This of is Xiaomi's Mi, A2 and it's exactly the same hardware as the me 6x that I reviewed so I'm not going to be in this video covering the hardware in detail. Unlike I do with that video. Please refer to that video. If you want more in depth, information and detail about the actual hard way, because I'm, not gon na, be like those our 1 plus 6 and iPhone guys that when there's a new color, they review the whole phone all over again. 10 15 minute video. Just for a new color, as if anything house changes and it's the same case here, so nothing else has changed. They didn't decide to change their mind Xiaomi and go oh hang on let's. Give them me a to a micro, SD card slot and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now they didn't do that, so the specs you're probably familiar with them. If you see my 6 X, video snapdragon 660, which is a mid range chipset and it does perform really quite well – am i testing it's a good chipset? I do like it. We'Ve got to the dual cameras on the rear, so one is 12 megapixels. The other is 20 now that 20 megapixel camera does do some pixel binning with the low light photos and it's a basically, they can auto detect system that halves it up. So when it detects the camera both of the cameras on the rare that it's low light scenario, then it will switch to that 20 megapixel sensor, selfie camera.

The front is also 20 megapixel, so let's check out here the me a 2 with Android one. So I have here the global version. It is factory sealed. I got this one from Gear Vita, which is a new Chinese retailer that I am testing out and they shipped this one here with the HL so that's, why I got it quite quick, it's, actually being sold locally and will be out on, I think it's. The 6 things this month here in Spain, you can pick it up and also in India, it's gon na be out on the 16th. My version is the 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte, ROM so remember to choose wisely, depending on what kind of use you have of your phone, because if you're someone that has a huge music collection – remember no expandable storage on this. So we have right here at the top. I know from experience from the 6x that this is a case that it will come with and there's a user guide, the adapter for type C, 2, 3, five millimeter headphone jack and then the some trade tool. So it will take two nano Sims and the TPU case. They give you right here, which is one of those of transparent style, gray ones, and it does do the job and it's good to see that a lot of manufacturers are now putting cases in the box with these phones that are very easy to scratch and damage.

So that we have the phone right there of course type seek cover and then our charger now. This, of course, is an EU charger, because I have the global version and it is the European version now. The maximum output of this is 5 volts, 2 amps. So it's not actually using Qualcomm quick charge 3, but in my experience with the 6x it will fully charge the phone in just over two hours, so it's still very, very quick. Now the phone in he has a 3000mAh battery which is rather small. They should have gone with 4000 mAh one if you ask me, but it is light, only 168 grams, so the A2 is a thin mobile phone. You can see right here at 7.5 millimeters, but it has this hideous massive camera bump. That sticks out an extra couple of millimeters bringing the thickness up if you measure it with that to 9 millimeters. Next to the redmi note, 5 it's very noticeable the difference there with those cameras how much it actually sticks out on the 6x. Now, with the redmi note, 5 we've got at the top here plastic, but got antenna lines on this one and the unibody build is of a much higher standard, much better quality metal buttons on the right hand, side that do not rail and – and they have a Good feel to them the front camera with an F 2.0 aperture, 20 megapixels. This one here does actually take your selfie shots with the blurred background, so the bokeh effect portrait mode.

If you will – and it does a pretty good job of stitching that up – and there is also a selfie flash which is located just here – then down the bottom – you can just make out the antenna lines here, a little bit more prominent on the other colors. But what the black you don't see it as much we've got to what looks like two loudspeakers, but in fact just one so the loudspeaker microphone and then, of course, the type C port and the only physical difference. From this to the 66. I reviewed from looking on the outside is this right here: it's gon na they Android one on the back so in hand. The phone feels good it's, a five point: nine nine inch screen that they do have on this, which of course, is 18 by 9 or 2 by 1 aspect ratio. So this cover on the front that's, just of course for transit. So this green star not going to get damaged or anything like that, so you just have to pull this off and I may as well show you what it looks like in the case, because I know a lot of people. Don'T actually do this. So you get a bit of a lip around here, so it is going to cover the screen. So if you put it facedown, the screen then should not get scratched and you'll see that it is also covering up that camera, so that's also giving that some added protection there.

All and, of course, the case fits perfectly it's. Coming from the manufacturer, you've got the cutouts there for all the ports and everything and it's not bad for a freebie, or should I say an included case, oh, and that that user guide, if you're, a wondering yes it's, all in English, even that's, a Chinese phone At the top you'll find a secondary microphone and yes, there is an IR transmitter, so at least they did keep one thing so powering it up now, for the first time, of course, we get the Android one. Boot screen, haptic feedback. Of course, there is a haptic motor in there and we just have to go through our standard setup, so the screen is full HD plus, of course, because it's like a 1080p screen, but just stretched out a little bit taller here. So this is just like a stock Android setup because that's exactly what it is running stock Android like those other budget phones that I sometimes review but I'll skip this part here and we'll go straight into the rom, and so here we go the UI stock Android Completely stocks, so this is the show me mobile to get for people that could never stand me why you didn't, like it and ultimate. I never liked me UI in the beginning and I've learned to like it I've gotten used to, and I like some of the features and extras. It does have a course that you're gon na be missing.

