So this is just a revised model. The S models always are their just revisions, based on the original design tweaking and improving things slightly. So with this model here, what they've done is they've put dual cameras on the rear of it. Now, unfortunately, that comes at the cost of an ugly camera bump, but what we do gain is two times optical zoom on one sensor, both of them at 12 megapixels and the main sensor has dual pixel phase: detection autofocus and has 1.4 micrometer sized pixels on it. So it should be a very decent camera, something similar to the redmi note 5s camera that i reviewed, so the focus will be Rocksteady. We won't have any more focus hunting issues like we did with the mimics. That was probably my biggest complaint of that mobile phone. So the design is basically the same, they're slimmed it down. By about a millimeter, I think the bezel on the top, something like that so it's going to look almost identical, but we do have finally wireless charging on a ShowMe mobile phone. This is, in fact, their first mobile phone to have it, which seems kind of crazy. Considering this is 2018, so we have Android 8.1 on here, that's running me, UI, nine point five, which is basically the way you've the skin. You could call it from Xiaomi and the latest chipset so it's Qualcomm, Snapdragon 805 and the battery life is probably going to be about the same, because it's still the same capacity, three thousand four hundred million hours so let's get this one here, unboxed and check it Out in greater detail, so normally I have these boxes factory sealed, but on this one here this seller has already installed Google Play on here.

For me now I didn't have some trouble with the redmi note 5, so I wasn't actually too fussed about him doing that. So in the box you can see. Oh, we just got like this card. I think correct me if I'm wrong, like this, is like a Chinese proverb or something they put at the top. I don't understand or read Chinese and there I have to use Google Translate for that later on, so let's have a quick look at the charger yet so this one will support Qualcomm, quick charging with us, so this is rated to 12 volts 1.5 amps and a Two prong source, as the Chinese star I'm, going to have to use an adapter for that, and you see right here – is our type CK that's, a black one, of course, so right here, it's just pointing out those changes. I mentioned one of them. I didn't actually mention was the AI camera. So what that is this going to automatically detect scenes for you and adjust the camera settings accordingly? I hope that's going to work at least in our favor, so here in the back here you can see it does support NFC, that's gon na be right in this area here and the two nano Sims that their support so there's no microSD card support on this And then, lastly, in here we have the sim tray tool, of course, and a case oh and we're, going to need this too so that's, the 3.

5 millimeter adapter Centaurs there, of course, and this case so it's, not quite as good as the one we got on The first Memex, which was like a fake leather style. This is just a smooth plastic, hard plastics Darwin. Here you can see it does cover at least the buttons, and it is nice and thin, so 1.97 grams that's definitely leaning towards the heavier side. For a 5.9 inch mobile and the thickness, so it is eight point four millimeters without the camera hump and with the camera bump there. That is now on nine point, two almost nine point, two millimeters so checking out the back of the device here. We'Ve got ceramic just like the other models here and the fingerprint readers in the same exact location. So the edges of these are very nice. Nice curb on and the fit and finish the build. Quality of this is excellent. It'S definitely premium we've got the mimics design by Xiaomi they're in gold, so the gold trim continues around the camera module here, which I don't particularly like it's, all coarse personal preference here, but the camera bulge is a little bit ugly it's a shame they couldn't have Put that streamlined within the case and it didn't stick out because it looks a lot like they're rid me. Note: 5s. Camera bolts. You can see right here very, very similar, the layout there but of course there's a difference with the sensors and the optics. So this has got two times optical soon.

The one right at the bottom here I'll jewel, tone LED flash and then the main 12 megapixel sensors that one at the top, so the flagship next to the budget. Readme note 5 definitely stands out as having a much better build quality here, because we've got the ceramic on the back. Of course, this has metal on the back. The fingerprint readers are pretty much in the same location. There we've got plastic on the top of this one and there's no plastic on the top of this, so it's metal, the frame around the outside here so that's going to be easy to damage. If you do drop it and we do have a secondary mic, then you can see those two antenna strips, but this is really well done very, very nice, those edges. They are pretty much perfect they're. They build up this to more antenna lines along the bottom. Then we have a type C pod. Of course, the loudspeaker and the main microphone for your voice calls now. What is missing a course is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it's, really sad that we don't have that on here up the top. This little tiny slit here is where our earpieces and down the bottom here you can see that front 5 megapixel camera, so no changes here. This is exactly the same as the Memex 2 and just a little quick size comparison here, so it's actually smaller than the redmi note 5.

