one of the fastest optical and screen fingerprint readers around at the time of this video, at least for me, of all the phones I have tested there now in terms of build. I have to give the show me here the win for the build quality. I find it's just a little bit higher quality now. Both of these are heavy phones, so this one's 202 grams that real me x2 Pro versus about 210 here, so only 8 grams, heavier. The Xiaomi me note 10 and then they're both got three point. Five minute hit phone jacks down on the bottom, as you can see right here, and the output of both of them in terms of audio will do a speaking test. Well, I find to be almost the same. The show me is probably slightly better in terms of 3.5 millimeter output there, so I have to give them the win for the jak output, at least, but for the speakers as you'll hear the real me x2 probe does have dual speakers. I'Ve only got the single down with foreign one on this, so up the top there's also a difference here that the show me, if you need the IR transmitter it's got the IR transmitter here. So if you want to control your TV and air conditioning and whatnot, then of course that is the only option you've got, would both of these both of them, the cameras do protrude.

It sticks out a little bit more. You can see here on the show me. Alright – and I don't particularly like well, the location of it is okay, but I preferred actually to be in the middle, because when you sit it down on a table, it rocks around a lot more. This Xiaomi there, but that's just a minor little nuisance. Now the buttons on both feel good, both made out of metal both of these have Gorilla Glass, five front and back on them and metal frames around the outside. So no plastic used here which real me does commonly use and some of their cheaper phones, but we've got metal on both of them. The curved edges as well in hand to give the shell me a better feel – and I just find overall that, as mentioned, it does have a slightly bit of build quality so that when there would go to show me for the build now four cameras. This one's very easy make sure you check out my camera comparison between these two but it's. The shell me me no 210, that pulls ahead with the best cameras and, of course, the wider range of cameras. We'Ve got five times zoom and the real me doesn't have that it's got two times both the two time cameras and then I found the ultra wide is definitely superior on the Mino 10 image stabilization, even a video, as well as better on the Mino 10, because It'S got four access optical image stabilization, whereas the real me is a fixed, 64 gigabyte sensor.

It doesn't have optical image stabilization only electronic, and definitely one of there were selfies as well than me. Note 10, the only area where sometimes in my comparison, the real me x2 Pro pulled ahead with some daytime shots, capturing more detail and less clipping with bright colors, for example, flowers and then, of course, when it comes to benchmarks here this is an 22 eight. No competition and then, of course, the Snapdragon 855 in the x2 Pro is going to beat way faster. You can see it's over twice the speed. If you look at these synthetic benchmarks here, especially the GPU that really pulls right ahead. So it's like comparing a 1600 four cylinder up against a five liter v8, that this isn't fair, but this is just for reference and there is also a huge difference in the internal storage speeds here: okay, so yes, you fs3 that i've got in the extreme pro Way way way quicker. The base model, however, starts out with only 64 gigabytes of your face to storage but it's in dual channel on the x2 Pro, whereas on the shell me it's you if it's two point one but just single channel. However, you get 128 gigabytes, which is good that's, a much better base capacity to have, and both of these remember, they lack micro SD card support. So you cannot expand the storage. Sadly, and yes, also. The wireless speed, big big, big big difference here, get almost a double on the x2 Pro.

It can also use both networks, so you can use 2.4 gigahertz band and then wireless AC, 5 gigahertz are both at the same time, to achieve some very good download speeds. But again, this is to be expected, not fair, comparing flagship to mid range chips. Now I won't do any speed tests here with the UI's you're either like color OS or you hate it all the same. For me, you way now. I personally prefer me away over color OS, I think it's slightly better in terms of customization features and what you've got. But if the course you want the fastest here and the 90 Hertz, then the UI in the x2 Pro hands down is just so much quicker. Again, this is, of course, not fear, it's different, but we're just doing a general comparison here for those that are undecided between which more do you want to get now battery performance a bit of a surprise here, because I would have expected the me note, tin to Pull ahead with its much larger battery capacity, but it doesn't. This is really unusual, so similar kind of use here I noticed that the battery life has actually been on the x2 Pro that there can achieve almost 11 hours of screen and screen on time. With my continual gaming tier it's YouTube and just using it the whole time and you'll see that, for me, the Xiaomi is getting around nine to ten hours, which in itself is very, very good, but taking in consideration the better capacity it has.

I feel it should be better, so some more optimizations are needed on that, one which in the future should have been a better life than the x2 Pro so for audio quality. I find that the 3.5 mm headphone jack is actually better on the Xiaomi output. Slightly better quality to my ears and then, when it comes to your ringtones, the similar both of loud, you can hear them as fine as signal reception with voice calls as good as well. I have to give the earpiece quality, though, to the voice calls the win on the x2 Pro. I just think it sounds a bit better it's a little bit more richer. The times you get through it and let's have a listen now to the loudspeakers. So we've got jus loudspeakers on the x2 Pro, and for that reason, but not just that reason, they're actually just come out a little bit better sounding as well. I have to give it the win for loudspeakers there and a little bit more immersive and gaming too, and you've got less chance of blocking just that single speaker. So the Xiaomi just has the speaker here and I'll give you sample both of them. I mean the Xiaomi does sound good for just a single out speaker, but let's have a listen Music, so it's loud it's, clear, no distortion with a good amount of bass – and here is the extra Pro Music – also no distortion. But it is slightly louder and, as mentioned, we've got that second loudspeaker in the earpiece.

So Captain Obvious here again that yes, gaming performance, if you want the best and gaming, is important to you that you're getting the best absolute FPS, then you go for the extra pro, of course, with the faster chip. Ok guys. So that was really quite a straightforward. Video and a lot of you were still asking for it. I know it's not completely fair, but imagine in the future. These are both priced about the same. If show me ends up dropping the price which I believe they're gon na have to do so for the best cameras for selfies the best selfies for the best best video stabilization minnow 10 Pro. I only noticed this was some of the daylight stills on my camera. Comparison for both of these check the link in the description as well, for that, if you want to see that video that sometimes the x2 Pro at least with the main cameras would come out, on top with daylight photos just being a little bit sharper capturing more Details especially when you crop in and the rear camera, just the rear camera being a little bit more color accurate. In terms of some of the photos, there was a neon sign and low light that came out purple with the Xiaomi that it should be blue and it came out blue with a real minister probe, but the front facing camera wasn't that color Achra dead at all, Because one of those photos what I compared both his head to head, my face was purple on the x2 Pro and it was natural looking at least with the show me here so for cameras, hands down me no 210 for the price, of course, or on the Cheaper phone you get x2 Pro for the faster performance, faster gaming and, surprisingly, better battery life to even at 90 Hertz on the X 2.

Pro something's up with shell means battery life performance me away. 11 is just horribly optimized. At the moment. Standby drain is quite poor and you do see some legs and stutters that I've seen with another phone running the Snapdragon 730 that shouldn't be happening so a lot of optimization needed on shammies behalf. This is a much better optimized ROM a little bit smoother and, of course, the much more potent powerful chipset is going to make it lots lot better and smoother, and especially for gaming. So there we go. Those are the key differences, not exactly a fair comparison. It'S not meant to be because we are comparing basically a Ferrari up against a Mini Cooper here and that's why things are different, but bill quality too as well on the channel me. This has a much better built higher quality. Does that warrant the price tag of being 150 euros more, definitely not so that's, why I say that Jeremy's price is going to have to drop on this money here to compete with the likes of these other phones. So thank you so much for watching this comparison. Here do check my reviews of the x2 Pro and the meet no 210 for a lot more details.