I feel like i’ve, seen this before that phone. Just the way that it’s presented go ahead, you know go ahead. The whole x thing go ahead: half fold listening, yeah it’s the fold right. Well, i mean there’s only so much you can do with it. Man sure i mean everything’s fit folding it’s, uh it’s, a square that becomes a rectangle or close to a square and becomes a rectangle in this case. In this case, the inner inner screen is 8.01 inches, it’s four by three, so it’s, not exactly a square oled panel 2480 by 1860 display brightness 600 nits 900 peak dolby vision, hdr uh able to withstand being folded, 200 000 times so that’s, no joke. Everybody wants to know about their ability with these type of things, the outer screen is 6.52 inches, with a 90 hertz refresh and apparently has good audio they’re talking about four harman carton tuned speakers, i will say, as far as the z fold is concerned, level two From samsung the speaker performance, one of my favorite things like content consumption on it when you have it unfolded loud and clear on the couch or something like this it’s great time. Oh, you don’t even have to reach for your apple tv remote, because you got your z fold too yeah uh, so anyways they won’t play ball increasingly, as we’ve been talking about with xiaomi in the event and when they’re putting themselves all the way up.

Here you know for those that can’t see i’m holding my hand up here, they’re putting themselves up there. They want that samsung money they won’t be perceived as such a thing. They want that huawei spot. You know which would have been vacated they’re like we’re, just gon na be up here yeah and you need to have a folding phone if you’re gon na be up there. Where i pointed where i was yeah, you cannot have a folding full nail about folding phones at that level. Well, certainly, samsung does and who’s the other one huawei did do they still do they do, but they’re not exporting, and they got problems in most cases, there’s going to be a snapdragon triple eight in there, 12 gigs or 16 gigs of ram up to 512 storage Of 5020 milliamp hour battery and 67 watt fast charging system, giving you a full charge in 37 minutes wow full charge and commence full charge. 37 minutes that’s my voice at the terminal where you arrive once you go to mars in the very first settlement, it’s that’s. What that’s the terminal voice inside the uh? What would you call it like the? Is it not in the airport? What is it the space you landed, a spaceport don’t, you yeah, you do cool, i wouldn’t mind that sure charging commends 37 minutes. You become british umi. Yeah i mean that’s what you hear: yeah you’re, not gon na present it i mean if they want to come.

Get me come get me, but yeah. Are you gon na use the british voice isn’t it weird that we perceive that voice as having, because we just have had it as that, like um it’s kind of calming yeah, i think it’s interesting. You know like when you’re using google assistant, you can pick the voice that you get yeah it’s curious, like which one is the most effective for each person is going to be different based on past experience and things like i, i grew up watching too much uh David attenborough right yeah, so that’s embedded like i have that as a narration voice. I think they have that voice in the google assistant, but we also got morgan freeman as the narrator and you can’t shake that either sure so. But it is interesting. The mars voice what’s most acceptable, or what do we go with yeah uh, so it’s got a lot of other features too camera system. Samsung am at amx, 108 megapixel main sensor. I don’t know if it’s going to be on the exact same level as what they just talked about, probably not because they had an enormous camera hump on the me11 ultra, but either way like. I said you got ta. If you want to be in the same category as samsung, then you go and you do one of these. Yes, the price 1521. I think that’s a little less than the samsung product, but all the way up to 1978.

If you do 16 gigs, 512 storage and ceramic special edition, no word on whether or not it will leave china or be china exclusive, but you’re in touch with these people, yeah well i’ll try to get one in here. You got your jacket on today. Sure it’s. All business you send an email over here, they’re gon na send us the ultra model. Tell me just throw that one in too yeah just box it in just like you know, you got a box, you got a box, just throw it in there. You just posted it exactly yeah mine as well great idea, uh, they redid their logo as well, and i think you sent this to me. You were like panicking earlier. You sent me a message like i changed, the thumbnail you got to take the video down. You got to get the new thumbnail in there cause willy doom was making the thumbnail, and i guess the previous episode was about the mean 11 ultra, and originally you put the old thumbnail in or the old uh logo into the thumbnail. Did you update it? No, absolutely all that worked well, because the community post already went out – and i was like i updated the community post as well. No, i know, but you can’t edit, i would have to do a whole fresh. I have to delete and do a whole fresh. I don’t want to be bothering the people like that man.

I would change the youtube thumbnail though.