We know the specs of this phone well, most of you probably will if you're watching there's a Snapdragon 855, so it is Qualcomm. Sinuhe 7 nanometer chip it's more efficient, a lot more powerful. Now. My model of the me 9 here is the black version. It has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, so let's start out with having a look at what we get inside the box. The packaging of the box has this really nice shimmer to it. They'Ve gone with the silver, and it actually looks quite good, but it makes it a little hard to capture on camera. So in the top case here we'll find a TPU case as i7 3 to 3.5 millimeter to type C adapter. Yes, of course, it does not have 3.5 millimeter support, they're not going to ever. Have this. I think in the me series of phones, they're flagships here is our case now: it's a TPU style, one and it's in a smoky gray color, as you can see there for a basic included case. It is fine, but I would probably upgrade to something else later. On it covers the buttons – and I will show you in this video what it looks like with the case on it. You also get a warranty card and then a user guide, the included charger is your QC three specs, so it does support Qualcomm quick charge for, but you only get the 18 watt charger here and finally, a standard type c2 USB cable, the chips with a transit Screen protector, that's listening out out key features here, note that it does have 20 watt wireless charging, which is a first.

The phone weighs a light, 173 grams, eight point two millimeters thick and with the camera bulge. That then brings that up to about nine point, five millimeters, my version is the piano black one and the finish is very good at this phone really, nice super reflective and extremely slippery too. So you want to have a case on this phone, especially in winter, when you've got cold, hands it's just so easy to drop this now. The edges, the finish around here feels really good in hand. There'S no sharp corners to it whatsoever. It'S typical Xiaomi build quality and it feels very similar to the likes of the Memex 3, all the me 8, so 4 buttons on the right side. We have a metal power button, metal volume up and down they don't rattle around, and they do have a good feel to them. They'Re easy to access. Well, at least the power button. Is the volume buttons not quite so so for camera is the top one that's. Our telephoto 2 x that's, a 12 megapixel sensor below that is the Sony AMX. 5. 8. 6. This has an aperture of if 1.8 and it does also support the quad Biotechnology so basically down samples 48 megapixels to 12. It is lacking optical image, stabilization, the sensor below it. This is new. This is now an ultra wide 16 megapixel sensor, and you can probably just make out right here. We do have IR transmitters, so this is used.

Those calling it and marketing it as laser assisted autofocus, but it's really just I are assisted focus then just below that protruding camera module, as L dual tone LED flash like other Xiaomi phones, the a2, for example, the camera bulge. Definitely bulges sticks out a lot and it's to me. The ugliest part of the phone top left you'll find the dual nano SIM tray, so it does have a rubber gasket around it. It is made out of an alloy, so it feels strong. Now why it's got the gasket that's to give a little bit of splash resistance, keep dust and dirt out, but it does not officially have an IP rating and below. We now have a dedicated Google Assistant button along the bottom you'll find a single loudspeaker here, microphone. It looks like it's dual loudspeakers, but no, there is no Jalil speaker setup on this at all. Not even the top earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker. Two antenna lines now I'll type C put down the bottom. This sadly, does not double as video out so there's. No video output on this – I did test it with some HDMI to Type C adapters and hubs, but I got nothing from it. Charge times are very fast, so using the supplied and charger you're looking at about 1 hour and 25 minutes to fully charge it, which is very quick at the top you'll, find one antenna line, IR transmitter and secondary mic for noise cancellation, and it is used in Video as well so the top bezel is a reasonable size.

The earpiece looks like it's, very long but it's actually quite short and it's just off center. We have an ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor within this we're go to a water drop style notch. Here with a 20 megapixel camera and from Omni vision and has an F 2.0 aperture now I have noticed that having us in my pocket, because the earpiece is recessed, that this does not take long at all to full full of dust. The SOI basil's, as you can see, they're slim they're, not the slimmers they're, not at Samsung Galaxy S 10 level, but they're, not bad at all. Considering the price of the phone now I'm, not seeing any defects, unlike the honor of V, 20 or other phones, that I've looked at even the redmi note 7, you were getting the shadowing around the knotch that's, not happening here, it's, very good that's, thanks to, of Course the Super AMOLED panel, which is definitely helping the bottom bezel, does look really good it's very small here and we do have those overly rounded corners which I'm not entirely fond of, but they don't tend to block UI elements, which is good now our status light Is just very small at the top only in white, so sadly, no multicolored LED here, so these slim bezels and the water drop knotch, give it a more modern look, especially when you compare it to the likes of LG's g8. The phone runs Android 9 and the skin on.

