Now that now has a screen on it, because they're me band 1 and the 1s, the first two models they didn't have a screen on it at all, which was a feature that a lot of people are asking for. Like hey, you can't even see the time you can't even see how many steps, while they've changed that now this one has a 4 0.4 inch little screen on there. Now that will give you some updates. So the box, you can see quite plain, the typical boxes that they use for, show me products and just the me logo there on the front. So I got this one here from geek buying calm and then take a look that long at all, actually to arrive, which surprised me got here sooner than I thought so. Let'S have a look at it. Finally, got it open that box is really hard to actually open up there. We go there's the little me band to there. You can see a little button else. We have at least one button there to cycle through the various functions on it, and there should be. The strip is the strap now, which is a softer kind of rubber material versus the first one, and there is just a simple little clip in there for the band so that just slides through and adjusts to your wrist. If you got really thick wrists I'm. Just looking at the size of that now, my wrists aren't that thick, but that actually isn't, that why did also maybe more built for the Chinese market.

So you have someone: that's got an almost wrist and you can have trouble probably fitting this on so it's just nicely housed in there. I can already see that that's the heartbeat sensor there as you get little lights coming on there. Little LEDs, I don't know if you can pick that up. It should be shown on the camera there. So tiny little thing there so that we have at least it's showing the time and we just need to now just push that into the to the strap and should sit hopefully and then nicely so when you charge it officer, you've got to push it out of The strap and then put it in there speaking of charging or just have a look at that, so that is now in there. Then the band fits in there quite nicely there's no way. I don't think that that's going to actually be able to just fall out. So let's have a look here now what else we have in the box? So there is the charger there. So well so should I say the cable to charge it. So we need to do is to stop that plug that in and connect it up to any USB charger, and that will be able to charge it up so battery low, for this is supposed to be 20 days now. That is actually less than the first model. The first models had, I think it was about 30 days of standby, better off talking about standby battery life here.

So what are we going to need the app to go through? They can see there there's these steps, how many steps I'll take in heart rate. Obviously, nothing yet because haven't put it on I'll quickly do so now, so even with my relatively tiny wrists, that's still about only that's, only about three or four holes up there, so that's going to sit on there now, hopefully well let's start to measure my heart Rate, no not yet, but it is detecting it. You can see there so the time steps heart rate it will also show if you have a call, but you can't answer calls with it. It'Ll just come up saying it as a call there's. Also a vibrate function too, so you can wake you up if you're sleeping so have a look now at my me max which I have with me. There we go my heart rate, heart rate has just popped up and it did deadly. Do a tiny little vibrate. Then so try now to sync it up with my me fit app that I downloaded. So I think, in order to do that, just need to go through the profile. Add a device should be able to detect it me band and I'm hoping it has me band to support don't, see why not searching for it now all right, so it paired up, and it did a little vibration just to confirm that it appeared up, and you Can see now it has synced the time in because it is actually at the time of recording this 632 let's.

Just telling me now that I have 64 percent remaining battery and there's a few other little features there. You can go through. So sleep assist, helps sleep analysis, reduces battery life, a firmware version and find band as well searching for words is just doing it. Just does a vibrate then so see if you leave it somewhere, maybe you can feel it vibrating event display settings. So you've got time. Steps distance calories, heart rate remaining battery are the options that we have there I've just noticed too that if you flick over your wrist, it will show the time to the handy little feature there, and so what you select along here will actually control what you cycle Through on, but the the one button that it has on there so now, if I go through this it's going to show me the time: distance, heart rate battery life and back to the time, so that is these options I've selected. So if I go along here now and and for example, I only want to see steps, distance and death is it with the time the time is always there change that now, the buttons only going to allow me to see the time and the steps and the Distance, just how I want it, so you can customize a little bit. That is not too bad at all to be able to do that on such a relatively cheap device. So there are a couple other features here that the application has and you can have incoming calls to be alerted.

The phone will then send a signal to the meet band to to vibrate. So it will tell you there's a call coming. You can also set alarms. So it will vibrate now to have an alarm every day that you can set up. Just as I handed little things you can get them in Bantu to wake you up at access set alert. So if you're sitting around for too long being a lazy, bum, well it'll vibrate and tell you how you've been sitting on your ass for three hours or something to get up and move around third party excesses. So you can sync it with google fit, for example. So when you go to charge it just going to have them, pull it up quite easy to do, and then that clips, and just like that and you plug that in for charging so quite easy. There build quality over overall I'm typical, actually show me build quality. Doesn'T seem to be too bad at all. Very good, well finished, can't, see any build issues with this and seen that bad at all and the strap definitely feels quite solid they're pulling on that and the weight Clips through with that clip in there. So if you're running through bushes or anything like that, measuring your distance, your heart rate and your steps and everything – and you snag it on a tree or something I don't – imagine that it's going to be able to come off that easily with this metal pen that It has through there and just the way the the strap feels definitely very solid, so not bad at all.

So that is the me band. Thank you watching this video hopefully see you back in the channel, with more unboxings and reviews of tech from China bye.