So these are both flagship phones from xiaomi. They both have the Snapdragon 845 six to eight gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage on both of these right up to 256. Neither of these have 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jacks or micro SD card slot, so performance wise. They are really identical now in terms of design. Obviously, we've got the notch on this one. Here we have that slim bezel design. We have an earpiece up the top. Now this earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker on the Mi 8. It doesn't so we've got the loudspeakers down the bottom. I won't give you a sample in this video I've gone into a lot of detail with these phones with my unboxing videos, but they both have downwards firing speakers and they sound exactly the same. However, sound wise. This one wins because the earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker there, as well, so slightly better there now, the design of them the build quality of both of these is excellent, but you cannot beat the feel of the ceramic back. You get on the mimics to wear, so this one to me is a little bit more premium, personal preference, of course, but I happen to like this design better because it doesn't have the knotch and it just overall, is a smaller footprint to of fun. As you can see there now, both of these do come with cases in the box, so we have right here a premium case that comes with a meemic satorious.

This fits really well and when it's on the phone, it feels almost like one of those Nokia Lumia phones, that the actual case of it feels like part of the phone, so that's a nice quality case and then with the Mi 8, show me chipped out. A little bit and they gave us this TPU style – one which is a clear one, of course better than nothing. It does offer protection and you've got that straight out of the box. At least you can protect the phone so in terms of build the MI Mix. 2'S is going to get that when they're, obviously, a big difference here with the displays we've got a 5.9 inch IPS panel on the Xiaomi Mi mix 2's, whereas the me eight has a six point, one Samsung AMOLED panel, so the blacks will be deeper on this. One here, although there is a difference with the glass, as I pointed on some other videos, you can probably just make it out. You can see the bezel there, then the glass black and when you have a look at the mimics to us, it's, not quite as bad, but saying that, though the colors and the color reproduction actually turns out to be slightly better on the AMOLED panel. As expected, you can see there is some difference here and the viewing angles are better on the AMOLED panel. So clear went out when it comes to screen is, I believe, the AMOLED panel on the meet eight.

So here are the antutu scores and you can see they're more or less the same and as I mentioned, they have the same chipset the same specs same for the internal storage speed, so both ufs 2.1 spec. This is very fast for a mobile phone now another similarity is the battery capacity, so 3400 milliamp hours and both of them can achieve around eight to nine hours of on screen time, both of them take about an hour and 40 minutes or just under to fully Charge though they are really the same there now in terms of camera performance, they both have this same sensors and here in the same exact setup, so really camera performance. They are very similar, but in my comparison as you can see, or so there's an info card popping up right now so check that out, if you're interested, that they did do a camera comparison between these two models and the Mi Mix 2's has an edge. It has slightly better – and this is due to software update, so obviously it's had more updates, more optimization from Xiaomi, whereas the Mi 8 is relatively new and eventually the camera performance should be about the same with the rear cameras. But when it comes to the front facing cameras, there is a big difference here. The me8 is clearly superior. It also has the camera in a much better location, so it's not down in the chin, like we have on the Mi Mix 2s it's in the knotch, and that, of course, is a more typical location for the front facing camera.

So, apart from the front facing loudspeaker, the mimics 2's also has wireless charging it's Xiaomi's first mobile, and only mobile to have this at this point. But we do have the ambient display the always on display on the me eight, because it's got the AMOLED panel shown. We are able to give us this feature so to quickly recap here. If you want the always on display the better display, the AMOLED panel then go for the me eight, but it does have a notch. If you're not into notches – and you don't mind an IPS panel, it's still a very good panel, then you have the mimics to s now. The Mi Mix 2S is does have the wireless charging. It also has the front facing loudspeaker that the me eight lacks both of these have equal performance, the same battery life, the same charge times rear cameras. They are the same, but at this point in time that the meet mix to s has a slightly better camera, processing or optimization, because it's had more firmware updates, so very close between these two models. My pic would be the mimics to s for the ceramic build front facing loudspeaker and the wireless charging price wise. The me eight is also slightly cheaper at the time of this video, so there we go.