It is Xiaomi, zome, of course, which is me you a 10 point to the global ROM. So we've got plenty of languages there to choose from and here's what the phone looks like in the case. So the case does protect the screen only just at about a millimeter. It raises up over the screen surface, but what isn't protected is, of course, their camera. If you have a look sight on the camera, still protrudes a little bit, so you do risk getting that lens scratched. So we have a very nice panel on the 6.3 9 inches with a resolution of 23 40 by 1080 and there's, a maximum brightness of just over 800 Lux it's, very bright, sunlight legibility is also excellent, touch response the digitizer running at 60 Hertz. I have no complaints whatsoever and just look at how deep the blacks do. Look good, color, reproduction, of course, once you have the display set on the standard mode, otherwise it does look a little bit oversaturated. So, just like other showy phones, you can tweak the white balance to your own personal preference. It looks more correct on standard which I prefer so our fingerprint reader with an AMOLED screen, and then this logo always appearing around about the same position. Now the pixels do move. I always worry about screen burn so long term. I do believe it'll probably burn in, but it does switch off. You tap the phone to wake it. It tells you where to place your thumb.

Now you have to put it on there. Really quite accurately, otherwise it might not work and that wasn't that accurate, but the unlocking speed. I found to be very fast, but I wouldn't say it works 10 out of 10 times it's more like 9 or 8 times out of 10. In my full day, with the phone now so it's, not quite as good in as fast, I feel as the rear fingerprint readers on the old phones so they're wrong because I'm on the global version. Now you don't get all of that Chinese bloke with it's. None of their you get quite a bit of google bloat, so that to me is still considered as bloat tools, not really there's, just a few things in there they're a little bit annoying but overall it's a lot lighter than if you've got one of the Chinese Roms now we do have emit display, which says shammies on screen display. So when you turn it off, then you'll see the time will show up now. It doesn't show notifications. So this is a complaint I had with previous models. They really need to put a little bit more attention into this. Just like Samsung. They could end up showing us a lot more. Their information you could see, missed, calls emails, text, messages and all that, for example, you can schedule it. I normally just leave it on. It does come at the cost and a little bit of a battery life.

Another commonly asked question was dark mode. Yes, there is dark mode being an AMOLED panel. This is good to save battery life as well. Using that now let's. Just quickly talk about the ROM performance, it's very good, but do you feel the difference going from snapdragon 845 now that 855 even faster, powerful GPU, I don't see I don't really notice it. It doesn't really feel that much different it's, not a reason to really upgrade to this phone now. I'Ve noticed that the multitasking and, most importantly, that full screen gesture lag is gone, but multitasking seems to be smooth it's fast. I don't have really any problems going through things changing over to different apps, no issues with that. But what I do have a problem with is we're still not seeing the notifications, like notifications coming through it's, acting like it's the poco phone with a really long knotch. So we're not seeing anything at the top, which is really silly because we can see. I can on my icons that I got whatsapp messages but they're not at the top here, and they don't of course show with the on screen display as well. So that's one annoyance that Xiaomi does need to address. They need to fix that other than that the performance of the phone I mean it is really quick. It'S super smooth at launch times again very good task manager a little bit aggressive, so it sometimes has to reload apps after a while and now for a few benchmarks, so Geekbench four, very good score.

