. Competition drives down prices., It spurs innovation.. It increases choice. So I’m happy that Mi Mix Fold from Xiaomi exists even if right now, I can’t think of anyone here in the states. I’D actually recommend it. To. upbeat music. The Mi Mix Fold is Xiaomi’s first folding phone, but if you feel like you’ve seen it before, I can’t say: you’re wrong. From the tongue, depressor aspect ratio to the large capsule like hinge right down to the T, caps at top and bottom of the inner display. It’S a two year old, Samsung Galaxy Fold in everything, but name oh and the size.. If the Galaxy Fold2 is a gold bar in your pocket, the mimics fold is a brick of plutonium or something. Larger in every dimension than the Samsung and heavier not just in the Fold2, but also Huawei’s Mate X2. We took a look at last week., Considering the monster scale. It’S kind of impressive. Xiaomi managed to restrain itself to a slogan. This small on the hinge., Though I think I speak for most people.. When I say manufacturers, please stop putting your tacky taglines on four figure phone hardware. To be fair to Xiaomi. The added size does come in handy., The four speakers – aren’t quite as loud as the pair on the Fold2, but they do produce a richer, deeper sound. There’s. More room for exciting camera experiments which we’ll get to on the pizza crawl in a minute.. The battery is the largest ever fitted to a folding phone at over 5000 milliamp hours with a fast 67 watt charger in the box as well and, of course, the whole reason.

The book type foldable category exists is to get you as close to a tablet. Sized screen, as possible. I’ve been using a foldable like this, every workday for about 15 months and nearly every one of those days has been made easier at some point by having a bigger canvas than most phones.. That canvas is the indisputable star of the Mi Mix Fold, a full eight inch diagonal with a high resolution and competitive max brightness compared to the Galaxy Fold2.. Now I do miss the articulating hinge from the Samsung. Like the Huawei Xiaomi is an open or closed affair with no in between and yes, there is a pronounced crease.. I might also have taken points off for Xiaomi’s use of flexible plastic versus Samsung’s ultra thin glass, but if you’ll recall, I just had to send my Fold2 in for repair thanks to a fracturing of that glass material.. While that repair cost me 0 and was completed in seven days, I’m, still no closer to trusting ultra thin glass in the longterm. I’ll share the story of my warranty replacement in the upcoming longterm review of the Fold2., Where the added scale doesn’t work for the Mi Mix Fold is mostly here on the cover. Display.. Oh it’s been stretched to fill as much of the vertical access as possible, but because the chassis is so narrow, you still end up with a screen slimmer than that of the Fold2. Useful for scrolling long lists but cumbersome for typing and video calls which you have To take out here because, as with the Huawei Mate X2 there’s, no internal selfie camera.

, While we’re on missing features, you won’t find wireless charging under either glass or ceramic back plate. Nor can you use the cover display as a viewfinder to use the main camera as a selfie shooter, as you can, with Samsung’s foldables. Let’s talk about those cameras. They’re clustered into a typical, triple array around back with a very atypical addition: a liquid lens., This exotic Accessory first teased for smartphones over 15 years ago makes it possible for a single lens to switch between two focal lengths., In this case from a 3X telephoto to a super macro for mega closeups I’m fascinated by this technology, but it’s not like we haven’t seen cameras Doubling up before. Many phones use their ultra wide cameras as macro shooters these days, even if it’s not a liquid lens making that possible.. So while the technology holds real promise for the future, it didn’t meaningfully improve my camera experience.. I have more to say about that. Experience but as I sometimes do I’d like to take a break from talking and let you experience the Mi Mix Fold cameras without commentary. Join me on a mini road trip review with my friend David Cogan of TheUnlockr, as we use a phone that folds to photograph. Some food that folds. relaxing music Step, one slice selected. Step two.. Oh, you already jumped to step two. Fold that slice., Oh yeah, sorry., Sorry, yeah., Whole reason: we’re out, here. It’s, just a habit, really. Step, three.