Even though the note 5 has the same size screen it's it's, also 2160 by ten eighty five point: nine inches. You can see that it is in fact a little shorter here and just for reference. I have the monster six point. Four inch me max two right here, which you can see, as you know, just massive compared to both of those there. So I won't be going through the setup on this one here, because the sellers already installed Google Play on there, so you probably also set it to English. Just get that screen protector off of course, so the ROM is all in English. It'S already been set up and there is Google Play Store so that's good. So because this is the Chinese version. We'Ve got a lot of this crap on here. So most of this I think it's around about 90 of this junk we can't uninstall, thankfully, but do wait for a global ROM if you don't want to have any Chinese apps or characters showing up on the ROM, so it is running me. Ui should be 9.5. Hopefully he has not installed a hacked ROM on this or anything like that. Sorry I've already gone straight past it at the top. Here. Yes me, a 9.5 stable that's, the vision there and, of course, I'll check for updates. This gives you a better idea of those bezels or lifts and right in top basil's. They are quite slim and good thing is we don't have an ugly knotch yet, but knowing show me, they will probably be stupid enough to copy Apple and add a notch on the Memex 3.

I really hope they don't. Do this, though, now my vision is me, you weigh nine point: five stable, as I mentioned before, but it's only running, Android, 8.0 and not 8.1, and for those of you guys out there that want to know that sensor, information and even the IPS panel, so it's Using a Sony, AMX 363, as I mentioned in the start, and a Samsung s5 k3 m3 as the secondary axillary sensor with that two times, optical zoom, the front camera is from Omni vision, and this is exactly the same as the meet max. Unfortunately, so the display is looking good but it's not flawless. On my unit here I can see some tiny little bit of shadowing just on the edges here and if you can pick that up just a little bit along here, so it's not entirely perfect, but overall, not bad. And yes, there is a wireless update. That'S just come through, so this is to optimize system performance and fix. Bugs I'll apply this right now so here's. What the phone looks like in the case – and I must say it does look actually quite nice and as it does fit it perfectly, of course, coming from the manufacturer, really nice very sleek and covers it all perfectly and the ports at the bottom. Those are open for your valid speaker, your microphone, and it was it a little bit more grip, so it won't be as slippery, but it's, not the most gru piest of cases I have felt so camera protection you can see is good.

One handy thing too, is: if you're moving from another Xiaomi phone, then you can just use the me mover app and what that does is just wirelessly send through backup that is then restored on the new phone now just very quickly. I wanted to check out how pop G performs this is on the high settings with the high frame rate and you can see that's pretty smooth there's, perhaps maybe a tiny little too stutter now and then but it's running really well and really. This is probably one of the better experiences that you will be able to get on Android, with this chipset, of course, and only running in 1080p and not something like 1440p well, I didn't quite get my chicken dinner. So here is the antutu score against the redmi. Note 5, so this one has a snapdragon is six three six, and this, of course, is the eight four five and you can see there's a massive difference. The Snapdragon 805 in this Memex 2's is an absolute beast here. When you look at these synthetic benchmark scores and not anything that just using it as well, you notice the performance either Snapdragon 805, of course, compared to the 636 it's just so much faster. This is a really quick phone. So, even though the camera is down the bottom in the chin, there we still have face. Unlocking and I'll just show you how fast it is so it's, pretty quick, not too bad and remember: it's, not gon na be as secure as your fingerprint.

Now the fingerprint reader I've already set that up. I'Ll show you how quick that is easy, literally touch it, and then it turns on so I place my finger on there to on. It is really really quick just as fast as the redmi note 5 and this one's popped up a few times that people have asked me, can you check and see if it supports treble the good news is it does support it, but it's only system a partition. So not both a and B, which would be better so time for a little loudspeaker test is so it has got a ticking read out speaker in the earpiece. Well, that doubles up as the same thing, and that is mostly just treble and mensa, boosting up what we get coming out of the speaker down on the bottom here. So, in my opinion, the loud speaker sounds okay, but it's. Definitely not a premium. One it's lacking a little bit and at a hundred percent volume it will actually distort a little bit I'll, give you a sample of it now and finally, moving on to the camera. So this is the stock camera app, of course, and there are some changes here, as you can see right here, we have this AI button, so that's going to automatically detect the scene at the moment. I don't have anything for it to look at, but it will go outside and it will take photos of flowers and things with and without that sitting, which I'll show you shortly in my camera preview, with all my samples and everything so we've got HDR.

