I thought I would give you an update now. I'Ve had the show me me max here now for one week and I've been using it all the time as my main mobile phone, and I just wanted to run through some of the things I've discovered and how I found the phone compared to what was my Daily phone, which was the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge here now, I've been really enjoying this mobile phone so far, and the main thing is the screen I mean you just have to try it before you knock it and say ah it's too big, because I almost didn't Order this to review I for now now six point: four four inches that's, just huge. I can't manage that kind of size. It'S just going to be such a pain to put on my pocket whatnot and yes, it is a bit it's, a bit clumsy kind of feeling when a couple of times I've walked through a door. Arch and I've had the me max in my pocket and it has knocked against the door just because it's been in my pocket and and walking through next to the door, the side of it it's just headed and got well yeah, it's big. But the thing about the phone is it's, so immersive the screen I'm really enjoying using it internet use and things like that on it very good and the battery life, the battery life just top notch, I've been using it now.

I think, for about two days non. Stop I'll go and just quickly show you my usage statistics here and battery now: I'm, not a heavy user I'm. Probably what I would call a light to medium use. I do a little bit of gaming. Some phone calls better internet, but everything so let's have a look. So at the moment I've got what do we got 65 battery and you can see there. Okay, chrome, clash of clans, real racing that's about the use I've been doing there. Hardware, wise screen, probably haven't, had a lot of screen on time, see I only three hours and 25 minutes, so not that bad. If we go and have a look at history, okay, I'm, almost two days now on it looking at how things are going at the moment – it's 20 past 5 – almost I would say, I'm – going to easily be able to get four days of use. Out of this. Now this same kind of use, you can see that it's, not that heavy. I keep wireless on all the time. Just so I can get whatsapp and things that updates and my emails. My gmail is on there and everything that's same kind of use on. My is seven. Each here would only last two days I would probably be down to about, I would say 20 percent battery or less having to charge after two days differently. I find the the better off in this thing.

Disappointing now have I missed having my galaxy s7 on me. Well, not really. The only thing I would say I'm s, probably is the camera when it comes to low life. I mean I really do like the camera in this. I think it's good, but I still don't think the camera of this one anyway, as it's still patch on my s6 edge or my my Galaxy Note 5, that I used to have. I still think that it's a better camera anyway, personally so that's the only time I really miss having the s7. I think I think I can definitely convert oh, but there's a couple annoying little things with the operating system that I don't particularly like, and one of them is I've, had a lot of problems. Trying to sync my contacts now what's happening is I get a message pop out saying that the contacts the sync is not working to try again that it's busy what's not working, I think it says, and that is really annoying I'm, not going to show you my Email addresses there, but what it says is the the syncs has an air contact. Sync has an error now I've installed because it doesn't come pre installed with your Google Play services, your apps, your calendar, sync, and all that you have to and use other different apps to install that, and that is what I did. I use the Google installer and I think, it's a problem with that now that's a bit of a pain, I've spent, maybe about half a half a day but an hour or so trying to figure it out and get it to work properly.

I uninstalled this is the one here, the calendar sync and I put that back on I'm, going to have to redo everything. So this is a problem that you're not going to get on the global version of this. The global wrong version of this particular model, because once you do the wise thing not like me, don't get the straight out Chinese and English only version get the one. That'S got the global ROM. You probably won't have this problem. Other things are related to just just minor little things, that's annoying like every time we go to plug it in to transfer files off I'll just show now so I'll go here and uh plug it in to my PC. It always goes and defaults to USB charging, which is annoying. I want it to save the setting that's a slightly annoying now I'm being picky here, but I would like it always to be on MTP mode. Why does it always have to be just charging only that's, slightly frustrating annoying? The other thing, too, is the camera. I'Ve noticed every time you have to go into the camera you have to. If you want to record in 4k video which I'm quite a fan of 4k video, I love the detail. It captures most of the time – it's, always okay, it's in full HD. At the moment. I always have to go and sit that every single time. Why can't? It save that now I have the same problem with the the me five.

