This is now day number five, so I'm going to update you on battery stats, but a few other things there's been a lot of questions in the comments. Thank you. So much for those that have watched my whole very lengthy hands on review of this phone, so a lot of people are mistaking my negativity in the video they don't understand. Well, my videos are a little bit different. My reviews, because I don't focus on just the positives, but I also cover any cons that I discover and advices and a lot of people. They don't, particularly like that they think it's negative. But if you didn't watch right to the end of my video I'm overall, very impressed with this phone, it is a great phone and, as I said, it is Shelby's best yet really good display. So 800 Lux brightness, is maximum brightness really good and the full gesture lag is gone completely. Finally – and I know, I've been moaning about it for a long time, but it's been something that's been bugging me because when you would go up to your recent apps or home, you would see these animation, stutters and even just sometimes scrolling through things. But I am so pleased that it has finally been fixed and it's either the third firmware or because the GPU, the CPU and the Snapdragon 855 is so fast now I didn't expect to see much of a difference. You can't really tell too much of a difference.

Real world use until you really start to game, I will show you some games later on. You'Re, probably you'll, see right here. Do have fortnight, I'll show you how that runs and a lot of people in asking me. How does fortnight run so? You don't see a massive difference going from the 845 to the 855. However, using it now, it just feels so much faster than my samsung galaxy s. 9 plus I mean that phone is quick, but this is even quicker. Everything is just really good load times. So there's been a lot of questions about the notifications. Maybe I wasn't so clear in my video. They are not showing for me now. They do briefly show when you unlock, when you plug it in when you start to download something. Ok, they're not going to show for me right now, so they're not showing, but – and I should have a lot of notifications – they have a lot of things on this. So if I go into Play Store now I mean just look: how fast everything is loading up so just decide? Ok, I'm gon na start to download this. Now you see what will happen now, look there's all the notifications, okay and then they disappear so that's. The bug they're there and they should stay there, but for some reason, they're going and that's just a slight annoyance, it's, a bug, I'm sure they're going to fix that. Maybe in a week's time, it's gone it's fixed it's, not even a problem, a lot of people in it then see my review and go what is chris talking about there there's been a lot of questions as well people weren't asking about the wireless charging.

You know some incorrect information going around saying it. Doesn'T support the Qi standard or QA what it want to call it. It does support Qi. I don't know where that information is coming from people telling me no, it doesn't it doesn't. This is a 10 watt charger place the phone down and you can see yeah that it is charging and it will charge it now it's going to take about three hours at 10 watts. I didn't quite sit around the whole time to actually time it exactly, but it does work. So if you happen to have a 10 watt charger out there, one of the fastest am sung ones or whatever. Then you know it's going to work with it as well, which is great now they're having some people asking about the GPS. Yes, it is dual frequency, GPS and the way to tell this is that when you log into this app here called GPS test, it's, all just one word there's another app when it's separated and when you find it you'll see up here, you see level one and See if and it will eventually say level five, so you know, then, that it is using level one level – five of course, I'm indoors at the moment, so that's. Why it's? Not picking up that? I can confirm 100 that it is dual band GPS that they do have on this, so performance as I covered. It is just really good.

This is their fastest phone. Yet now, along the top here, I did point out and yes, I'm being picky, but that top edge. You do get quite a bit of dust in there once it's in your pocket for just a day or two. I wish they didn't. You know have that recess. That earpiece in there you can probably see already it has fooled for a little bit of dust. So why am i showing you the notch with this close up? Well, it was going to be in my original video. A lot of you did notice that it went from a u shape to like a water drop style notch, and you can see now here at this angle. What they've done is they turned on these pixels on that update to try and make it a little bit more of a water not see when you move it like that, and you can probably see now the difference. So the deep black, of course, is the bezel and the bezel around the. Rather you style, knotch and then either side you've got that dark there and they turn that on by software. I don't even know why they did this what's. The point I mean just leave it as the: u shaped one, I think that was perfectly fine, and most people were happy with that now. This is probably why you are watching this video battery life it's good it's, better than my samsung s, 9 plus, but it's, not a hard phone to beat better life on that phone is really quite bad, so you can see Google Play Store for its.