Now with this. So we'll have a look at the stock. Apps we have installed so Google, of course, of Kramden. Quite a few things. There Xiaomi has two apps, so we've got me stormy community and really that is about it now they could have probably lighten this up a little. But really this is not bad at all. Now, what I thought would be interesting, a little bit different was to take a look more at the differences between stock, Android and say anyway, on this same exact screen here now you notice straight away that the calibration of these two panels is very different. So out of the box, I'm gon na have to go with Google with Android stock Android the way they've calibrated the screen here seems a lot better to me, because this is the default on standard and then under standard. The screen looks a little bit more correct, but out of the box, I think it's on automatic contrast, and it always tends to have a blue tint to it. Hopefully you can see that coming through, but one thing you are missing that I do particularly like here is of course, you've got this customization here you can tweak the colors to your own preference, with stock Android you're missing out on that and you're not going to Get that, unfortunately, this is just one of those things you need to bear in mind between the two of operating systems having the stock and in a different custom skin on there with me, or I now the speed of them, and have to comment that so far And it seems a little bit faster on stock Android I'd say just some of the animations going through things now I'm.

Not gon na actually do one of those speed test things because I just find them really irritating. To be honest, those kind of videos – I know I've done them in the past, but we notice too with the cameras. They are almost the same exact application. So when I launch them here – and you see actually look at me who I came up faster – they are very similar because they obviously had to go with this because that's the camera software they're tweaking the optimization that show me have done. But when you have a look at the settings menu, this is where you notice some differences so under settings here, just to show you this, that we've got stock, camera setup with the ceiling, so stock, Android settings and then it's still. The me UI, of course, that you'd expect so you've got the same options more or less, but there's a couple of things that are missing like the scan the QR codes. Doesn'T seem to be on there if you needed that, of course, there's apps on AB store. You can use for those you're not missing out on anything there, but even the pocket mode. Things like that you've got the watermark. Of course. If you want to put that on there that's something that shown me is quite fond of because these cameras, they are quite good cameras really for this type of phone. So that is why they do that there.

So a lot of those options there they're exactly the same now in terms of the video. This is one I'm interested in I'm going to have to test this out. So if I move over now into the video mode and just go through this now on to the options, you see we're going to get the same here so image, stabilization, video quality, 4k, Ultra HD, of course, image stabilization enabled it's enabled here as well – and this Is the same exact thing: no actually it's, not on this model, the 4k that's, because it's just not enabled on the readme five plus. If I was looking at the 6s X sorry, we would have then of course, 4k. Of course, the obvious. The difference is here with the toggles at the top. Your notifications and things are gon na. Look a lot different different there so show me has crammed in more toggles, so you can get to them a lot quicker there and control the auto brightness there from the screen there with just the setting – and you can see here, of course, that yeah you have To fit them in, we have to swipe to the side there, and instead of differences like this, that are really just very minor. Of course. Now one thing it is missing from the move to stock Android is that we don't have the full screen just your mode. So somehow they couldn't implement that or they didn't want to, which is the shame, so we're always going to have to use the navigation keys, which is perfectly fine that's.

What every other phone normally has anyway, but I'm so used to gestures. It would be nice to actually see that there, so what we do have just under the normal gestures as your typical one here so double tapping the power button will launch the camera and that's the only one we've got. So there are some good news and bad news for Netflix lovers out there. So yes it's on the Play Store. Yes, you can install it, but it's only in standard definition, no HD, and that is because shell me is still only supporting Widevine level three. So what does this jargon mean? Well if this was level one that would mean Netflix in HD Full HD, but there is a welcome changed here that I did half expect and then, as we've got full proper treble support. So this is great. If you wanted to later on flash your arm over, then you should be able to do this unless, of course the bootloader is locked well, it will be locked and you'll have to apply to unlock it with show me, which is normally the case, but they're really Tightening down and changing on that, so that may possibly change in the future. Now me remote is on there, which is good, of course, that allows us to take a bunch of that ions transmitter that I showed you at the beginning of the video and why not? Let'S take a peek at the screen in closer detail, so the gamma is pretty much spot on 2.

