My first hands on., SO it's, the successor to the me mix from last year, which I reviewed. Now that was the phone that rekindled the trend really to started again: the trend of going for bezel, less phones, that sharp started quite a while back, but now it's very popular in 2017, with all those latest releases, including the iPhone 10 and the Samsung Galaxy s8. All trying to slim those bezels down and make phones bezel less, but we still have bezels on this. Now, having a look at the press images, I noticed that it could even be the fact that on this model to success, so the bezels are slightly larger, but we'll check that out and we've also got less battery capacity on this. So they've gone from four thousand four hundred million powers to only three thousand four hundred, which is slightly disappointing. No 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but the size of it now is a little bit more manageable for most people. So, instead of being six point, four inches, which was rather large, it is now five point: nine nine inches and the screen it's, not Super AMOLED or anything that it's still LCD should look pretty good, though, with those smaller at least the chin on the bottom, and Then the top the earpiece was under criticism as well for not sounding so great. I didn't, particularly like it in my review or the rear camera which didn't have any optical image stabilization.

But now with this model, we have a sony IMX, three, eight six and it has full access optical image stabilization and we also have a new redesigned earpiece. So anyway, let's get this unboxed and have a look at it in greater detail. So I lost my typical unboxing knife and I just had to get this makeshift one for now so it's, not the 64 gigabyte version I have, but in fact the 256 gigabyte one, which is great all right. So there we go I'm, not too sure what that is. I don't read Chinese, so I start off with the accessories here we have a type C cable. The power supply here just switched in there quite nicely, and this is rated to 12 volts, 1.5 amps maximum and the phone here now there should be a case as well included, which looks like it's gon na be here. So this is the case. So just like the first version, the me max also came with a very nice case. In fact, was a live, the one this one doesn't look to be liver, so some tall, the adapter, therefore type c2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, such a shame that they are removing these jacks on these phones and it looks like yeah. It doesn't seem to be litter, but a hard plastic this time around, so a little bit cheaper. The case there and has a gray kind of finish to it. Rubberized paint job overall, it's, not too bad, looks nice and it even covers the buttons there.

So it has this protective slip around it. You can see that this is where the NFC antennas going to be in this location here that they've marked out all right that looks very nice feels solid, so the frame on this one is made out of metal. Now there is a special edition model that will have the whole thing out of ceramics, so the only ceramic it on this is just this rare on here that looks like it's going to be a bit of a fingerprint magnet, although at the moment it's not too Bad, so on the back here we have that 12 megapixels, sony IMX, 386 camera. Now the lens protrudes here, which is a little bit ugly, and to top it off with the ugliness they've, put gold around it, which I'm not particularly fond of. I wish this was black, but nevermind that's, not too bad there's, the fingerprint reader and we have a dual tone LED flash so along the bottom of the device. You see the two antenna strips there. We have a microphone loudspeaker, the type c port, of course – and this right here is the 5 megapixel camera so still located in the Chinn. Now the chin of it or the bottom bezel is now a 12 percent smaller according to xiaomi. Now the aperture of this front facing camera is 2.2 and we'll have to check out the quality of that to see if they've improved that over the previous generation, but more on that later on so on, the top left you'll find the dual SIM tray here now This takes two nano Sims.

There is no microSD card support on this mobile, but with 256 gigabytes of internal storage. That is not going to be an issue for me, then, along the top two antenna lines secondary microphone and our earpiece now it's still not a traditional earpiece here, because the speakers located internally the sound is then transmitted through that gap here, but hopefully it will sound Better than the Memex but I'll report back on that in my full and final review on this model and lastly, on the right side, metal volume up and down and power buttons here, they've got a good feel to them. They do not rattle around at all, which is great so overall, it has a premium, build quality to it, and you can see that or really I'm getting a lot of fingerprints and smudges on this ceramic back and in hand feels good easy access to those buttons And a lot more comfortable than the Memex due to its slightly smaller size. So without the camera, bulge, 7.7 millimeters and then with it. It comes out to be 8.6, so it's, almost a millimeter more, that camera bump on the rear and weighs a hundred and eighty eight grams. So have a look at the case now, which is perfectly designed for this phone of course. So the cutouts are on the right places all open at the bottom, but it does protect the corners if you end up dropping it. So this should just clip in, I think, like so, and you can see there that those buttons and they still work great good level of protection.

