So i’ve decided to to do this and go free. Some spare time so far, i’ll just do a quick video showing you how to recover your max free. If you get stuck now, the data encryption era is a common one and also soft bricks. If you may have happened to flash android 12 and forgot to take your sd card out, this is a quick way to get it done now. The files that you need are just a fastboot rom of any kind. I tend to use the 9.93, which is on android pie or android. Nine. You don’t have to worry about anti roll back, because anti roll back was for anything before nine and there’s still no one to roll back on anything currently after android pie. So you should be okay, so i’m, just getting my phone ready for the fastboot flash. So i’ve got the device here, so you can see i’m trying to get everything in the shot. So you can see the laptop and the actual phone itself. So the phone is currently not in fastboot, yet so i’m. Just going to tell you what you need to do prior to that, so i’ve downloaded the rom, which is the fastboot nitrogen image. Nine point: nine dot free! I mean you get a tar, tzad or whatever you want to call it tgz file. You have to extract this file, so literally it comes up on because i’ve got ra in um installed.

I just literally click on it double click. It will then read the files. Then i extract it, so why do i literally just grab this file here? Make it a little bigger? I grab this file here and i just drag the folder out onto my desktop and then it will extract it now, after you’ve extracted it within that file. That you’ve extracted there is also another, far folder um, which only with all the fastboot files included. So i’ve got this down already. So all i need to do now is open my my flash tool, which is here i’m using the 15 of 11 2018 version. You literally just find the exe file. Okay, you give it permissions, so this is my flash tool now, a lot of people tend to just go boom straight in load, the folder and just flash away, and this is where a lot of people get stuck now this. If you look, if you can see my mouse, this is where you need to pay attention. You see where it defaults to clean all unlock a lot of people end up re, locking the bootloader, because they don’t see this normally when it pops up in the smaller box. You can’t see it, but on this laptop it does on my desktop it doesn’t. So i’ve been victim of this for quite a few times, so you need to clean all before you flash. So first of all i will choose the folder, which is the one i’ve just dragged to the desktop, which is nitrogen images.

Then you will okay. That 9.9.3, then, what you need to do just put the device in fastboot mode, it’s volume down and power button yep there we go fastboot mode, nice and easy there’s, no hiccups there, and what you want to do is you want to refresh this, and you will See your device listed here see here, see the mouse there’s my device listed and it’s ready to go so i’ve selected the the nitrogen image i need to now change to clean all now. Sometimes this is hit and miss. So if it fails i’ll just restart it again, sometimes you need to do a couple of times for it to work. I’Ve never had it work first time. So just bear with me. So once you’ve loaded up your folder you’ve refreshed and your device is listed in fastboot, you just go flash. So what i had to do guys to get the flashing process started. Is i had to move the nitrogen firmware folder onto the root of my c drive, as you can see over here, so about to load the nitrogen strip from the c drive, because it didn’t like the fact that there were too many um subfolders involve like desktop And nitrogen, so basically i just carried the folder from my desktop onto the root of the c drive. I loaded it back up and i started the flashing process and you can see the green bars are progressing. So what would happen is at the end of this result.

It will fail so reboot the device, and it will be fine now the reason i’m doing this is because this device is an imei error and i feel i’ve got a way of resolving that imei error. So, basically, as i’ve said again, i will type it under the screen, so you can know what to do literally, if you’re having any errors with, cannot load c file or whatever it’s giving you all you need to do is remove it from the desktop where i Had it and then just put it onto the root of the c drive as soon as i done that and started the flashing process by clicking flash, it went through fine, sometimes when you, if you fail, always remember to reset or refresh to get everything loaded back Up again, and always remember guys, this is the most important button that you’ll ever remember is to remember to click. Just clean all do not leave it clean all unlock because you will lose your lock or you will lose your unlock of your boot loader and for some guys, if you bought your device unlocked – and you do not know the manufacturer you’re going to be stuck trying To get this device unlocked because it will not be unlocked from your account. So when you try to unlock it, it will not work. Trust me, i know i’ve been there. So just remember guys, i will put it in bold again: clean all, remove it from the default setting of clean all unlock a lot of people, including myself, bypass this process and go straight to loading up the file and flashing and then at the end of it, You have a phone that literally is stuck in a with a rom that is locked and if, if it is the wrong alarm for the wrong location, so let’s say you were to flash a chinese rom onto a global device.