I don't know why it's using so much here, I don't, know what's going on, but it could be a bit of a bug whether it seems to be using more CPU. Then it should so. I did some gaming, so I was playing revolutions too, and also playing heroes of incredible tails. There that's hit YouTube Chrome, whatsapp is in there as well, but it's quite way down. I don't think this is very accurate to by the way the app use here and you can see screen on time. Well, the screen was highway right at the top seven and a half hours pretty good. Now I did go a little bit easier on the end on it because I was not using it continuously, so I feel most people gon na get about 6 hours 7. Maybe the sieve and a half here now that was about the screen set to most of the time 200 nets. But when I was outside, I had to increase the brightness, because I just couldn't see the display very good at 200, so it's a definite plugin every night or put it on the wireless charger every night phone so it's, exactly like my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus It won't make it through two days, sadly, which is disappointing. I wish they put a four thousand minute hour battery in here and you can see that's the way things degraded there now. I did leave it one day because I used my samsung s: 9 plus galaxy s 9 plus, and I noticed that they had a bit of a problem going into a deep sleep.

You can see at the bottom there there was keep being woken up all the time, so it was either an app that was doing this. Now I install the same apps across all my phones and it never causes any problems, but here it did for some reason. So I'm not saying this as xiaomi's fault I'm, not saying it's the ROM, it could be my apps I don't know. I just wanted to point it out that standby, a better life for me, has not been good at all. You can see over the day that I left it. It lost a lot of battery life and I barely used it screen on time. You can see just a few little bits there when I had it on so not really great to see there now there's been a few questions about the face, unlocking now, if you do enable the face unlocking what happens? You get adverts and the video app and you also get some bloatware installed because you set your region to India. Now, why show me? Are they putting ads in their roms? This is disgusting to me, and this is even worse check this out. Okay, this is inside the cleaner app that is part of the ROM I'll show you where it is, and this is what happens you get an ad in there and a very inappropriate ad. I must add by the way, because it says amigas when amigos Condor. It shows which is basically as I can adult dating site what this is and the ad after I did the clean popped up again and that's just wrong, and no, I have not been looking at anything like that for head sense to bring up adult dating site.

So this is really inappropriate. It'S wrong! Show me why the hell are you doing this I'll show you where it is. So if I swipe up – and you can see right here – cleaner, so the security app deep clean any of these ones here that are right from your recent apps screen – have adverts in them and then, if you're on well you've got your region set to India. Sorry, then, when you go into the video app, if you use that it's gon na be full of adverts as well, so you find your videos and later a bottom corner of it is all advertising which is just really wrong. I don't know why they are doing that so here we have Google's gkm, I did install. I know a lot of people keep asking me about that G cam. Does it work? Does the Google pixels 3 port work on it? Yes, and no so let's load it up an depending on what version you're using the camera will work, so you can take photos there, as you can see nights light mode. That does work as well, so you can go into the night site and here are just a couple of samples that I did take now. I have noticed that sometimes the focus it happens to be quite bad at night time. It really does struggle to get focus. So that is working only that really, because if you try using the portrait mode, it'll crash it's a portrait that'll crash, that's crashed okay, it's gone, so portrait doesn't work, you try to use a front facing camera will often crash.

It would only take the photos and five megapixels, so obviously a lot of work needs to be done. Hopefully, someone on XDA developers will be onto a port for the me9, and then we can enjoy much better night sight, low light photography, because shell meas, if you see my review their night shot mode, is not very good at all. It'S doing is just increasing the exposure and it's just not good now. One other thing that I wanted to point out too, is yes. In the video mode you've probably seen. Hopefully, you seen my full review so the samples there. This is one other videos that are used. You see when you pan around with the for care. You get brilliant electronic image, stabilization that's as good as the Google pixel, I would say, but you do get this, what I will call jitter you get like a bit of a stutter when you pan, so even though it's close to an almost 30 frames per second, It will sort of pause for a quick second in the video and that's as a result of the electronic image stabilization that is doing this so it's not completely flawless, hopefully she'll Meath their software engineers can tidy up and improve this. And yes, the phone does support. Fortnight, I first went to search for it on Play, Store, it's, not there, so just go to the fortnight official website there you can download this right here, which is the Installer and it installs fine, but it's a massive download, it's 3.

