It had focus hunting issues and very poor low light performance. It wasn't really that great, it was an improvement over the me mix, the first model, but here we have now that your camera arrangement, so one of those cameras, is 2 times optical zoom 1. So you can get in a little bit closer to your subject, so it also helps out, with the blurred background effect with bokeh, and then we have optical image. Stabilized camera sensor, the main one with dual pixel face: detection autofocus now we've got ugly camera bump. As you can see here so it's, not that great looking, if you ask me, it's, definitely copying the way the cameras are on the latest iPhones, how they've set them up with the dual cameras there and you'll notice that the design it's pretty much exactly the same. Unless you break out a roll of air and you check the dimensions of it, there's a slight difference there, but really good build on this we've got ceramic on the black back of it and it's more scratch resistant than any other glass coatings that you'll find it's A little bit slippery, but you also do get a very good case in the box now this case is perfect fit for it, of course, coming from the manufacturer feels nice in hand and just adds a little bit of grip enos to it, but nice curved images Very good in hand – and I do like the fact that they've got the slim bezels on the front this to me – is how slim bezels should still be done.

None of that stupid business put the notch that everyone seems to be copying Apple. I'M. Personally, against that, I don't like it but it's something we're gon na see a lot of in 2018. Sadly, now before we go on with the view there's a couple of deal breakers here for most people, this phone – and that is no 3.5 mm – a headphone jack. No micro SD card slot, so if you can live without those two things, let's move on with the rest of the review here, so the screen is 2160 by 1080, so that's, a 2 by 1 aspect ratio, good, colors, deep blacks. There is a tiny little bit shattering around the edge, so there's, some shadows that come in, but it's very, very minor, and this is me being quite picky with the unit, otherwise, for an IPS display, it's quite good. Maximum brightness is 500 lux, which is good sunlight. Legibility is average it's, definitely not the best. I find that the Samsung AMOLED panels tend to hold up a lot better in some sunlight and some of the Apple phones as well, not quite as good as those optical AMOLED panels for sunlight legibility there, but overall great screen and you'll notice too. That down the bottom has just got the one loudspeaker, so they haven't added a secondary speaker on the side but it's, just like the mimics 2's, that the earpiece also incorporates a loudspeaker there and I'll give you a very quick sample of that speaker right now.

So you can hear from that that it's, not amazing the loudness is okay, but it just lacks to meet quality. This is one of my minor complaints, so audio output, while we're talking about audio you're, going to have to use the adapter, of course, because there is no 3.5 mini headphone jack, but the quality is not too bad that that comes out of it. I found it's loud it's, clean it's, clear, which is good that's one good positive, but of course you can't charge at the same time using that adapter you're gon na have to swap over to using a Bluetooth headset. Now you also notice too, at the top there's. No IR transmitter we've got a secondary microphone and you can see there's antenna lines there. So, yes, the design, exactly the same. Apart from the camera modules as the mimics twist, this is not a bad thing, really good quality. Now the operating system it's running Android 8.0 is really hoping for Android 8.1, but hopefully that's going to be coming soon in an update, new UI, a 9.5, so 9.5 adds a few new features on there. One of the most important ones ones would probably be the full screen gestures, so you can just use gestures. So if you swipe up to the middle and hold, then you go into your recent apps and if you just swipe straight up, goes back to home and if you swipe from the left that takes you back once you get used to it.

It'S actually quite good to use this, and I find it to be a little bit better but it's a shame. We don't have any capacitive touch buttons down in that well kind of large bottom bezel. So when we also look at the operating systems, performance it's really really good. This is fast finance, temporary, again, 84 fibers just blazing fast, and I have not noticed any light lag stutters, nothing like no bugs in the operating system. This is really good, so here's a few scores here has the and to to score. You can see really quite fast, I mean it says one of the best you'll see for an Android device. If not right up there, it's got them in the top five. At least and okay that's a synthetic benchmark, but real world performance, the internal storage as well is very fast ufs, 2.1 spec good wireless speeds, as well, can get close to 600 megabits per second out of this well that's, two by two antenna, setup and gps performance. I wanted to point this one out because it is really good. In fact, the best i have seen probably on a recent mobile phone that I've reviewed 4G speeds. I noticed to be decent: no complaints with that at all good signal, a good call quality. Well, the call quality actually have a few little complaints about this, like the video quality, as you see later on the microphones to me, sound a little bit muffled as if a little bit washed out, hopefully sham, is going to be able to fix this that's one Area of complaint I do have with this mobile is that the call quality isn't really at the flagship standard and now we're going to look at other things like gaming performance it's, going to play all the latest titles out there.