Of course, right here different filters and that there is our settings so different modes we've got video. Of course. Now I wanted to point out here with the video mode that there's some interesting changes here that they've made. So we now have video h FR, which is of course high frame rate and you're at 720p at 240 frames per second, and then we also have 1080p at 240 frames per second. So this is really good, obviously there's, something that the snapdragon 845 is helping. Shall we bring this feature to the phone and not only that the image stabilization can be enabled on 4k video, and you see the video quality here right up to 4k or UHD, also known as so that's good to see there and some other little settings in Here as well, there now the front facing camera. Of course, when you use it you're going to have to flip it around to turn it up that way and that as normal and we don't have so many settings here at least at while on video we've got nothing that we can choose from. But if I go back into the photo mode, then we've got, of course, that dips effect now, so it can do that with the front facing camera. Just like the rid me Note, 5 and the filters – and here are the settings we have there. So not a lot there you've got your magic mirror and group selfie as well tries to get everyone looking good uses various different photos, since that is them all together with a group selfie mode.

Another thing that she'll me has changed up a little bit here is the manual camera mode here. So what is great to see as they've added manual focus but you've also got focus peaking, and this is a feature that you often see in DSLR cameras. You can see right now, where it's, showing that little those tiny little dots showing up so that's, where your focus is peaking and that just gives you an idea of where exactly you are in focus. So now you can see that standing out how the ticks they're in the backgrounds go on all red, so that's, where your focus is – and this is good so we've also got control care of none of the focus white balance. We also have your shutter rate right. There that goes right up to 32 seconds, so you need a tripod for that one, obviously to get those streaky shots at nighttime, ISO setting, which also goes right up to 1600 there, and then you can choose between the telephoto lens or the wide angle lens. So basically, the main sensor, all that two times optical, just remember that I do have a little pot plant here in the studio, so let's test out the AI camera I'm, going to enable it now and see what happens, how long it takes well that didn't take Long at all, so we go it's put a little leaf there, so it knows it's looking at a plant and basically I could see a really that looks like it's, just bolstered up the brightness and perhaps the saturation so I'll take a photo with it and now Without it and we'll have a look at the difference, so this is the rear camera now shooting it in 4k, and you notice that there's no more focus breathing is because the dual pixel phase detection autofocus has fixed that and is working really well.

The focus no problems, it is very quick to lock on and you cannot switch over to the secondary camera once you start recording, so you actually got no option to go to the second camera with the two times optical zoom. I think it's because it's, probably gon na, be a little bit too shaky, so I'm gon na walk along here now we'll test out the stability. Now I do have the electronic image stabilization enabled and you can see it's doing a reasonably good job here of this. So let's have a look at the front facing camera now, so this is video. Now on the front facing cameras that it's overexposing I mean just look at the sky there. You should be able to see some clouds and it's not doing a particularly good job. It'S. Pretty average at best – and you see that then the auto exposure is commentating. You can see some of those details there on the sky and the same goes for photos as well that it will over expose okay guys. So this is looking like a really decent phone. Just like there me mix2 was the face: unlocking is really fast and quick. The fingerprint reader really really quick as well. That'S, literally only a bits and a half a second or something it's, really fast, the performance of it. So the Snapdragon 805. Now, in my use and time on with it, it's really really quick, I see no lag, no starter, nothing, especially with only like basically like a 1080p display that this is branding that is very fast and fluid.

You'Re gon na have no issues with performance there. It is really top of the line now I feel that Xiaomi should have done a lot more with this phone. I mean why didn't they put a 1440p display in here. Why do we have a camera bump with the dual cameras? I feel that could have perhaps made them live flush. It would have looked a little bit better there. Now we don't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack or a micro SD card slot. So remember, you can use bluetooth and you can go and get the 256 gigabyte model as well. If you need a lot of internal storage and that kind of out rules having the need for micro SD card, I feel with 256 gigabytes, unless your music collection is even bigger than that. The other thing, too is: do I feel that the cameras on them yeah – that is a big improvement. Okay, don't, get me wrong over the me mix 2. The focus is the main improvement here and the video quality because of that so you're not going to have the focus hunting but it's, not a huge mess of step up, I feel, is still compared to other flagships. I feel you know. They'Ve got some work to do with the low light performance still and that regard there now the AI for the camera. So what it's really doing is just changing the saturation of the photos or tweaking the contrast, it's not really doing that much and is it creating a better photo, in my opinion, not really no, I don't think it is so I I doubt I would ever actually Use a feature I already just for this review here.

So speaking of reviews make sure you check out my review of the redmi note. 5. I feel that this one's got a better front facing camera, even though it over exposes it's 13 megapixels captures more detail and, of course, the location is in the proper place here up. The top. This has FM radio and in IR transmitted, is something that this mobile phone doesn't, and this is only right about 220 us. This is something for about 550 us a massive difference, and really I do like this phone a lot, so my review of that is right up here. Make sure you check that out – and I do hope to see you back with my full review of the mimics 2s, which will be in about a week's times. I hope to catch you there and that will cover battery life charging time wireless charging time and everything else I encounter and using it for a week or so. Thank you so much for watching this video.