The me five are the same thing. So did the the redmi note 3, then on three pro, so I think it's a meu. I think that they just don't allow you to say that they just consider Full HD sufficient for everyone, but why can't it save that sitting so that's my little complaints there, a couple other things someone mentioned to me as well in comments that you can't use widgets On the home screen where you can actually, because that clock is a widget, you can put any widgets in there. You can, you can add your own widget there. If I can do that there, we go to the gist your right to go along to the widgets and, yes, you can just go and track them in there, though these are actually widgets here, so they go in there and it's all in one there's, no app Drawer and you're either going to love that and hate that, and you just move this over and while I've got a room of a C in there, but where you find you've got room, then you can go and put in okay. I want a huge widget of the calculator right there, so it's all in one and that's, something that maybe will take me a little while to get used to coming from TouchWiz on the Samsung s7 edge. Don'T really find that as being too much of a problem, for me at least and performance is another thing that I really like I mean the UI just flies just moving around in the menus.

Everything you do it's fine, I haven't had any lags or stutters it performs like a flagship and the Adreno 510 GPU plays all the games. 1080P. You you won't, actually think that this is just a medium mediocre. Why wouldn't it mediocre, but a mid range chipset that's on there, not the high end it's, not a Snapdragon 820, but it certainly performs like one, especially with the screen resolution. Anyway. It might be a different story. If this had a quad HD screen on it, then I imagine maybe it'll run a little bit saw. Some of the games would probably choppy then, but the GPU is definitely matched quite well to this resolution and I'm. One of those people that used to say that 1080p is all you really need and I'm going to continue to say that now I do have quad HD phones, I own quad, HD phones and, honestly, the quality phones es. Ok, the screens are slightly sharper. Look slightly better, but perfectly fine, 1080p, even at this size at six point four four inches you can't really see any pixels, you can't honestly its job and looks good from at least of course, you're looking at it light or right up here like that and damaging Your eyesight, then you're trying to find pixels otherwise yeah. This green is really good and the performance of everything, just everything flies and the other problem again is the skin. Again, the me you either the causes some problems.

The fact that I do have the Chinese version, some of the applications in here like you, go to we accidentally pop up something in Chinese that you don't want because you you just go in there and look. This is Chinese coming up here, the search thing: okay, whoops note, didn't want that video happened. A couple of other apps will start up and, of course, Chinese. So this is something again. This is all actually fixable if you get the global ROM so I'm sitting by now, desperately waiting to get that. Another thing that I think this phone could definitely do with is Chrome is really nice, but look how massive everything is, and that is nice. Yes, very readable, isn't it and it's good, but I think would definitely benefit from exposed if people know about the xposed module there and you can get what's called application settings change the DPI and make this all smaller. Then I think you could really take advantage of the six point. Four four inch screen and things going to look really good on there, but definitely I have to say that donat was fine before you try it it's, definitely not for everyone. The size, as I mentioned in my review, but I am liking this phone and I'm seriously, considering keeping it the only thing, as mentioned, that would have me not keeping this probably probably the camera, because I really do like to have a good camera and low light.

As well the best possible, which is why I often think I finally had my s7 edge with me, but then again when I think about the nice screen for playing games on the nice screen for checking emails for typing on the larger size playing games on this. Yet just a pure pleasure and the fact that the battery life 2 is going to give me with my own personal use, maybe five days maximum and folks could squeeze that right out. I could probably get a lot more on there because I lived Wireless on the whole time. So if I was to toggle that my brightness setting actually always has been slightly higher than I would normally have it just to enjoy the screen more, I could even tweak that down and I'm sure I'm going to be able to get even better battery life. Out of things, but there's definitely for the price of this, which is about two hundred and forty fifty u.s. a really good phone. That is really the. The only thing is that I can complain about. Where is really the UI just those tiny little things, hopefully most of that's going to be fixable there, and if there is some way to save the camera to always take 4k video. But there is a workaround from that as well, and that is to use a program called open camera, which is here and then I can automatically just keep using 4k whenever I want.

So those are my thoughts now after a week of using the me max hope. You enjoyed this video that was helpful me if you're, considering looking one of these that does mentioned, I think nothing else, buddy the second time that yet don't knock the size of it until you try it because you'll find yourself actually probably liking it. Like me, considering, I never almost never bought this due to its size.