Although that screen really isn't protected, but a very nice case – and you can see that looks really quite decent and in hand feels a lot better – gives me more confidence that I'm not going to drop it, because the ceramic material really is quite slippery. And if you are wondering yes, the case does protect the camera lens. So if you place it, facedown like the lens is just not going to touch it due to the clearance there you can see. The case is slightly higher than the lens itself, which is great all right, so it is just powering up now and you can see that, yes, there are still bezels there. In fact, it doesn't have that same wow factor the me mix dead, because if you have a look at that basil effect, let's measure that and I'm curious, so the top of it it looks like it's going to be approximately 3.5 millimeters and those side. Bezels are around also three point: five millimeters, so that's far from being what I would call basalis, which would probably only like a millimeter or a millimeter, a half or something. So me, ui8 half expected this because me, oh nine, is still in beta. So we have English or Chinese options and Tibetan. I think some other language is there, but not a multi language ROM, so I'll just skip ahead from this part and get right into it. So I think there are a few reviews saying it came with me: ui9 not yet, but later on it will okay, I'm gon na set up a fingerprint now, so first we need to put in a pin.

This is typical, normal, ok, the Chinese keyboard. So this is an annoying thing here, so once you get the global version with the global ROM, then you won't have this here, because it'll just be in either your own European languages or English, whatever you want there, so, okay, I'm, just gon na set up my Super secure, pin here it's like a fingerprint time. The reader is located just here, of course, below the camera module, so I didn't actually mention that before sorry, but it was pretty obvious so place my finger there and have to do this now. I think it's ten times and done. Okay go with the default themes set up, so that is great it's loading up now and just turn it off check how it unlocks. So it should unlock, read and learn straightaway, which it did. That is very quick. That is pretty much instant, they're, really good. So, first impressions of the screen here, okay, I had a bit of a rant about the bezels, no it's, not business, but it doesn't look too bad, but it does remind me a lot of the LG G 6 or the Samsung Galaxy s8 does the way of It and Xiaomi have clearly used a darker background here to try and make the bezels look even a little bit smaller there. So we have a look at the settings, can see. They'Ve got this new summary menu here in me, UI 8.5, that it's running the current version.

Actually, I'll just show you that ROM too, so there it is that's the one that they call stable, but I'll connect up to the internet and download any updates if they are pushing them out or ready for this device. So it does have Android 7.1.1 and see the resolution, the specs they put some of the information there for us, which is great. But if you just go along here to all specs, then you get the typical menu that I'm used to seeing here, and we can see the security patch level is from July and for those of you that want to know the panel information there, it is right There you can see the panel and in the back camera we already knew what it was: the IMX three eight six front cameras, an omni vision, ovie fifty six; seventy five free available storage, 241 gigabytes on the 256 gigabyte model. So there is an update straight off. The bat that I've got a download which is 1.4 gigabytes and if you're wondering where the notification LED is well here, it is down in the chin because there's nowhere else to put it on this phone. So looking at the display so far, it seems good to me you'll notice, when you're looking at sixteen by nine content that you're going to get these borders either side here, and that is typical of these types of screens. So they have to do that. Otherwise, you can, I think, maybe there's an option later on to stretch that, probably to get it to go to the whole screen and also we do have those on screen buttons there, which minimize and kind of get themselves out of the way there at least which Isn'T too bad now, when looking at the ROM here, you'll notice that there is no Google Play that's, because this is the Chinese version, so it doesn't come installed on this ROM.

But if you get later the global ROM version or someone flashes it over, it will come with that already built into the ROM. Now there are quite a few blow we're applications, but from experience you can remove, I think most of them. You can see under more apps huge amount of blight that is crammed on here. They even started putting some Microsoft applications on there, so even further bloating it up a bit, but they should hopefully all be removable and it looks like they will be so I'll go through and clean that up too later on before my full review, because I hate Having all that extra bloat and for those interested here is the antutu score, so almost 180 thousand, which is on par with other Snapdragon 835 devices with the Adreno 540. Now so far in my initial testing here, the ROM performance seems to be really good. I haven't noticed any bugs yet but it's early days, yet I'll use it probably for around about a week before I post my full review. Now I have installed Google Play if you want to know how to get that it's just a matter of moving some files over onto the phone and then through the back up menu system. You can restore that and what you're doing is restoring Google contacts seeing Play services, the framework and Google Play Store there and it's. All working and performance of that as well seems to be very smooth and quick, as you'd expect, so have a listen to loud speaking out, but before we give you a demonstration I've just discovered that I didn't expect this.

