We all have been anticipating the release of the xiaomi mix, and here in my hands, is the mix phone. So this kind of took me by surprise. I was expecting for a mix 4, but instead it is the mix 4. Only in just a different spelling, 4 and four well sounds the same, but it is well a different beast on its own league right now. It has intact the very very same design box and it’s a little bit thicker this time around as compared to that of the mean mix three. So how about let’s cut it open with my trusty blade? Okay, so already open the box and let’s see how to open this it’s, probably a slide out as usual. So let’s slide the fold out. So we always see this slogan from xiaomi always believe that something wonderful is about to happen and it’s a fold indeed. So we will hold it open like that innovation for everyone, as their slogan says, so, underneath there’s, an open tab over here, so let’s simply open it. As always, the mix series there’s a message from ceo legend, which says on the way to explore continuous investment, continuous efforts, continuous breakthrough, even if only one percent, we are willing to invest 100 more late june. So behold, this is the me mix 4. So this is not the first in the market, but it’s the first for xiaomi for the mix series so i’m more than honored to open this and let’s try to get the phone there’s.

Some safety reminders over here, which are all printed in chinese. So at the back you can see mix, fold, camera setup and the nfc is pretty much here. So before all that let’s see what other things are inside the box, you can see that it has. We can see there’s a phone case in here, let’s see what what it looks like. It is two piece indeed so let’s see how good it is so it’s a chrome finish, it’s, pretty looking nice very, very premium looking, so we expect the same. For the other side, it’s also chrome finish, you can see it’s, transparent and chrome on the side, which makes it looks very, very elegant, made of plastic. Then we have the user guide over here inside. We also have the type c cable see, and here comes the sim ejector pin here is the type c cable and we have the adapter over here. It’S, a 67 watts power charging, brick okay. So before i forget there’s a mix full vip service card for you, and this is the number to dial so much for the unboxing. So right now, we’ll dive right into opening this phone i’m excited and pretty much uh afraid that it might be fragile. This phone is pretty new to me. I have yet to explore the wonder of uh the folded phones and have yet to use one so it’s kind of exciting. So right now we have open and peeled off.

Just look at it. Oh my it looks so fantastic. Just look at it behold the xiaomi mi mix 4 triple camera setup screen in the front, and the screen inside just look how good it is. Fingerprint scanner is on the side mix, as you can see, it’s been a while since xiaomi released their mix. The third edition came out – probably two years back and right now, they’re in back in the fold having a new design. So you can see the mix. Fold runs miui 12., so let’s set it up. So now we can see this is the mimics phone, so it’s like having a meme, so it’s like having a mini me pad inside your pocket. You know guys it really kind of reminds me a lot about the uh nokia communicator back. Then, when you can fold it like this, when you open it, you can type it just like a regular keyboard, so so i’m really excited so behold. This is the mix fold. So this is how it looks on the back. You can see the mix print is pretty much here and let’s see how it looks on the other screen. There you go. This is the second screen up front, which is for me very, very uh, nifty uh it’s, like a compressed version of a smartphone these days, wherein it looks a little bit taller and honestly. It really reminds me a lot of the nokia 9500 communicator, which is really something looking like this way back back then.

So you can see everything’s pretty much here. Uh swiping, left and right, it’s, very, very smooth, so yeah let’s try to see some settings. You can see right here uh, you can see right here, it’s running miui, 12 and of course definitely it should be running the android 11. So you can see it’s a meme x4. It has 12 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of storage, which is pretty much warping. You can see guys it’s 512 gigs of storage, which is pretty pretty much more than enough for me. So taking a quick look around the side, you can see here probably likes. The ribbon says that innovation for everyone on top – we have speakers loudspeakers by harman kardon, of course, still intact – is the ir and the noise cancellation mic on top scrolling. On the other side, you have your sim ejector tray, your power button, slash fingerprint scanner and, of course, your volume rocker and at the bottom more speakers. So probably this has four speakers and usb type c charging port and, of course, your microphone in at the back. Definitely it’s your camera and very nice and, of course, a very nice glass finish so to take selfies now to take selfies. Definitely you have to use this camera up front, but you can always use the camera when you’re opening the phone like this okay. So it gives you a pretty big view, guys it’s, really nice it’s, really huge i’m, really impressed with the camera and the display it’s.