So I tested out pubG World of Tanks and Shadow Fighter 3 and it's all super smooth, everything's running at maximum speeds here, we're looking at 60 frames per second aided by the fact that the screen is basically almost at 1080p screens. So it's got plenty of power to drive that kind of resolution, so the mimics it does have fingerprint unlocking just like their me mix in the mimics and it's really quick. This is under a second it. Just unlocks really really super fast. You can see no problems with this now also has face, unlocking the face: unlocking is not as secure. It tends to work most of the time I'd say about eight out of ten times. Moving on now to better like this, actually came out a lot better than I thought I was expecting, maybe about seven to eight hours but as actually close to nine hours with my own battery test here. So what I did was set the brightness to 200 units and continue just to use it. That was mostly gaming most at the time, and I did use a bit of Chrome YouTube things like that. I kept it connected up to wireless. On the whole time, I used a little bit of data, perhaps only about 20 of the test, so keep that in mind there so continual use almost nine hours really good from a really high performance chip like this one here now charge times it's one hour and ' minutes to charge it from zero, with the supplied, cable and charger, so that's really good that's very fast.

I went almost forgot, so it does have wireless charging, and this is the first time that show me has used it and if you're gon na be using a 7.5 watt wireless charger, you're looking at almost three hours to completely charge the phone so that's about double The time of using the cable so then, when it comes to the camera performance, so we've got a couple of new features here with the camera or one of them as the camera AI, and this really is a bit of a gimmick to me all. It seems to do is just bolster up the contrast, the brightness and a lot of shots. So here you can see I've got it detecting my cat here Vera and it's put a little cat icon. So it knows it's a cat, so that's clever, but look at the difference between these two shots. This is what the AI are, and it just kind of doesn't really do that much it tweaks it a little bit and with flowers that's going to over saturate massively and just bolster up the brightness. The front facing camera as well is not really that great it over saturates a lot. We get poor dynamic range and you often lose a lot of details in the background now. We'Ll support portrait mode, this front facing camera as well here's a shot here of the rear cameras, portrait mode, and you can see it looks good. But when you're getting close, you can see around the here areas like that around the face that it's not gon na stitch it together.

Well, this is all too common. Now a couple of other photo sample, so it takes a really good photo and the low light performance is well really quite good. This is probably one of the best I have seen from a mobile phone from Xiaomi. This is good to see, however, the camera's not all 100 brilliant. When we move over to video now it does have a electronic image stabilization option. It is enabled, but clearly it's not actually working at all. Okay works in 1080p. Now the video quality it's, pretty good, not bad. One thing that is lacking in one area is the audio quality to me is just not as good as it should be. Neither is the stability it's, not as good as even the redmi note. 5 now that's charmese budget phone, but at least the focus is really quite good, so no more focus hunting issues that plate the mimics to so overall. This is a really great phone. I'D really do love it top performance, great, build quality. We got the ceramics on it, they have improved the camera, but if you own a me mix too, I wouldn't be upgrading to this. Unless, of course, you must have wireless charging and you really want to have a much better camera. Well, keeping that original mimics to design. I do really like this phone there's just those areas of concern, so the core quality is not really that good. It sounds a little bit muffled the microphones on this for the other end and then the audio quality and video, and then a stability own video and colors in video.

Now this these are all things they can fix. Was software so, hopefully Shelby's going to come out with an update, correct all of that, and this will be an absolutely brilliant phone for the around 500 550 us that this is selling for thanks a lot for watching this quick of review here from me. I hope you liked it and if you haven't checked out my review at the more budget orientated redmi note 5. Please check that out up here and my latest videos hope to catch you soon back in the channel.