There actually is audio. That comes out of the top earpiece, so it acts like a sick injury, fullen speakers not quite as good as my me max, for example, which uses both of those speakers, but anyway, let's have a listen to it. Okay, so you can hear that that front facing speaker that little gap that they've got that it's not very loud but hardly adds anything but it's better than nothing. I'Ve noticed that at one hundred percent volume, though, the speaker is distorting a little bit overall it's, quite decent, the loudness that is putting out now, if you're not fond of the on screen buttons at least having them, showing up all the time you can get them To auto hide and to do that it's just to go into additional settings here, then you'll find buttons and then at the top, hide soft buttons and you'll see now that I don't have the on screen buttons showing 247. So I just need to swipe up for them to appear again and that's how you get your home button, but it does make things I feel, look a little bit cleaner, a little nicer but it's a real shame that Xiaomi couldn't actually incorporate Hardware ones in this Space here I know we haven't got a lot of space because you've got the camera down here and have also got the notification LED. So that was probably why it wasn't possible for them to do that.

So this has the same sensor as the me6, but, unlike them, e6 it's got four access optical image, stabilization, which is really good that's, going to benefit video low light photo performance as well so in the options here, everything's standard here, according to the camera app that Me ui8 users Gnomeo a nine. I think I made a few tweaks and changes there. Now we don't have that beautifying mode, because this does not have dual cameras on the rear. Of course, it's just got the single one there, which I prefer I'd have that an optical image stabilization. Instead of just the dual cameras so manual mode, we can tweak the white balance, focus. We can override that exposure time and then the ISO and under video. Normally they don't give us a lot of options here. Let'S see what we've got, we've got slow mo time lapse and then settings by default. Video quality will always be full HD, but you can see we are still missing. In 2017, 60 frames per second 1080p. Come on, where is it? We really do need to have that everyone else has got that in their flagships and then focus mode continue. Autofocus is by default, but you can override that to tap in case we do run into problems with the like focus hunting, which is being plaguing these phones for so long. Hopefully, fingers crossed it's not going to be happening and focus will not be an issue on this but I'm going to go outside now, while the light is good, take a few photos and some video sample from both front and rear cameras.

So let's check out my samples now, so this is the rear camera here, shooting in 4k with the default settings, so continual autofocus is on and it's doing a pretty good job to take out any shake that optical image. Stabilization on the IMX 386 walk along a little. You can see that the stabilization is doing a reasonably good job, a little bit shaky here and there, because it doesn't also incorporate digital stabilization. Like other Mobile's, we sample like the iPhones or the galaxy, is 7 amp. 8 by zs8 – sorry that has that in 4k, so the focus seems to be a little bit more controlled here. It doesn't seem to be pulsing in and out all the time but I'm still not convinced that is actually locking on to things properly. So it might be wise just to override it in the settings there there we go see that pulsed in and out then so. It seems like the focus may be a bit of an issue still on this, which is sad to see but it's a lot better. Definitely than what the me mix was like, so this is a sample now from that front facing camera, so 5 megapixels if 2.2 aperture quality, seems right, but I have no idea whether this is 720p or 1080p. Until I get it on my computer because there's no settings, I can't change it. You can't with your resolution, but I roll so far looks reasonably good.

Ok, so that's just a preview there and my unboxing of the me mix 2 it's looking promising, but I must say it just doesn't have that same well factor when I first unbox this, like the mean mix tube, did because that was something new. But now this isn't really new is it now the business designs are everywhere, and that is the thing of 2017. So obviously, I've got a lot of work to do with this I've got to use it. I'Ve got to test the core quality battery life I'm. A little bit concerned about because it's, a powerful, chipset and they'll size the battery down now to only three thousand four hundred milliamp hours, which isn't exactly super large, so the positives odda, the design is premium it's very nice. It is a fingerprint magnet, the camera. Okay, the quality I haven't it's too early already judged. It looks a lot better though then. Definitely what to me Mex is. I can say that front facing camera, video quality looks a little average and the photo quality too doesn't seem as good as other flagships. So they're falling behind a little bit there. We are also missing things like waterproofing and, of course, that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack gone. I don't think we're ever gon na see it back again but hey you know: we're moving over to digital they're, getting rid of the analog that's their excuse and if their excuse was to waterproof the phone, then why doesn't have an IP rating? No I'm not going to be testing it.

I will not make that error like I did with them. E6. So, yes, I will be back in my full review. I do hope to catch you back then. Well, I will fully test everything out. I will have a separate gaming review as well and if you want to see more on the camera, perhaps a camera comparison against my Samsung Galaxy s7. Then please, let me know in the comments and if I do have time I will try to get that out.