5 gigabytes. So the game only lets me run it in the epic resolution at 30 frames per second. For some reason, if I try to put it to 60, you see it keeps going back to high there. I don't know why that is so I'm gon na try it on epic at 30 frames per second 100 in 3d resolution. So here we go frame rate so far. Looking really good now, you're gon na have to excuse my gameplay, because I do not play this game at all, but is absolutely no problems. This is super smooth and really good, really good, graphics. Now guess how Huns got their speaker on, in my con says a lot of noise coming true here? Ok, so you can see that this game's gon na run fine, and I think it even does support controllers now, doesn't it as well so they're, really good. Now we'll go over now and test out, of course, pub G. A lot of you are asking for that. So with pub G, this is the highest you can get. A lot of people are asking about Ultra HD, but it doesn't seem to support it unless there's a way to override it. I tried some of those graphic tool: apps still couldn't get the Ultra HD, but it is on the extreme framerate and HDR. So let's see how it runs, but every game it runs just absolutely flawlessly in the fastest I've seen now you would have seen I forgot to point it out with fortnight, but we're getting this bar on the top because of the notch there, which is a little Bit unfortunate, I don't know why they haven't scaled, that out to the whole screen it's just the way it is with the software.

So there really is no point me showing a lot of gameplay here, but I just wanted to point out that it is so smooth. This is the smoothest I have seen it running. There'S, absolutely no lag it's just running at 60 frames per second here, so no trouble whatsoever. Now it is getting a little warm on the back, but it does take time for it to heat up, but it seems to be quite a cool running chip, so no real problems. There I'm, looking forward to seeing some of those gaming phones as well. That will have some more thermal transfer pipes and I'm dead already so that's. Why? I only show you short bits of gameplay, because yeah I completely suck at this game now. This question has popped up. A lot too, on the full review is what would you buy, because I know the samsung galaxy s – 9s, 10 plus and now selling that very, very similar price, because the S 10 is out, you've got reduced prices everywhere. I mean I bought this for five hundred and 70 euros and when it originally came out, it was about nine hundred here in Spain, so I'll be real, quick here performance wise the definitely wins, hands down. The me 9 is just so much quicker with everything, especially with gaming, just loading and getting around the eye. Once you start to multitask very, very quick, camera wise. I still think the s9 plus has definite edge, especially with the front facing cameras, because we've got autofocus on this one, although that autofocus can sometimes be a con, it can be a bit of a pain when it pulses in and out, and it doesn't quite get A good lock, but you do get a is so electronic image stabilization.

On the s9 pluses a front facing camera, you don't hear rear cameras. The ultra white is very handy on this phone. So if you need the ultra wide, I would probably go for the me 9 differently they're loud speakers. Although it's only got the one speaker at the bottom, it's nice and loud, it has a tiny little bit of bass to it, but I still think that the s9 plus speaker is just a little bitter and then in terms of build quality. While they are both very good, very close here, I give the slight edge, I think the build quality and the design to the galaxy s 9 plus, of course, the camera on the s9 plus does not bulge out like it does on the me 9. So the me, no ins camera does stick out quite a bit there, so there we go after five days, nothing's really changing. Here. It is a great phone, especially when you consider 449 euros it's what I paid delivered, really quick delivery from Amazon and the performance of it, their Snapdragon 855. It just flies any game that is out this year. It handles with ease so you're gon na get really smooth fluid frame rates, no problems the night, sights not so great. Those bugs, I pointed out in my full review, then knotch. Okay, they changed it now to a bit of a from a you to a water drop. I don't know I don't really I'm, not too fussed about that and then, of course, notifications, they're not showing up there's those other little things so overall it's a fantastic phone.

Wait until we get, of course, a google camera port over and then it's going to improve that low light night, shot performance and then bug fixes from Xiaomi they'll be coming through. Hopefully they can add electronic image stabilization to the front facing camera, improve the audio quality in video as well was one of my complaints and then we have a real killer phone berry life let's. So I think it's, okay, it's good! You have to charge it every day, so overall, yes, it's a fantastic phone here from Xiaomi. Please do check out my full review if you haven't seen it already. Thank you so much for watching.