Actually just slid out of my pocket and went crash onto the floor. Probably from about waist height, they were kind of wouldn't, say super high chairs, or anything like that. Luckily, it landed on the the top right hand corner here, and you see there's a bit of damage there and what it did is prop. The whole glass front came out like this and the whole rear case. Didn'T come flying off it or anything like that because of the sim tray. Obviously that kept it in place, but I guess it held up. Okay, considering that the screen didn't crack because it did land right on the corner there and really, I would say if it had been a little higher but probably would have completely cracked this screen. So it sort of a good chance now to actually just open it right up and have a little look inside now: I'm, not going to do a complete teardown or anything like that, because I intend to actually keep this phone and hopefully not drop it anymore. But the good news is yeah: it did survive that drop. Of course it was down to like the way it landed I'm. Just going to get this sim doesn't actually want to come out this and tray yeah all right. There we go now. I should be able to just hopefully just pull this off so luckily the whole thing didn't go flying everywhere and neither did the buttons they didn't come out.

Luckily, so, if I just all that's on tight, I don't to break anything, and perhaps I should actually just go and try which I know there we go. We go it's coming out now, okay, so what do we have inside here? Obviously there is the fingerprint reader on the back that there is a ribbon cable there, so be careful not to damage that, and you can see there a rather humongous battery as we know, so you can see a typical rating there off 1815 million powers with a Minimum of four thousand seven hundred and sixty and there's a lot of heat sinks or shielding around all the chipset which will be under this now, as mentioned I'm, not going to pull that off is our antennas there at the top. This is your dual LED flashes. Six, the megapixel camera and down at the bottom. Here we looks like there as either a motor for the vibration. This could actually be a hall sensor, perhaps probably not actually not there. I thought there might be for the case, because there is a case they have on there and just along there. There is microphone and the speaker. This is all microphone and other antennas. I can see actually routed along the bottom there, probably your GPS or LTE ones. So it's a very quick peek there at the internals, so just be careful, learn from my little drop here that you should definitely probably put a case on it and if you're going to put it in your pocket when you sit down and make sure it's not Like a slippery pocket that will allow the the phone just to simply just slide out.

That is not good, because then is what happened here thanks for watching this video, if you haven't actually seen the playlist for the me max, I do have a lot more videos on this particular model and there is a full detailed review as well.