It is of course their first gaming laptop from them, so you've got Intel seventh generation CPU options with this, so you've got the i5 7300 HQ or the i7 7000 HQ eight to 16 gigabytes of ram. The nvidia gtx 1050 Ti or the 1060, which of course, is more powerful. I recommend going for that one. After all, this is a gaming laptop. You want to have the best performance there, so my model is that spec, so the GTX 1060 worth the i5 processor. So it's, not quite as fast as what the i7 will be, but it's sufficient enough for gaming. Now I feel that, shall we made a bit of a mistake here that they should have held off and waited for Intel's, eighth generation 6 core CPUs, and that would probably attract a lot more buyers. So it's a bit of an area they didn't wait to go for that, but do expect a refresh of this model by the end of the year with the 8th generation 6 core CPUs in them. So the build quality of this particular 15.6 inch laptop is really quite good, it's a lot better than those all plastic ones. You typically find out there from say MSI. The hinge on it is quite stiff. The lid doesn't have any flex whatsoever on it. It'S made out of an alloy and, as you can see, it does attract finger prints quite easily now there little strip at the top that you can see that's for the wireless reception just to help boost it.

I found the wireless range on this is really good and I can get a maximum of 580 megabits per second out of the Intel 82 65 Wireless chip that it has in here. That, of course, is wireless AC, so this screen is a 1080p panel anti glare, and I find it to be better than the me not Book Pro screen due to that reason that it's not so bleary and it's a lot better outdoors. So the maximum brightness is 300 Lux and is in fact the same exact panel that you will find in the me notebook Pro. However, of course, it's got the anti glare. That is the only difference between the two of them: the same srgb rating, the same a dobe rating as well. There, the gamma comes out to be two point one now. This screen does not have 120 Hertz there's only a 60 Hertz panel. It does not have do you think either so that's one opportunity that Xiaomi has missed out on there now when you take a look at the keyboard now this is probably one of my complaints. Is the keyboard now it's an RGB backlit keyboard, so you've got four different zones and what I don't like about this keyboard is they've compromised. The comfort of this keyboard so it's got a little bit of flex and not too bad it's about a couple of millimeters and then it's hard. But it bothers me a little bit considering the Mino Book Pro does not have any Flex whatsoever, but what is a pain, they've done a poor decision.

I feel design choice with these macro keys. You can see here so you've got these five macro keys that you can assign to shortcuts, of course, for your gaming, but that has compromised the usability of this keyboard and it's stupid that they have done this so they've crushed in the keyboard a little bit more. The spacing of the keys is not as good as the me notebook pro and after using this keyboard now for five days, I'm still having trouble with it and when I go to head escape I'm still hitting this fan booster button here at the top. So not really a great keyboard. I believe that the likes will say they still see your series keyboards, that you see on MSI laptops are in fact better than this keyboard here. So a failure there with a keyboard. Now the param rest made out of plastic to help reduce the weight. So this is a bulky laptop and not in terms of of the physical size of it it's not too bad, but heavy 2.75 kilos and when you add the power supply on top. That brings it up to three point: two five kilos and total that you have to carry around in a backpack. So, yes, it is a little bit heavy. Now this touchpad is not a bad touchpad at all. In fact, I would say it is one of the best I have used in a gaming laptop. It is Windows, precision, driver controlled, so very good, it's large it's got a nice smooth surface on it and more or less the same as that experience.

As the me notebook pros, so four ports along the back here we've got dcn Gigabit, LAN, HDMI, 2.0 that's great 4k, 60 Hertz, a USB 3 port and type c, USB 3.1 that's data and display out up to 4k 60 Hertz. But it will not accept charging. You can see obviously we've got that exit vent there. The exhaust fan too be three ports: 3.5 millimeter headphone in and out now I wanted to comment on that headphone jack quality that it is very good very loud and impressed with it. No cons at all with that it's, clean, good, audio out of that and you'll see now, on the left hand side that we have an SD card slot which is great to have this, but it's only running at USB 2 speeds, so the front facing webcam. As you can see, the quality's not good at all it's a little bit pixelated 720p on me, and this is the audio recorded on the jeweler, a microphones that at least is reasonably good. Now, along the bottom, you see we've got a massive grill here for the intake vents now this has both a pro and a con. Now, why is it a pro well Vince we're going to get a lot of airflow through this, and why is it a con? Well, that's pretty good, attract a lot more dust and if you happen to use this I'm, not a flat hard surface in your lap or, for example, you propped it up on a bed or something lying down in bed watching a movie, then it will overheat because It cannot suck any air and, through the bottom vent here now taking a look at the internals, you need to remove nine screws there's one under little plastic clip at the top there you get that off and you can see the build quality and the internals very Well laid out lots of cooling there and you'll see that we've got a 2.

5 inch spindle drive. This is one terabyte all models have this, and you also got a set of three SSD here now. You can't put an nvme in here, and you can also put an additional drive in here. You'Ll see up the top there or just located between that 2.5 inch drive there's actually room for another SSDs, so you can remove that a little bit of foam that's. On top of the set of three connector and then slaughter an extra drive which is really good, the battery capacity 55 watt hours now, this is good for only one hour and 43 minutes of gaming. This was witcher 3 that i tested out on ultra on. Of course, the dedicated GPU so burnt through it really quick and if you're using the integrated GPU with mixed use, i use chrome bit of streaming Amazon. Prime streaming, I managed to get then just under 4 hours, which is quite poor. This is not great. The battery life that you're going to get so the software to control the keyboard and the ambient lighting on the sites is all in Chinese, so you're going to have to get that it's, not an English. At this point in time, but it's pretty straightforward. You can see what this is. This is just our resource monitor this. You can see what the CPU and GPU are doing a couple of controls here to disable the Windows key function, key and even your touchpad.

