In fact, some of those firmware updates have introduced new bugs now. This phone has fantastic hardware, especially for the price when you consider it so it's got a great screen, great cameras and overall, a very good build, and especially when you factor and then for most flagship phones, they're going to be costing probably twice the amount of this One here so we do get a lot, but here are five things that I don't particularly like after a month of using the me 9. So I am on the latest firmware here. This is me, you eyes. 10 point. 2, point 17 go! So what are the first ones and for me, is a little bit of a major now. Some people, probably won't, actually be bothered by this at all, but the notifications they're not showing properly so you have to swipe down to see them or you do get the icons at the top and yes and the settings they do have it enabled so the icons Would show for the notifications, but they disappear now. This is either something that show me once in their roms. They want it to be hidden away just to keep things cleaner at the top, which I feel is a mistake, but even after that last patch that we got the firmware update, you did not fix that. So I've demonstrated this in my review. I will just go and download whatever any app just to show you, when the notifications now will all start to pop up see how we're getting all the icons there and watch what happens now.

They'Re gone and they stay gone until you swipe down from the top to see, then all the notifications which to me is a little annoying now. This is another thing here that does annoy me and it is the face, unlocking so my region, I set it to Spain because I'm living in Spain and I don't have face unlocking available to me, which is I don't know. Why show me at doing this? Can someone explain to me why they would stop certain regions from not having face unlocking, so I have to use, of course, the fingerprint reader, which is perfectly fine. It took about what 2 seconds just then so in order to get it, I would have to change my region, then from Spain to something like India and a few other countries I'm. Not too sure I think it's. Maybe Sweden was one that might have it enabled or Switzerland let's try that ISO changed that over now let's see if we get to face unlocking cuz I've already actually set it up before no okay, poor example. But if I set it to India, I know they're in face. Unlocking is definitely going to work, but what happens when the region is set to India? You will start to see advertising now. If you haven't seen my full review, I think that's my follow up video. I just get out of this for a second and show you that you get this right here: okay, advertising and some very inappropriate advertising that pops up in the ROM.

So this is here it's saying, like friends worth it, doesn't translate, really amigos con derechos it's like an adult dating site; okay, this should not be showing up in there. So when I enabled India it started pulling through these inappropriate Spanish adverts inside the ROM, the official apps here, so that was the cleaner app. I think it was just from the top here when you went to cleaner after you've run this you see the ads, and this to me is a real big. No, no something I'm, not happy at all with Xiaomi doing this, please just remove there. We go look advertising please. Can we just get rid of all of this. Show me in your roms. You don't need advertising. If you ask me one more thing that I'm not too happy with that, they can definitely improve, because this is only software. In fact, all of the things I'm covering right now are software, so their night mode it's not really a night mode. This as an example of the night mode. Okay, I know guys in the comments install gkm, so google's camera you're gon na fix it but I'm. Just saying that show me could really improve this. So here is an example: that's the difference you get when you use okay, Google camera see you use their in the night side mode. You can see there's a big difference but I'm sure that she'll Me's develop a software developer team with the camera, the guys that optimized the camera.

They can do a little bit better with the night mode differently. So this is something that's new see that stuttering. Now, when I pan, like every time I record 4k video didn't happen with the first firmware, it didn't do that stutter in the beginning. So every time you start a new clip with 4k, it does a little stutter and panning around as well isn't as smooth as it could be. It smooths out after oil once it gets going. But this is a new bug that the last firmware has introduced, and I wanted to point out again just how fantastic this stabilization is. I have to say that it is actually better than the Huawei p30 Pro. It is so good. Look a hold it steady. It looks like I'm using a gimbal or a tripod, or something very, very, very good, electronic image stabilization on this fantastic that the audio quality, as well as one of my complaints, so you've probably seen my show me videos. I keep ranting on about it because shelling really does need to fix it. This is not flagship level audio, so they really do need to improve that, and I would love to be able to swap over now to the wide angled lens or the other lens, but we cannot do that. They don't allow us to do that. All other manufacturers do show me does another thing, of course, as this front facing camera, while it shoots very good 1080p video, it is lacking electronic image stabilization, which it really does need.