, Consume. Cheers., A substrate of cheese on top of which is kind of like a gelatinous continent of cheese. Gelatinous continent. Also, my code name on the CB radio. upbeat, music, Hello. It is 400 and we’re only on our second slice of pizza. Told ya.. I wish you hadn’t kept me waiting so long, this morning. both laughing relaxing music. Oh man, laughs. This is the best decision. I’Ve ever made. Can I just gnaw off a corner of this thing. Please do. Better than cardboard. A little. Good slice of pizza that has now been soaked in grease inside a pizza, box. Look at them dribbles.. My lawyers tell me I have to tell you not to attempt such a pizza crawl as it may take years off your life and anyway, as I told you, I have a few things to say about these cameras. Snapping side by side with the Galaxy Fold2. I almost never preferred the Xiaomi’s output thanks to the color science differences.. Yes, Samsung still over saturates, its colors to an extent but Xiaomi seems to intentionally mute them, not in a way that preserves authenticity, but in a way that deadens the reality of those moments. As I recall, them. When you switch over to video filming through that telephoto camera on the Mi Mix, Fold is almost painful and I have some speculation as to why. See despite using Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 as the brains of the phone Xiaomi is using its own image Signal processor here called the Surge C1.

That’s, apparently because it was necessary to control the liquid lens, but the later the day got the more obvious Xiaomi’s inferior processing became as the light ran low.. All in all, this camera is not one I’d care to use again. Liquid or no. Now I spilled a large amount of ink detailing all the software shortcomings I’ve found in this phone, but really there’s. Not that much reason to go into it because as frustrating as I find Xiaomi’s custom user interface with its scaling issues and sloppy design and all that Apple aping, it simply wasn’t designed for the international market.. If you even know this phone exists, you probably already know you’ll need to do a lot of work. If you want it to even remotely approximate a device you’re used to., You can’t use Nova Launcher, for example, because the phone literally does not allow you to.. You need to dig deep into the settings to make sure you actually get notifications from your apps, because the phone will put them into some kind of deep hibernation, otherwise and what’s. Annoying is that kind of aggressive power management isn’t even necessary, because this thing is easily a two day smartphone.. The only way I could kill it in less than a workday’s time was to film, with it all day. On that pizza tour and the feature I was most eager to try out that mini PC, desktop mode doesn’t seem to be enabled on retail units, yet but hey at least it’s possible to run Google Mobile Services on this thing, which is more than I can say, For Huawei.

Again, I’m glad that Mi Mix Fold exists because more players in the foldable space is a great thing.. Also Xiaomi deserves a shout out for treating buyers with the respect they’re due by including a charger and a free case in the box and with an approximate price of 1500 U.S.. This is the most affordable, full scale, foldable yet., Great news for those in the markets. For which it’s intended and a needed counterbalance to Huawei’s expensive Mate X2. But if you live in the U.S., you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Fold2 right now for about 1600, not even counting any trade ins.. If you can’t wait until the summer to see what Samsung’s third generation foldables entail buying a Galaxy, Fold2 is probably what you should do. Special thanks to David Cogan at TheUnlockr for subjecting his body to the same carbo coma. I put mine through.. Definitely his idea., Not my idea.. You can find many more comparison photos and a lot more footage from that pizza crawl in his Mi Mix Fold real world test, which I will link below.. This video was produced following one week with the Mi Mix Fold unit purchased by Mr. Mobile thanks to Ben Sin of XDA developers for connecting me with a vendor who was able to rush shipment from Hong Kong.. As always, Xiaomi was given no editorial input nor an early preview of this content, and it did not furnish any compensation in exchange for its production.

. Please hit that free, subscribe button. if you’d like to see more videos like this on YouTube. Until next time, thanks for watching and remember to stay, safe and mask up when you’re around others. As you stay mobile, my friends., Why do we have to insist … speaking faintly On account of … people laughing Okay. Okay.? I see how it is. Ya really walked into that one.