This is for the fan, boost mode, so really loud fans, but it cools temperatures down quite quickly and then the adjustments for the controls here. So these are the macro keys. You can set them up and it's fairly straightforward, so you either got the pre selected ones down the bottom here or you can add some yourself, so you simply need to push like, for example, here control. If and it'll be there, you can save that, even though it is in Chinese, I feel that most people will be able to get the hang of this quite easily and then, when it comes to the keyboard, controls you're able to say well, these are the side Lights, you can see at the moment, change those colors again straight forward and for the four zones of the keyboard as well right there. I feel that most people had to get as you can see. We'Ve got the different just straight on. You can have it pulsing on and off flashing or just the wave effect and go through the different effects, and then each of those four zones adjust their the color. You want up to 16 million colors of RGB, so the laptops got these two downwards firing. Speakers now I don't really like this location, they're three watt and they do have Dolby Atmos, basically a graphic equalizer tweaking to them. So you can tweak the sound profiles a little bit according to what you're watching now I'll give you the sample of them.

Now they don't actually sound too bad. They probably could do with a sub just to make them a little bit more punchy or. However, so when you have a look at thermals, internal thermals are good, so it will not go over 75 degrees on both the CPU and GPU that's great. However, it comes at the expense of some rather excessive fan, noise and fan profiles. I wish they had a custom fan profile option, like other manufacturers, that you tweet that, but you don't get that here with Xiaomi and once you start to gain. It is really quite high, and you can see here it's at 56 decibels as the typical gaming noise, and if you decided that you're going to use that fan boost option, then it goes right up to 67 decibels, which is super loud I'll. Give you a sample now what to expect from the fans now taking a look at benchmarks, so Geekbench, for you can expect a single core score of around 4000 multi core score of 11000 Cinebench r15. Well, this is about 500 CB, so it's not super powerful. This particular configuration, especially with the i 5 – and this is the score here for fire strike, so that's 3d max score there around 9000 and that puts it on par ready with any other gtx. 1060 GPU. So we'll take a look at how long it takes to edit 4k video. This is the youtube 4k preset. I will start the timer and hit export okay.

So there we go 3 minutes and 57 seconds there to encode 4k with the youtube preset with Adobe Premiere Pro. This is about 50 seconds slower than the i7 7700 HQ to get that processor. If you intend to edit a lot of video and now, of course, it's a gaming laptop, so we have to check out gaming performance. So these are the kind of average frames per second that you can expect from the following games: okay, guys so just to quickly recap: here: we've got a really excellent, build quality of this laptop it's, probably better than most other gtx 1060 laptops. You will find out there. It is really quite good, so Xiaomi's is that an excellent job of that considering it is their first gaming laptop. The thermals are good they're under control. The fan noise, however, is just too excessive. I don't, like it it's quite a loud laptop and if you put on that afterburner turbojet fan mode, it's super loud and it's gon na eat or irritate anyone around you, even yourself, you're gon na have to put a headset on if you, if you want to Gain with that on at least I don't think you actually need to use it, though, unless you're in the Sahara Desert or something like that and you're gon na be gaming there. So the touchpad is one of the best. I have used on a gaming that table it's really good it's super large.

That is great. The speaker's good audio quality 3.5 minute headphone jack is quite punchy. It'S loud that's also good webcams, not really they're great. So the screen – okay, it's 60 Hertz it's, not 120 Hertz, it doesn't have G sync, but apart from that is a decent screen that they have used in here. The same as the me notebook pro screen, so it comes to the biggest con for me – has to be the keyboard. I don't agree with Xiaomi's design choices here. I don't know why they decided to to literally ruin this keyboard. The key travels fine it's about 1.8 millimeters it's RGB we've got the RGB side lights as well. I mean that is all good, but this extra row of keys the column of key sorry that they put in here with the five shortcuts and in the fan booster. It really does kill this keyboard because often you go to hit escape, you hit the fan, booster mode, you go to hit control and you end up hitting one of the shortcut keys there and because they've just crammed it in a little bit more. The spacing of the keys isn't, quite as good as the me notebook pro so I've moved from that keyboard to this one and I'm, having a lot of trouble with the typos and even after five days, I'm. Finally, starting to get used to it and not hitting those keys, all the time, it's a bit of a learning curve to have this keyboard here and I don't know why Xiaomi decided to do this did their prototype team when they were testing the prototype, not actually Type on that keyboard, it's it's really just mind boggling that they went with this design.

Those keys should be at the top or they just shouldn't have even the Mi Notebook Pro keyboard with RGB would have been perfectly fine. I feel for a gaming keyboard as a solid keyboard. Apart from that, okay, it is expensive. So show me, didn't put the six gin. Sorry number six gin, the six core CPUs on here, that's, the 8th gen. They should have gone with those as well, so it makes it a really hard laptop to recommend it. It is a good laptop, but it's just I can't recommend it. I feel go with MSI Acer as ASUS Dell gaming laptops with a similar spec, save yourself about 300 to 200 us and you probably even have a much better keyboard as well. So I hope you guys liked this review here. Please give a like if you did and subscribe to the channel and also check out my review up here of the meet notebook Pro.