This is a flagship phone one. Other thing, too, is that I've noticed that the standby battery life tends to be quite bad on the me9. For some reason, there is something, even though I've done, factory reset and I'm now on. Of course, the latest firmware we've had a couple of updates. It still seems to be suffering from some sort of way clock issue, maybe it's one of the settings I'm using maybe it's race to wake – I don't know, but I have tried and I've in contact with other me UI owners, who are also stating the same as Me here that the standby better life tends to be quite poor, you can see how it drops off quite quick, and it was hardly even using it because this is what I wanted to test. I wanted to test just how well was it in standby, and you can see even though the screen was hardly on it. All we've got all these wakes now. I'Ve showed something very similar in my second follow up video and sadly, things have not changed after two. More additional patches and the last thing I've encountered that we've got a little bit of stutter, sometimes happening with the full screen gestures in recent apps I've noticed there's, just not as stable. It seems the last two patches. Actually, it was two patches away that it seemed to entry a few little bugs and things what happened was. I was in gallery, I didn't manage to get it on camera.

Of course, I was just using the the phone at home, but galleries stopped loading in a lot of images and froze up on me and the phone just completely crashed. I tried to go back home with gestures. There was a huge amount of stutter. Everything became unresponsive and it had to reload launchers. So, unfortunately, from my review – and I said that it was super quick, I didn't see any stutters or lag in full screen gestures that has now changed and gotten worse with the last two patches. The performance is still for the most part, I would say, 95 of the time very smooth, very fluid alright, so it all boils down to software. So the hardware it's. Definitely there, no questioning that, but it just seems to me that Xiaomi is overloaded. Perhaps their software development team they just have far too many phones, far too many sub brands. When you factor in rid me black shark and all the phones that they are releasing within one year. Oh, it seems to me they can't really keep on top of things. So this phone has the potential to be so much better and there's some things that are just completely mind, boggling to me that why does show me not have face unlocking enabled for all regions. Why do they have to put adverts in their rom? I know they say their hardware division in this software is separate. Well, they act like they're, almost separate companies and then it's the way the software team is going to make a little bit of money to have it advertising in here.

But to me that is completely unacceptable. Now that's just off the record, he heard that that that was their reasoning behind it, but I don't know whether that's true or not just take it as a rumor there, so they could fix so many things they could improve. The nitesite mode on here, while the nightshot mode, they could give us electronic image stabilization on the front facing camera and they could quite easily improve the audio quality if they just had a team of guys to sit down and say, okay, why don't? We do this! This and this and even get rid of that stutter, I think, could be improved upon because it wasn't there on the first and the second patches. We didn't have that initial little bit of stutter within the first five seconds of recording 4k video. But for some reason the last is at the second to last firmware update added debt and then there's other things like this down by battery drain. I don't know quite what is going on there. It seems it's, not just me. I have confirmed this with some other users on my social media accounts with Twitter I've been talking to a couple of people and they also experiencing the same problems as me. The same goes for up and down wireless performance. It seems to vary at times. I don't know whether it's something background that's going on. It seems to be Shelby's framework pops up as what I think could be, causing the wake lock problem, so it's not going into a deep sleep, the phone.

So that is what I'll standby better dive seems to be rather poor. So I hope that Xiaomi is going to take note of these things. I'M sure they're, aware of so many things they could improve on, but if they can just dedicate a little bit more time or perhaps just start, releasing less phones in the year give us better quality software and definitely please abolish the advertising in your rom and they Can have an even better phone, but it still is very good and for the price it does still come recommended. But just you need a little bit of patience for them to finally, and eventually hopefully fix those things are covered here in this video and if you haven't seen my full review.