You will be stuck with a brick trust me. I know. It’S happened to me: you’ll be stuck with a brick and you’ll need to do edl to reflash that phone or to recover that phone and now edl with a dead phone, is very not very easy to do, because you have to take the back off the phone And do the test point buttons to get that phone to be recognized by the edl account you’ll have to find someone with an edl account with the permissions to reflect your device. This is not free. A lot of these guys charge in excess of 20 pounds. Last time i had an issue a couple years ago: it cost me 25 pound because i had to do an edl flash. It also cost me because i didn’t wasn’t, confident to take the back off. That cost me as well so just bear in mind guys always tick clean all, because that will preserve your lock. Your unlock, a lot of guys do not listen and they you’re very hasty, and you just go quickly to reflash and get your device back up. Just follow this steps, guys simple instructions like i’ve always said: if you follow simple instructions, you’ll be fine. You literally download the fastboot rom. I recommend nine point, nine point: three: you can choose any one of your choice so, as you can see guys, it’s failed, but that doesn’t mean the the the process was not um successful.

The process has been successful. So all i need to do now, as you can see, the device is rebooting. You can see, so the flash is actually even though it says fail. The reason it says error at the end is because obviously the bootloader is unlocked so and it obviously doesn’t know how to um, lock the bootloader so it’s, giving you an error at the end that’s. All that is so don’t panic. All you need to do now is reboot your device, so just turn it off and reboot, and you will see the in fact. You can see it booting down the bottom here. If i bring it closer, you can see that it’s, booting, android and that’s. All you need to do guys: no don’t worry, don’t, panic, don’t, sweat and that’s it, and your device will be fully recovered. Clean official stock 9.9.3 on android, nine, no um issues with rollback, because it’s it’s only before nine. That was the issue and that’s it guys. I’M going to upload this soon, so, as usual guys, i know this is going to help quite a lot of people because believe it or not, no matter how experienced you are in flashing, this still gets you. If you know it still gets you, it hasn’t got me recently, but it’s nice to know that i still know how to recover it. So all you need to do guys, follow simple instructions and i will repeat: download the fastboot rom get the latest version available of my flash tool.

You load up the my flash tool. If you got error, um unexpected failure that all you need to do is create a log folder in the my flash folder and then that will disappear. Obviously you should have the drivers installed. Then you literally extract the rom that you download, because it doesn’t come extracted. Make sure you’ve got the folder with the um fastboot files in you, you, you use the select button here to select it you. If you have an issue, i recommend putting onto the root of your c drive like i’ve done here. You load it up. You put your device into fast, put mode volume down and power button, fastboot mode you when it beeps to say it’s connected you refresh, so you can see it will load up the device here. Then you just literally once everything’s set clean, all make sure clean all and you click flash. It will go through the process. It doesn’t take long guys it takes about what a few a couple of minutes. Two minutes, if that be sticking longer than five something’s gone wrong, so i’d say to restart it again, but it should take only a matter of a few minutes. You’Ll get an error like this. The end do not panic. It has been successful and, as you can see, because miui is such a notorious uh, it takes so long to boot, we’re still in the process, but you can see the little dots going up on down just just above the android that’s, an indication that you know It’S booting, okay, guys so again like share subscribe, show us some love, keep the channel growing and just to end.

I just wanted to show you guys, as you can see, he’s booted up fine miui 10 and it will be on android 9.. So don’t worry guys. This failure error here doesn’t mean anything to worry about once that’s the end of the flashing process.