When you look at that multi core score, that's impressive, that's, almost 10000, so it really is a step up if you like your benchmarks. But when you look at the internal storage hey, this is still a really good speed, but it's not the fastest. I have seen the sequential read I've seen up to an almost well well over 900 megabytes per second for the likes of the make 20 in pro and mate 20x here's or antutu score. This is when you look at it and just go WOW massive difference here. So this is up like a hundred thousand points. The biggest change is the GPU that 156000. Again, if you love your benchmarks, then we're really really quick there now GPS to test it out, no problems whatsoever. It has dual frequency, GPS and your accuracy is always going to hover around about four five, two three, sometimes meters, so that's, fine, it locked onto almost every single satellite 4G speeds here in Spain, tested out no problems, no problems with the reception of the antennas either And then I did some wireless testing as well, not quite as fast as I thought. It would be. Definitely not the fastest wireless it's on wireless AC, but I couldn't really get anywhere over. This is between the phone and router. By the way, this is not affected by the speed of my fiber line. This is just router, router I've, seen way higher than this one, but it's still good, and I did go over the other side of the apartment where the signal was quite low and still a good result, though you're still gon na get decent download speeds.

Now there is some good news here when you check the DRM info, so for those of you that, like to stream your video over the internet, for example, Netflix you're not going to be stuck and standard definition anymore, because Xiaomi they're up with the times now, we've Got Widevine security level one, and that is great news, and there is of course face. Unlocking I'll just quickly demonstrate that now very quick, so I'll lock it tap it and it unlocks it's only about a second. What about the audio quality so no 3.5 mini headphone jack, but the type C 23.5 does sound, very good it's loud enough, it's clean just pretty much like any other, showing mobile phone excellent. I haven't any problems with that. Now call quality have met a couple of voice calls, so the earpiece doesn't sound as good as my Samsung Galaxy S, 9 plus it's, not bad it's, just it's, not quite as good there. Now there is no secondary loudspeaker up here, the loudspeaker on the bottom. It does have a decent amount of loudness, so no complaints, but the Lerner's of it, depending on the content you're playing, for example. Some games are very loud coming through that speaker, but here is a sample of it. Now: Music, Applause, Applause; okay, what about gaming performers? This is all pretty much stating that obvious isn't, it Adreno 640 it's the most powerful, my Android GPU, really that there is and it's very smooth.

So this is shadow gun and only in the lobby. I like to use this as a graphics test, a very quick one on ultra high setting 60 frames per second. It is very, very smooth, whereas on other mobiles, even with just a couple of years old CPUs, it will just choke now and be stuttering, and you get all. This lag I'm only recording in 30 frames per second, so you can't quite see how smooth this is. But it is running the best. I have never seen it really it's, just really smooth cuz normally moving around like this for fast movements, you would definitely see some frames per second dips, but no not the case so pub G. All those games on the highest possible settings are gon na, be super smooth. You can't really get any faster than this, as for heat, well it's, getting a little bit warm in this area right here, so that's, obviously, where the chips editors and the screen at the front to does warm up after a good gaming session, especially with the demanding Game like this at 60 frames per second, so just in the camera mode very quickly. Before I show you my samples, so you can, with video swap between the ultra wide angle, okay, that's, the only one you can't go over to the telly and zoom recording at the moment, but there's no way to swap when recording, which is a little annoying. I, like with my Samsung, I can go from the x 2 to the standard wide, but you can't do it with this.

I'Ve also noticed that the 60 frames per second 4k is very poor quality. I wouldn't use it it's a lot of grain. Okay, it's a lot smoother, but it uses the same bit rate as 30 frames per second, I don't know why show me have done that. So there's still got a little bit more work to do here, and I said this is how you swap between him. You can get rid of the ultra wide now and it gives us the x 2. You can see so you tap that and it gets us our tele lens and I roll it's all straightforward got a ie. Just slightly bolsters the colors a little bit of sharpening night mode is here now, so that is good. This is something that is new, but it's, not as good as night mode in other mobile phones. So here are those samples now I'm going to record some daylight night front facing camera and back and also photo samples and front facing videos so for a flagship in 2019. I do believe they definitely have to implement electronic image stabilization on this. As you can see, it's a little bit shaky. It is enabled, but clearly it's not working. Now it is a 20 megapixel sensor, and I do believe that it could also support 4k on the front, which would be a nice addition or even 1440p will be good same again, that the audio quality bit rate a little bit low, not the best and the Focus is also fixed so depending on where you're holding it is whether you're gon na be in focus or not, but I think the the range the distance they have chosen here, isn't too bad now the front facing camera in low light is you can see their Quality, of course, drops right off, but at least it's not dropping any frames that's the main thing.