0. It should be around 2.2, but hey it's, not too far off, so it's not bad, and this, of course, is just a phone with an IPS panel and the viewing angles. Well, you can see them here. It does shift out and darken a little bit at the sight as you'd expect it's an IPS panel there's no screen protector on this. It does not come with one pre applied, which a lot of the Chinese tech does and some real world photos. So the screen does look really quite good, there's, no complaints from me whatsoever with this panel. I think, if I was being really really fast, he may be too sad don't, particularly like the rounded corners that much. But apart from that, this is a really it's, a fantastic screen for the price of this phone and to to school here so 130000. This is not bad at all for a snapdragon 660 and this is quite a bit faster than the old model, so the a1 has the snapdragon 6 to 5 and they get to approximately 80 to 75, maybe a little bit higher thousands and points. So this is about fifty to forty thousand higher and you do notice this leap in performance, it's, quite a bump up – and the cameras of course was Wow – are a lot better on this particular model. Internal storage speeds, MMC, 5.1, spec very good here, so sequential, read of 276 writes almost 200 and good random reads and writes.

This is not going to be bottlenecking there's mobile at all, so I went out for a little walk on the street and had a look at the GPS and it's working perfectly fine, just like the 6x, so it's between 3 to 4 meters, the accuracy and 4G Speeds good results here, so 30 megabits per second download 18 upload, no problems with the signal strength. The range as well and all that with wireless is also perfectly fine exactly the same here as expected same hardware as the 6x, so around 250 megabits per second is the maximum you're gon na get on wireless AC is 5 G band, so we just got the One nailed speaker, as I pointed out at the start of the video which is just on the bottom: there no secondary loudspeaker the front facing one the likes you get on other mobile phones, like my me max to the me max three, but the loudspeaker does sound Good I'll give your sample of it now. So I bout to head out now take some photos. Some video as well now open camera with 4k electronic image. Stabilization is working because it does have. You can see right here legacy at least it's something it's, not full support, but legacy our camera API to support so I'm, not showing you a bunch of fingerprints and smudges on the rear. No, but that's. Just what happens? What hoodoo wanted to show? You is the fingerprint read on the back: okay, just to mention it that it works flawlessly, super quick to unlock, exactly like all the other Xiaomi phones, since the redmi note 3 was it.

I think that i started to really improve the fingerprint readers and no problems. It'S so fast and works every single time, but we don't have any face, unlocking for some reason. With this model you get it on the 6x, but maybe Google just didn't want them to have it because it's not so secure. So this is a sample from the front facing camera get 1080p max exactly like the 6x. The quality is decent, it's good for the price, no complaints, the audio as well seems to be perfectly fine. So let's take a look now at the rear cameras. So this is 4k with this stock app, even though I do have the image stabilization enabled it doesn't seem to really do anything or work at all, so it's a little shaky the footage, but it is sharp. The quality is good it's just that stability, but luckily there is a solution to this and just like there meet 6x and that is to use open camera. So you can see straight away. The massive difference open camera makes with electronic image stabilization. The current bitrate is 16 megabits per second, if you hold it with two hands really still, it looks like it is almost on a tripod or you're, using some sort of gimbal and just panning around here, and I will walk down these steps just to show you That this stabilization is very, very good and it's, almost like the Google pixel, you see how steady that is and how smooth so front facing camera in low light.

You can see. There'S lots of grain and not a very good image notice, is to be expected very difficult conditions. I will turn on that front LED flash as well. Now you see that's marginally better, but now my face is kind of orange. Like an orange now sample of low light video – and you can see, the focus does start to actually hunt so it's pulsing it out the whole time there's one problem that it does have here: there's quite a lot of grain and overall the image actually looks a Lot brighter than what it actually really is, so there we go guys. The me a2 is both two steps forward, one step back because compared to the me, a 1 we've lost a few features here: we'll lost a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the microSD card, which is a real shame, and I also feel that Xiaomi could have made It about a millimeter thicker and they could have added a four thousand milliamp hour battery would have been a little bit better, just like the Ruby note 5. Now, apart from that, if you don't like me UI, then this is clearly the phone to go for, but not only that it has fantastic cameras for the price and category of this phone, so it's selling for around two hundred and twenty nine us at the moment. At the time of this video, and normally that limits you to those mediatek phones out there and it's, not a wonderful process and normally they have really bad cameras on them, so you're getting something just so much better if you're someone that does not like these custom, Chinese launches you're worried about Chinese firmwares.

You want the latest updates that come through. This is meant to get Android P Android 9, as soon as it comes out its supposed to be one of the first devices according to Google at the press conference, I was at so we'll see what happens there so it's going to get the updates quick and Overall, the performance is really good. Now I haven't shown you any gaming, so check out my me 6x for that and also check out my comparisons for the camera. So you want to compare the ribbing Note 5 to this. Basically, this exact same camera then check out my also comparison of that straight up here and please do check my full review of the me 6x, and that covers a lot more detail. But overall, if you want stock Android, you want basically a Google pixel on a budget. This is the phone to go for.