So this is a video sample. 4K 30 frames per second with the electronic image stabilization enabled, and you can see it does a very good job. So I'm, just gon na walk down these stairs here, just to demonstrate it now, just like the ultra high camera, you cannot swap between the lenses. Unfortunately, you can zoom in digitally, but it will not actually swap over to the other sensor. Audio quality is alright, but the bitrate is not really the best. They could definitely improve on the audio with the mic, so feel just like really what I can complain about. Almost every single time here, but the stabilization good that it's working this time around because on the me8 it didn't really seem to actually work. This is now an ultra wide sample, so the electronic image stabilization just walking it's all handheld. You can see it's doing an excellent job. This is really really good stabilization and as long as you pan around slowly, then the video quality remains good. You do see a little bit of a jelly effect and this lens is not as sharp as the other Music. Some point down low light focus struggles, a little bit more, a little bit more noise but that's normal Music, Music, Music. So let's talk about the battery life very briefly, I've been using it and I've got a screen on time. That'S. Almost four hours and I've lost about sixty percent battery sounds bad, but I have been doing quite a lot of demanding things.

This is mostly on wireless, so my estimate, you're gon na I think, get about seven to eight hours or continue on screen time on wireless, which is okay, which is fine, but you'll definitely make it most people through a full day unless you're a gamer. Now, if you're going to be gaming, especially it's 60 frames per second, when I was playing shadow gun it burns through the battery, so I believe that you can just kill that Barry, then, and probably about four hours or five hours, which is not the best. So the weakness is a little bit the battery. I think most people, it won't, be a problem, but why didn't they put a larger battery in this now. The build quality is very good. The fingerprint reader. It is good. Okay, you have to touch it right on where it is where the sensor is, and it works nine eight times out of ten there's been a few times where I've had to redo it again, but this has happened with other phones. It is still improving on that fingerprint and screen reader quality. Do it again, but it is very fast performance of the phone blazing fast it's, really really quick. I haven't seen any full screen gesture legs, which is great, but I do have a little bit of a complaint with the UI. Why are we not getting the notifications at the top? There show me, because this is using me: UI it's set up for their phones that have notches so, like the me eight or the read me and that's, why they've got rid of it.

You can't see them all at the top, because it doesn't have a wide notch, it's only the teardrop, so they need to fix it with software there's. Some software tweaks as well. I hope they implement when it comes to the cameras, so you can't swap between the lenses when you're recording video and they could and definitely should improve the audio quality in video. So this got a DxO mark of video number one, probably because of a year has reasonably good sharpness. You do get a bit of a crop. The stabilization is excellent, but you know if they're not factoring in the audio, then it's definitely not number one there's room for improvement there, but overall it is very good front facing camera, however, does not have any electronic image stabilization and then come on. This is 2019 it's, a flagship phone. Why not? Why can they do that it's just software? They need to implement that now. There'S, just other tiny, little minor complaints with it. So we don't have the dual loudspeaker anymore: the 48 megapixel camera they've joined the megapixel race. Again, I would have preferred the 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and the faster dual pixel face: detection autofocus. It would probably perform better and low light as well, because then they can lower and have a much slower, shutter rate capture more likely at more light into the sensor there, but they can, of course, without the optical image, stabilization, so low light.

Photography it's not as good as say, Google's, night sight and all the other night shot modes that you get with other brands but its software, so they can probably improve upon that. But overall, this is a really great phone. When you factor in that it's the latest chipset 2019 selling for four hundred and forty nine euros currently here in Spain, great price great phone really do like it. So thank you so much for watching this review and please do like them subscribe for more upcoming videos.